WordPress is the best platform to do so many customizations on your website. There are many powerful Plugins available on WordPress that you can use. We’ve handpicked the top 10 best WordPress plugins that every designer should have. 

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

These tools are necessary for your WordPress website to make your website more powerful, useful, and attractive. And suppose you’re doing business with your website. In that case, you can use some best Tools like landing page builder, leads capture tool, SEO optimization tools, email marketing tool, boost website performance plugin, and many more we’ve listed here. 

After knowing these top 10 Plugins, we hope you can use so many advanced features and make your website more attractive. Let’s discuss it one by one!

Here we’ve listed the top 10 plugins and each plugin comes with amazing features that you should try in your wordpress website to make it more creative and advanced.

#1 Elementor

Elementor is an amazing plugin that works free of cost and is master in its work. This is a very popular and prominent WordPress page builder with over a 2 million active user base. Though it serves drag and drop features, it is way more advanced in its work and quickly provides very professional designs.

This plugin legitly doesn’t require you to know even the basics of the coding; you can make any part of your website with the help of this beautiful drag and drop page builder. So many professionals also use these plugins to save time and produce high-end outcomes. 

Elementor is designed to be compatible with almost every theme and other plugins, so it will not let your website down ever in terms of its speed. You can either initiate with a scratch canvas or use the ready-made templates to insert into any page. If you’re using a free version, you’ll have to face some limitations.

Still, you can easily overcome all the limitations by upgrading to its paid version, which has many additional benefits to make your work more productive and better. You will unlock so many extraordinary features like pop-ups and theme builders, which help make the header, footer, etc. 

Elementor- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Elementor: Pros & Cons


● you’ll get a live front page editor

● Get website personalization features

● Tons of Templates available

● Mobile responsive website

● One of the most popular builder

● Easy to use and user-friendly interface

● It comes with a drag and drops feature

● You can use custom fonts & Icons


● Sometimes features lack

● Adding a third-party platform can cause issues

● customer support is not good

● Can’t use custom codes 

#2 Hubspot WordPress Plugin 

Hubspot’s WordPress Plugins is another great plugin that can optimize your website properly to have quality traffic, lead conversions, customer communications, sales, and customer satisfaction and happiness. 

Hubspot helps you engage the website visitors and make them engage with forms, CRM, email marketing, live chat, analytics, etc. so that they become potential clients. This single plugin can help you in many ways, and that is free of cost. 

This is the best option for all serious designers, and it doesn’t have any requirement for coding skills and such complicated technicalities. Instead, you can do it effortlessly with the super easy drag and drop feature. This is a great plugin if what you’re looking for is creativity because you can easily adjust colors according to your own, do any styling, and do so many things that will help you hit your creativity. 

Its major UPS is its analytics features which directly impact sales and marketing. This analytics will also guide you in terms of all the changes required in pages of a website, which eventually impacts the growth of a business. 

Hubspot- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

HubSpot: Pros & Cons


● Easy to use tool with User-friendly Interface

● It has some advanced nurturing features like smart list, leads scoring, triggered workflow, sales sequences

● You can create content by using smart content for better engagement

● You can do the advanced level of blogging by using this tool 

● It comes with User-friendly Interface, SEO optimized posts, attractive CTAs

● Highly Secured tool 


● Its paid plan is costly 

● on-boarding is required

#3 Modula Image Gallery

WordPress doesn’t have a lot of options to build some high-end out-of-the-box image galleries.

Modula Image Gallery is one of the best choices in the market to add some image galleries to the website. From the designing perspective, it has a lot of creative options available right there, which will boost the look of your creative and professional portfolio, which will make a good impact on the clients. 

This WordPress plugin has various styling options available, including all the lightbox galleries, custom grids, masonry-style grids, etc. This plugin – Modula Image Gallery – has the power and potential to build a unique masterpiece that is adorable and impressive over the entire internet. 

