Are you looking for some best analytics plugins for a WordPress website? Then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve listed ten amazing analytics plugins that will help you to do an in-depth analysis of your WordPress website. 

10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

Analytics Plugins are so important for any business to grow. Because of data, you can make decisions about your targeted audience, what they like most, which product is the best selling, and many more things you can find based on data. And that’s why having an analytics plugin is a must-have in any WordPress website that shows you report in an easy-to-read manner. 

We’ve covered in-depth details about each tool, features, pros & cons, benefits, and which tool is best for your website?

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Here are the topmost analytics Plugins for the WordPress website!

Tool #1 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

It’s known as the best WordPress plugin for analytics. You can use this plugin for in-depth analysis and tracking your website traffic. Everything will be managed in a few clicks. By using this plugin, you can effortlessly set up an analysis of your website and start advanced analytics in your website.

No coding, no developer, no technical issues you’ll face in this tool. Everything is Infront of your screen, whatever you require, just in a few clicks, you’ll get an Analysis report. 

By using MonsterInsights, you can get helpful data like Traffic sources, best-ranking articles, site pageview, outbound links, and your website’s in-depth analysis report. 

Many e-commerce WordPress website owners use this plugin because it gives them better results like which product is the best selling, Traffic, Right Audience, conversion rate, and all necessary details about your store in one click. This plugin comes with so many advanced features to make decisions quickly. You’ll get the real-time report and what visitors take action on your website and where visitors spend most of the time. That helps you to create the right marketing strategy. 

Top Features Of This Tool:

● You’ll get in-depth details about your traffic like gender, device, location, etc 

● You can check how visitors find your website and on which keyword you’ll search most.

● You can set up universal event tracking and start collecting data from any device.

● You can check how many times visitors download files.

● It’s best for e-commerce; you can connect Google Analytics ecommerce tracking. 

● It supports all WordPress themes and works smoothly.

● You can see all data, stats, and details on your dashboard given by this tool.

Overall, this is a handy and Powerful analytic plugin for your WordPress website. It comes with a free version and a premium version that costs $99.50/year.

Tool #2 Analytify

Analytify- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

AnalytifY is one of the best analytics WordPress plugins for your WordPress website. You can quickly install this tool on your website, and you can see all stats, reports, and data in your dashboard. 

And if you want to analyze each page, you can do page-level analysis by using this tool. This plugin comes with so many Add-on like email notifications, detailed reports that help you to enhance your analysis. 

Top Features Of Analytify

● You can analyze in-depth details about your WordPress website 

● You can check the statistics on each page.

● It’s open to doing some add-ons like track campaigns, UTM parameters.

● You can also send automated emails reports of your Entire website that helps you to make better decisions.

● You’ll get a real-time dashboard for your website analysis that helps you track your visitor’s activities and behavior.

● If you’re a social platform’s community and get traffic from social media platforms, you can use this plugin to identify which platform you’ll get the most targeted visitors.

● It comes with a free version and premium plan that cost $39.

Tool #3 Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

If you’re running an ecommerce store on WordPress, this is a must-have plugin for your website. Because it helps you to grow your store, get more orders, and how you’ll generate more profits from your store. It’s a free wordpress plugin for your e-commerce store; you should try it for sure.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin ultimately Optimizes your store and helps you to scale it. You’ll get different types of reports that allow you to make better decisions about Scaling your e-commerce website. 

● You can analyze your visitor’s shopping behavior.

● You can analyze checkout behavior.

● You can find which product performs better.

● You can also track your sales Performance.

And you can also track different behaviors of your visitors and find out your targeted audience. 

Top Features Of Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics

● You can use its e-commerce tracking features of Google Analytics to Optimise your online store

● This plugin supports four types of behavior – shopping, checkout, product, and sales. 

● It helps you track product clicks, impressions, add to cards or purchases, almost all activities followed by this Tool. 

● it’s an entirely free tool

Tool #4 Google Analytics By 10Web

Google Analytics by 10Web- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

10WebAnalytics is a really popular and valuable tool for Analytics. It’s easy to install, easy to set up, and you can check in-depth analysis on your dashboard of WordPress. 

