Are you looking for Some Best Podcast WordPress Plugins? Then you’re reading the right article. Because in this article, we’ve covered the top 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins that help you grow your Podcast, Increase Traffic & Generate More Revenue.

10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

Using WordPress Podcast Plugin is the best way to handle your Podcast because most things are handled with Automation. That’s why We’ve Handpicked the 10 Best Podcast Plugins with a detailed review. 

So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

How To Start Podcasting With WordPress?

The reason behind using WordPress for podcasts is because it’s So Easy to use podcasts on WordPress. So many popular podcasters like Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes, Michael Hyatt, and much more use WordPress Podcast Plugin. Because of its Flexibility and WordPress also offers Tons of Podcast Templates so that you can Design a more eye-catching Website for your Podcast. There are thousands of Podcast WordPress Plugins available, but we’ve picked the top plugins that help you grow your Podcast. 

If you want to start your WordPress Podcast, you need to follow some steps and Build your Website.

First, you need the Best Domain name of your Podcast website and WordPress Hosting.  And now it’s the technical part left – where you need to Integrate Domain with Hosting, Install WordPress, and Install Podcast Template in your WordPress.

Now you’re ready to start Building your Podcast platform on WordPress. And for this, you need some powerful Plugins.

So Let’s begin and see the top 10 WordPress Podcast Plugins that help you Grow your Podcast.

Top 10 WordPress Podcast Plugins 

Podcast plugins are so useful and easy to use. Many popular podcasters are using WordPress Podcast Plugins and growing massively. 

With the Help of Podcast Plugins, you can do many things like – Add a Podcast audio player, Manage Episodes, Automatically upload Episodes, Share Affiliate links Easily, Track downloads, and many necessary features Inside this tool. 

So if you want to take advantage of all these features and want to Automate your Podcast, then these Plugins are the best choice for you.

#1 PowerPress

 PowerPress- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

It’s a Powerful and useful WordPress Podcast Plugin. You can Manage your whole Podcast with this single Plugin. And this Plugin is on WordPress. That’s why it’s Easier to use this tool and manage your Podcast. 

With PowerPress, you can create iTunes and Google Play Supported RSS feeds for your Podcast. Using this tool is so easy because its Interface is User-friendly, and using this Plugin, you can submit your Podcast to iTunes easily. 

If you want more subscribers, More Traffic, More Engagement, and More Revenue, then definitely it’s a must-have tool because you can add your episodes to your WordPress website. For more subscribers, you can add the Subscribers tool to increase your Podcast subscribers. Also, support HTML5 Player to play or Support your episodes for Podcast.

Using PowerPress is Worth it, and most podcasters are using this tool and growing their Podcast. That’s why we’ve listed this tool at the top position. 

Top Features Of This Plugin:

● Easy to Use Plugin to handle Podcast 

● Support Apple & Google Podcast, Create RSS Podcast

● SEO optimized and got Faster Growth in your Podcast

● So many Premium features available in this tool

● You can create a widget to motivate visitors to subscribe to podcasts.

● You can add Audio & Video files to your Podcast website.

● You can Fully manage your Podcast website.

#2 Buzzsprout

 Buzzsprout- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

It’s a Very popular WordPress Podcast Plugin in the Market. Because it comes with complete Podcast services. Buzzsprout is known for its best audio Plugins for Podcasts. You’ll get almost everything for your Podcast, like – Hosting, Promotion, and many more. It’s Completely Free, so why not try this Plugin to grow your Podcast faster. 

Top Features Of Buzzsprout:

● It’s So Easy to use this Plugin

● Comes with User-friendly Interface

● Easily Sync episodes to directories like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more

● You can put your Podcast episodes anywhere on your Website by using shortcodes 

#3 WpForms

WpForms- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

If you’re serious about your Podcast website and want some genuine subscribers with whom you can share your precious content and Generate more Revenue, then definitely it’s a Most Professional Podcast Plugin on WordPress. With the Help of the WpForms tool, you can bring so many genuine subscribers to your Podcast.

When you’ve built a community, then you can use its most amazing and Eye-catching contact form plugin so that you can save their Database Keep Engaging with your listeners and generate Revenue. 