Moreover, with all these things, the entire image gallery will be way more responsive, making images look fantastic on any screen size. This plugin has a free version that fulfills most of the users’ requirements, but if you are eager to go some extra miles and make something extremely out of the box and impressive, then you can also go for its premium version. 

Modula Image Gallery- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Modula: Pros & Cons


● You can choose different effects and create more amazing photo collections

● It’s completely secure and comes with add watermark feature

● You can showcase Content without decreasing quality and boost your website speed

● You can use role management and white label extension for collaboration

● Comes with User-friendly Interface

● You can easily build galleries


● You need to purchase a premium version to use the good stuff

● It’s quite costly for gallery purposes only

● You’ll get fewer features in the starter plan

#4 Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the known and popular plugins. It is the master of its field, and it is known for many other things as well. If you use this Jetpack plugin, you will have more benefits. Jetpack has an offering of site safety, performance, growth of traffic, and much more. This plugin is a multitasker; in fact, you can optimize your image as well. 

Jetpack is a very easy-to-use plugin, and it is also a very versatile one. Just download this plugin and start using it; there is no other dilemma than any other thing. This is a free product, and it also has a premium version that will cost you some money to upgrade to unlock more advanced and super crazy features. 

Jetpack- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Jetpack: Pros & Cons


● You can add features as per your requirements

● It’s affordable at a price

● You’ll get updates automatically

● For Beginners, this tool is so useful

● It comes with a beautiful gallery and carousel 

● Well categorized and user-friendly interface

● it’s compatible with the Multisite website


● It comes with too many features

● These are quite a heavy Plugin and affect your website speed

#5 Easy Testimonials 

Easy Testimonials are inevitable if you’re selling something on your website. Testimonials drive a huge difference in the entire selling process because they are only legit proof to convince someone to purchase. 

Here, the Easy Testimonials plugin will do its work. This is one of the versatile wordpress plugins which allows website owners to add testimonials of any size. They can even work as posts and pages. All these testimonials will make them a schema.org complaint to become more compatible to work and flow in the search engines. 

Easy Testimonials has a bundle of pre-designed themes to choose from, and all these designs will help you select your design compatible with your website. You will get most of this plugin free of cost but switch to the premium plan to make something extraordinary. 

You should check out “Easy Testimonials” if you seriously want to make professional and result-oriented testimonials. 

Easy Testimonial: 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Easy Testimonials: Pros & Cons


● Easy to use and user-friendly interface

● You can quickly import and export testimonials

● You have a feature of display testimonials in a slideshow

● 100+ themes available for display testimonials

● Adding testimonials help you to boost your SEO

● comes with anti-spam protection


● It was quite expensive

● It comes with fewer features than other tools

#6 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an amazing wordpress plugin that helps you write probably the best content but is also helpful in terms of making all the required on-page SEO factors. It is essential to optimize the keywords to achieve ranking in any search engine. Surprisingly, this is the major factor that Yoast SEO gives their major attention or focus on. 

This wordpress plugin gives you way better control over search engine pages tactics. Its name is enough in itself to make you aware of the main motive of your article in case you forget your main reason. Among the competition of more than 5 Million installs, Yoast SEO sets it apart from the competition and always stands out. Hence this is the best SEO plugin for WordPress.  

One more benefit of Yoast SEO is that it gives you excellent compatibility with multi-sites of WordPress, options like import and export, integration with different social media platforms, and much more. 

Yoast SEO- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Yoast SEO: Pros & Cons


● So easy to use and user-friendly interface

● You can use SEO Proofreader

● It helps you to fix your issues and get a better ranking

● You can find the right keyword

● comes with an XML sitemap

● Boost your website performance

● It comes with great support


● it’s time taking Process

● Its paid plan is quite expensive

#7 WP Smush

Every website has so much creativity, but not every website is fast enough to load them as fast as possible. Here, WP Smush comes into work because it can make your website more quickly than you would not have ever experienced. 