The best part of using this plugin is that it integrates with Google ads and the Adsense platform that helps you provide actual data in the dashboard. This tool comes with so many valuable features that will help you to grow your website. 

Top Features Of Google Analytics By 10Web

● You can set and manage your goals by using WordPress admin

● You can collect your analytics report in the dashboard.

● It comes with Google Adsense and Ads integration.

● You can quickly export your report in CSV. 

● You have the option to send email reports automatically.

● You’ll get many features for e-commerce websites like tracking, custom notifications, event tracking codes, etc.

Google Analytics by 10Web comes with fantastic customer support, and if you don’t know any technical knowledge still you can tell them your queries, and they’ll resolve it in a few minutes. And if you’re looking for more advanced features that help you to do better analysis, for this, you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

Tool #5 WP Statistics

WP Statistics- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

If you’re looking for a free tool that is easy to install, give you an in-depth analysis report, data shows in your dashboard with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Then WP Statistics is the best tool for analysis purposes. And you always have options to switch this tool to its premium plan to get more useful and powerful features like – IP Address, referring website, browser, operating system OS, country, city and you’ll get data from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

For WordPress, it’s the best combination for in-depth analysis of your website. You can Set-up the level of study you want to do on your website to manage it. After doing in-depth research, so many charts and graphs, collecting data from different search engines, now you’ll get a complete report that you can export to XML, CSV, or TSV files, and if you want your full report details summary, then you can get it in your mail. 

Top Features Of WP Statistics

● You can analyze your website visitors and page statistics

● You’ll get data from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

● You’ll get a complete report summary in your mail.

● You’ll get an interactive Map of visitors’ locations.

● You can set the level of analysis.

● After in-depth analysis, you can export the report to XML, CSV, or TSV files.

● You’ll get a complete analysis on your Dashboard.

Tool #6 ExactMetrics

Exact Metrics- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

If you’re looking for simple, easy use, and helpful tool for analysis of your website, then ExactMetrics comes with the best match. This plugin allows you to install Google Analytics tracking code in your WordPress website, and when you add this tracking system, you’ll get a real-time report directly on your WordPress dashboard. You’ll get advance level insights like

● Sessions and Pageviews

● Organic searches

● Bounce Rate

● Referrer

● 404 errors

● Traffic medium

And many more Insights you’ll get for your website. You can customize Google Analytics tracking ID and set it for advanced analysis like tracking visitors download, scrolling, actions, etc.) 

Top Features Of ExactMetrics

● You can track your website visitors and see a real-time report like their actions, clicks, scrolling, checkout, etc.

● In the Report, you can also get details like page views, bounce rate, mobile Analytics, organic searches, Traffic from sources.

● You’ll get a Dashboard on your WordPress to see a real-time analysis report of your website that helps you make better decisions.

● You can upgrade to its premium version to use more advanced features and in-depth analysis.

● It comes with a Free version.

Tool #7 Google Analytics

Google Analytics- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

The most useful, popular, and almost everyone uses this tool for analysis, i.e., Google analytics. It’s a user-friendly tool, and you can easily use this tool for your website analysis. We know that Google is the most trusted platform where you’ll get actual data, tracking, and real-time reports.

That’s why it’s more worthy to use Google analytics for your website analysis. You can set up your entire Google analytics tool in a few minutes by adding tracking code to your website pages and everything you can manage on the WordPress dashboard. 

It’s entirely up to you; you can turn on or off this tracking tool. And it’s easier for you to analyze your website insights. You’ll get so many features in its free version, but you’ll also get advanced features in its premium plan. Its interface is so simple, clean, and user-friendly that anyone can use it. 

You can sign up for this Google Analytics tool via a Google account. It’s the best match for beginners to do analysis and get reports instantly. 

Top Features Of Google Analytics

● You can disable/enable the Google tracking tool as per your requirements

● You can even customize your tracking code. 

● It comes with the free version, and it’s a premium plan that costs $15 only.