Top Features Of WpForms

● It comes with Drag and drops feature

● You can Create Eye-catching Contact Forms for WordPress

● Setup your Website and Contact forms are so easy

● You can also accept payment through Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal to generate Revenue

● You can do surveys and polls to know what your listeners want

● You can build your email list with its contact form

#4 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

As per the name, it’s the main work to analyze and show you Results. It’s mainly used to analyze your Podcast platform and see where you’re getting listeners, their interest, what they do when they reach your Podcast, and their activity on your Website. Everything is noticed and tracked by MonsterInsights. Almost all Professional podcasters use this tool in their Website to Analyse, Improvements, and grow their Podcast platform. It’s not optional.

It’s a Must-have Plugin in your Podcast website so that you can deliver better content, build more listeners and generate more Revenue. MonsterInsights is known as the best Podcast Plugin because it’s So Easy to use this tool. It gives you accurate data and helps you grow your Podcast and generate more Revenue. 

Top Features of MonsterInsights

● It comes with Google optimize tool and help you to do A/B Testing

● You can see updates in real-time and see if you’re getting results immediately like website Traffic, More Revenue, everything.

● You can even make your episodes link to the tracking link to see which episodes are downloaded most.

● With Ads tracking, you can track who clicks on your Google Ads.

● And It’s a Dashboard that helps you to Track your Website Performance. 

#5 Smart Podcast Player

 Smart Podcast Player- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

It’s the best Plugin only for those who want to make a career in Podcast or Doing Podcast Professionally. A Complete Kit for your Podcast website is here to build an Eye-catching and beautiful website that helps you get more listeners, more subscribers, more engagement, and more Revenue.

This Plugin manages everything. It’s a Smart Podcast player. That’s why it comes with so many advanced features that you’ll not see in other plugins. Its Player is so beautiful, and it’s an HTML Player. That’s why it’s easy to support your Podcast. And comes with some advanced tools to increase your subscribers base. 

Top Features of Smart Podcast Player

● You can use HTML player comes with the option to Share, Download and Subscribe your Podcast

● You can also promote all Podcast episodes, New & Upcoming episodes.

● It comes with Clickable Timestamps.

● Its Player Interface and looks are eye-catching and fully responsive on Desktop, Templates, and mobile devices. 

● You can also add different playback Speeds.

● Customize your color Theme to fit your Podcast branding

#6 Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

For beginners, it’s a Very User-friendly Podcast Plugin and Comes with many useful tools to grow your Podcast and increase Subscribers. As per the name, it’s a Simple Podcast Press mainly used to host all Podcast Episodes on your WordPress website. There are so many advanced tools available, but this tool is also best for your Podcast for the initial stage.

Its interface is so easy to use, and you can use it to grow your Podcast, grow Subscribers and Revenue. This Plugin is Compatible with Podbean and other podcasting Platforms and works well. I suggest you take a Trial of this tool, and if you’re getting results and getting good experience, you can continue with this tool to grow your Podcast.

Top Features of Simple Podcast Press

● Using this Plugin is so Easy

● This Plugin is compatible with so many Podcasting platforms like Spreaker, BlogTalkRadio, PodBean, and many more

● All your technical work handle automatically, and you can easily focus on more episodes

● You can create Unique pages for each Podcast Episodes

● You can add Customizable buttons

● You can integrate with Social Media platforms

● Automatic URL Shortener

#7 OptinMonster

Optinmonster- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

This is for some Advance podcasters, those who are getting good Traffic on their Podcast, and Now they want to build a Community and convert the Traffic into loyal listeners, then it’s the right time to use the OptinMonster Plugin. It’s the Most Popular plugin and is widely used by podcasters.

You can build a Loyal listeners base and Generate good Revenue with this Plugin. OptinMonster is known for its Lead generation. With this Plugin, you can create a most beautiful and Eye-catching lead generation page so that most of the Traffic converts into your loyal listeners. Most of them are getting good results after using this Plugin.

Top Features of OptinMonster

● You can convert your Traffic into a Real Podcast listener who loves to listen to your Podcast

● You can generate leads by using this Plugin.

● You can build your Loyal Fans and Engage with this Plugin.

● You can increase your Revenue with this Plugin.

● With this Plugin, you can turn your traffic into leads, subscribers, and Revenue.

● Its Campaigns are User-friendly so that your pop-up window Easily shows on all devices.

● With the Drag and drop feature, you can Design from scratch.

● It helps you to do Marketing and Build a Brand. 

● The best part is, you can track users’ behavior and send them Targeted SMS if they’re leaving your Website, and you’ll get more results.

#8 RafflePress

RafflePress- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

The most Unique and Different way to Grow your Subscribers and loyal listeners are only done by RafflePress Plugin. It’s a Giveaway plugin mainly used to conduct a contest and giveaway for your listeners on your Website. And with the Help of this contest, you build your loyal fan base and generate leads. It depends on your Podcast.