This plugin, WP Smush, has way better features such as image resizing, compression, optimization, etc. And all the search engines such as Google give higher preferences to websites that are very well optimized and very fast responsive. This Wp Smush all the things with the help of their servers to complete the reduction, and it also reduces the meaningless that does nothing but slows down the website.  

WP Smush makes an image, and everything is so good that all the images will be loaded as quickly as possible. 

WP Smush- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

WP Smush: Pros & Cons


● It comes with unlimited free image Optimization per month

● Automatically Compress Images

● You can resize any full-size image as per your setup

● You can view image Optimization statistics


● In the free version, only 1MB file can be uploaded

● The free version comes with limited Features

#8 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress plugins for Google Analytics to come across all other plugins present in the market. This is a very systematic plugin that lets you have a proper connection with your website to understand your visitors and people’s behavior easily. If you know how people react to your website, then you will undoubtedly have more advantages. 

MonsterInsights understands the importance of time, and hence it shows you only important insights that can bring changes. And you will be able to see all the changes directly in the WordPress dashboard. 

This plugin is so good in optimization that you will start seeing the vast difference in traffic, leads, subscriber, and revenue after a few strokes of optimization. This plugin is free of cost, but it is also a premium level which unlocks all the hidden power of this plugin and makes the results inevitable. 

MonsterInsights- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

MonsterInsights: Pros & Cons


● Easy to install and setup 

● It comes with many customization options

● user-friendly interface

● you can import and export reports easily


● Limited features in free version

#9 Monarch 

Monarch is an intelligent plugin that helps in solving a very big complexity but essentialistic. If you own your website, you have to share all the necessary things on your social media platform. Monarch is one of the best plugins to do this task; this is specially designed to drive more and better traffic from social sites. 

This plugin is way more compatible even in its look. Hence it won’t let you go in any such mess. Monarch has a lot of different and creative options to place the buttons, which will eventually help you convert more people. If we talk about the placement buttons, you have several options available such as the Floating sidebar, Above or below content, On image and videos Automatic pop-up, Automatic fly-in, etc. 

Monarch is a very modern plugin among all the WordPress plugins available because it takes care of everything and helps you have control of the customization of designs of social network buttons. This is a feature that each professional graphic designer appreciates because it lets you feel more freedom in your creativity. 

If you’re seriously looking for any plugin that can help you add the social media buttons to the WordPress website, there would be no other better option than the Monarch. You can check it out. 

Monarch- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Monarch: Pros & Cons


● It’s a good Sharing solution and comes with five sharing location

● these buttons are clean, Professional, and retina ready

● It’s responsive and user-friendly

● Easy to use 


● API integration is relatively poor

● not have many additional features

#10 Gallery By Envira 

Gallery By Envira is so awesome among all the galleries offered by WordPress itself. And if you, as a designer, are planning to work with this amazing plugin, you will surely enjoy working on it more. Gallery By Envira is so easy to use and has a fantastic user interface; it is filled with the essential titles and so many grids like a pattern that will give your designs an extra advanced look and move over that more quickly.  

This is a very pretty one in its look, and the best part is that they will help you design your gallery even a way prettier. There are so many options that will surely let you create your gallery according to your suitability. It has so many other cool features, such as simple dragging features, various high-quality templates, structure, position of the images, and so much more. 

Gallery By Envira- 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Every Designer In 2021

Gallery by Envira: Pros & Cons


● User-friendly interface

● It comes with so many useful features

● You can add videos in the pro version

● Best for Lightroom, WooCommerce, proofing, etc 


● But it’s premium features you’ll see in the paid plan only

● It was quite expensive

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve covered the top 10 WordPress Plugins for designers that help you do something more creative, more advanced on your website. In 2021 these are the topmost plugins you should consider for designing purposes and we highly recommend you to download and install these plugins on your website. We hope after reading this article, you can install these Plugins and start using them. Drop your comment and let me know which plugin you like the most?

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