Tool #8 Heap

Heap- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

Heap is a powerful and valuable website analytical tool that helps you to get real-time insights into your website. If you’re getting traffic on your WordPress website and want to know the details about Audiences, this can help you achieve your goals. Using this tool, you can track clicks, tap, swipe, Pageviews, checkout, etc. 

It’s an intelligent tool and comes with advanced features of analysis. It’s a complete pro-level tool and best for those who love to do insights analysis, track, read data reports, and make decisions for their growth based on these data. That’s why this is a handy tool for Analysing purposes. 

And if you’re running an e-commerce WordPress website, it’s more beneficial for you because you’ll get more advanced features like conversion rate, faster report, user tracking, and long-term value. 

A complete kit with all the necessary features for analysis you’ll get in this tool. 

Top Features Of Heap

● You’ll get event visualizer features that help you to get more advanced tracking on events

● Conversion tracking system Helps you to track conversions like purchase, Checkout, leads, or anything. This is useful for an e-commerce website to find best selling products and conversion rates.

● You can also use the website search inquiry feature to help analyze your visitor’s actions, like what your visitors are doing on your website, clicks, leads, and sales, and what they like the most, interest, etc. 

● You’ll get real-time reports, actual data from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. 

● You’ll get in-depth Details based on graphs and charts that help you to read data more accurately.

Tool #9 Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

Suppose you’re looking for an analytics tool that helps you check your visitor’s actions, what they’re doing, and their behavior on your website. In that case, specifically, you can use this tool for analysis purposes. With the help of this tool, you can analyze where your visitors are clicking and scrolling down. 

Crazy Egg comes with heat-mapping features that tell you how long your visitors interact with your website and their behavior. You can also get a deeper analysis of sources, Referrals, what they searched, etc., many important things. 

And if you’re selling any product, you can also create two different pages of the same product and implement this tool on both pages to see which tool is working better and where you’ll get more conversion rates. 

Top Features Of Crazy Egg

● Using this tool is so easy and comes with a User-friendly Interface

● It comes with an eye-catching and easy-to-understand report with Graphs and charts.

● Using its health mapping tool, you can track real-time where your visitors are scrolling, clicking, and purchasing on your website.

● And its A/B testing is the best feature for an E-commerce website to grow its business and help to collect valuable data.

● You can also do segmentation and separately analyze visitors’ details like sources, browser, time, referral, etc.

Tool #10 Jetpack

Jetpack- 10 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress In 2021

Jetpack, a multi-function tool for analysis, is this. They are mainly used for marketing, design, and security purposes. Many small business owners use this tool to gather the actual data and facts that help them make decisions and grow their businesses.

It’s very easy to use this tool and comes with a User-friendly Interface. And it’s completely free to use this tool for your analysis. Many bloggers use this tool initially when they want to know if Visitors come into their blog, what actions they’ll take like reading, time spent, scrolling, movement, etc. You can also try this tool for your analysis purposes at a small level and see your experience after using this tool. This tool is also considered for marketing purposes because you’ll get an advance report that helps to make marketing decisions. 

Top Features Of Jetpack

● It comes with professional themes, and if you switch to its paid plan, then you’ll get hundreds of premium themes

● It comes with a site statistics feature to find how many visits, clicks, purchases you’ll get on your website. 

● And you can also use its social sharing option on your web pages and tell your visitors to see your social media platforms.

● You can use its search plugin to enhance your visitors Searching experience.

● If you want to build your community, you can use its jetpack subscription plugin and collect their emails.

● You can use its backup plugin to take backup of your website data, and later, you can restore it as per your requirements.

● It’s a very useful tool and comes with regular updates.

Which Is The Best Analytics Plugin For WordPress?

We’ve listed the Top 10 best analytics tools for your WordPress website that help you to get data and based on this valuable data; you can make decisions. And that’s why we’ve listed the top 10 tools for analytics purposes. After reading this article, we hope you can pick the best tool for your website that fulfills your requirements. 

If you’re at your initial stage and looking for an analysis tool, we suggest you start with the free version, and when you’re getting results, you’ll Understand better Graphs and charts, then you can switch to its paid plan for better analysis. 

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