If you’re getting good traffic, you want to do a giveaway for your listeners. Then with the help of this tool, you can do it easily with full Automation. And it helps you to grow your Podcast Subscribers and generate more Revenue. RafflePress is a complete tool for your Podcast website, and it has everything you need to set up your giveaway and how you can Generate results with this giveaway. 

Top Features of RafflePress

● With this Plugin, you can Convert your Traffic into Real Subscribers and motivate them to join the giveaway contest on your Podcast website.

● You can create beautiful and Eye-catching giveaways for your Podcast website Quickly.

● If you’re a beginner, you can use this plugin Premium Giveaway contest Templates for your Website for more Subscribers and Joining.

● It’s an open-Source Platform where you can integrate with any Email Marketing platform to Follow up with your visitors and convert them into your customers.

● Also, you can use its Viral Method, i.e., Words of mouth marketing, to grow your Podcast for better results.

#9 FuseBox

Fusebox- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

If you’re using WordPress and want to set up your Podcast on a WordPress website, then FuseBox can help you do things with Automation. It’s a Front-end Podcast player that helps you to publish Podcast episodes on your Website Easily. 

It’s a Fully Customizable player – you can edit Color, Buttons, features, sharing, and lead generation options. This is an Advance level tool and helps you to Generate leads and Subscribers for your Podcast. It’s a User-friendly and Responsive plugin so that you can access it on any device. It’s a Two in one Plugin because it comes with two things, i.e., a Full Podcast player that helps you create Podcasts more eye-catching and Mobile-Friendly. You can add many other features like the option to watch new or old episodes, a newsletter to Subscribe to, and a button to share this episode. 

Another is the Transcript plugin that mainly helps you to showcase transcripts of your episodes. And with the help of this Plugin, it is easier to access your episodes and SEO Friendly. 

This tool is really helpful for professionals who want to Level up their Podcast and build a Brand. 

Top Features of FuseBox

● Email Capture Tool to build an Email list of your listeners

● It’s a Sticky Player

● Comes with Full player and FuseBox Podcast Player

● You can customize its display.

● You can add Subscriptions, Share socially and add a Download button.

● Mobile-Friendly Interface

● You can add Speed Control and Buttons.

● Comes with Podcast Transcript Plugin

#10 Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting- 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins Available In 2021

As per the name, It’s a Seriously simple Podcasting plugin that you ever used.

If you want to manage your Podcast on WordPress, this tool can be beneficial for you. Because with this tool, you can Publish your episodes (Audio/Videos) both with Automation. 

You can run multiple Podcasts together with this Plugin because it supports both Audio and Video Podcasts from a single Website. It has a Unique RSS Feed for each Podcast. This tool is so simple but comes with advanced-level features that you need to grow your Podcast. 

With the Help of this Plugin, you can also syndicate your shows or episodes. If you want to showcase your Podcast to other pages of your Website, you’ll get a shortcode of each Podcast episode that you can copy that code and paste into the page you want to showcase your Podcast. And that’s it – Your Podcast is shown on that page. Its player is also Customizable means you can edit – Display color, add a cover image, background color, add a progress bar and so many things for better Improvements. And also, you can add a social sharing button for Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, and Pocketcasts. 

But you can’t do any analytics with this tool – it’s mainly used to manage your Podcast and Publish your Episodes on websites quickly. And you can Manage everything with its Dashboard provided by the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. 

Top Features of Seriously Simple Podcasting

● You can Run Multiple Podcast on a single Website with a Unique RSS feed

● You can analyze and collect data with its Free Stats tool.

● This plugin Support both (Audio/Video) Podcasting

● You can Manage your Podcast Episodes easily.

● With the Help of Shortcodes, you can place your Podcast episodes on any page of the same Website.

● You can also use some Widgets to make visitors’ Experiences more beautiful, like adding a playlist in front of the screen and making it User-friendly.

● It works best with any hosting.

Final Verdict

Podcasting is a growing industry, and You need to keep updating yourself with new technologies. And that’s why using these new advanced Plugins can help you grow your Podcast and help you build a loyal fan base. We’ve covered in-depth Details about the Top 10 Plugins. Now it’s your Turn to pick the best Plugin as per your requirements.

I suggest you pick the best tool per your work Requirements because all plugins have their purposes and Uniqueness. You need to identify which Plugins can help you to grow your Podcast. Drop your comment – Let me know which Plugin you picked for your Podcast Website?

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