In Today’s Era, Websites are the most important factor to take your business online. Different types of websites are available based on different companies like – portfolio (Service Based), E-commerce store, Products Selling, Education, and many more. 

10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

And suppose you’re a business owner or someone who wants to build their website for Business. In that case, I’m sure you’re looking for a Platform to make your website, but don’t worry, we can help you to find the best Platform for your website, and that’s why We’ve listed the Top 10 Points you need to consider when selecting a platform for your website. So without wasting a second, Let’s See all the significant points you need to consider for your Website!

Everyone needs a different website based on their needs or Business, and that’s why we’ve picked some common and Import points to consider so that you can choose the best Platform that Fulfills your Requirements. So let’s see all 10 Points:

#1 The Intended Use of Your Website

What is the exact use of your website? What’s you will show to your visitors – Like Products, Services, Portfolio, E-commerce store, Streaming, or anything else? You should understand the clear goal of your website. You need to do a big business with your website or want to showcase it to others. The more Qns you ask, the more clear the reason you have to understand your website’s exact use. 

Do you want to make your website a Big Brand or use it as a Blogging website? You want to rank your website and get traffic through Google, or you wish to showcase personally to your audience only. Yes, I know you need to think a lot, but the more you understand, the better you can pick the Platform. For Ex – If you’re looking for a website to do Blogging, writing articles, and do SEO for ranking, then you can go with WordPress Platform, but if you want to showcase only No Any use them HTML Platform is something useful Or if you’re selling products like E-commerce then Shopify is the best option. 

#2 Your Technical Expertise

This single point can clear your lots of doubts, and you’re very close to picking the best Platform for your website. It’s all about understanding, and you need to find out how expert you’re in technical terms. Because Different platforms need Different technical knowledge, and for building a website, you need to have technical knowledge. A platform is a tool where you need to create a website and make sure that you can understand the technical understanding of how to use these platforms. 

Now, I hope after reading you’ll have a clear idea about Technical Expertise and which Platform you need to prefer. For Ex- If you don’t know about Coding, then Html Is not for you clearly; just like this, you need to understand the Platform better. Or, if you’re a business owner and can hire any technical developer for your website, you can pick based on your requirements and needs. Don’t worry if you don’t have any technical knowledge because today’s Platform is technically free, and you can use it easily. For ex-, Using WordPress is so easy to build websites, and you can make it in minutes. Another side if you’re a technology expert, then Coding is the best way to build your website.

#3 Your Budget

Now it’s time to know your Budget because building and maintaining a website needs a budget, and based on your website, you need to spend money. For example, if you’re building an E-commerce website, you have so many expenses like Domain, Shopify paid plans $29/Month, and another cost. So make sure you’re planning for your Budget spend. 

A Domain is a must-have product on your website, but there are other expenses like hosting, SSL certificate, renew hosting, and other things. 

#4 Design Customisation Options

That’s a big Qns you need to ask yourself, i.e., are you going to do so many changes to your website after some time and your website is static or dynamic? 

This means you’ll update your website from time to time or keep it as it is in the future also. When you’re clear that you need so many other Customisations, then you’ll pick the Right Platform, not any Simple platform. That’s how you need to keep asking Right Qns, and you’re very close to choosing the Right Platform for your website. 

If you’re a business owner or a company, you’re looking for some premium themes for your website, which is why you need to spend a good amount of money. Later you need to hire a professional technical team to develop a Website with so many animations, Themes, changes Required. 

#5 Easy to Update And Available Resources

Some most popular platforms for websites are popular because of so many resources available inside these platforms like – Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Bigcommerce, and many more. When you start using these platforms, you’ll see almost all resources you’re looking for websites building. 

And this is a very important point for those who don’t have a budget to hire any developer then. You need to pick those websites which are so easy to use and have almost all the resources to build your eye-catching websites. And there are many platforms like WordPress, Shopify which are so easy to use without learning any Heavy knowledge. 

#6 Hosting Based On Your Website

Hosting is essential in a website, and Before purchasing any hosting, you need to understand your website requirements. This means How much space is required for your website, how much traffic you’ll get on your website, and How Powerful hosting you need. 

Before purchase, when you ask these qns, you’ll understand Better for which purpose you’re purchasing hosting. But some key points that every hosting must have like – Security, SSL certificate, Good Storage, and customer support for any technical issues. These are must-have Options in your hosting so that you’ll not face any significant problems.

#7 Security 

If you’re putting so much effort and building a beautiful website and later you’ll start getting traffic, then the biggest qns is Security. Have you checked security and how strong your website is to handle attacks from hackers? 

So make sure no matter which hosting you’re looking for – it must be secured. Because there is a chance of losing everything Your website, your data, your drive data, and you’ll lose ranking on Google and so on. That’s why you need to build your website with security. 

#8 Analytics

Are you looking for a website that gives you a complete analysis of data? This means you’re building a website that gives you data based on Analysing like – how much traffic you’ll get, how much conversions you’ll get, and this data helps you analyze market demand and what you can do better. 

If you have a website like E-commerce, then I’m sure you’ll need this data to target this audience for better results. And build authority in the Market.

#9 Integration

As Demand Increases, websites need more Updates, and that’s you need to understand whether your website wants Integration to third-party applications or not? For ex-, If you’re having any types of websites, you need to add Social media accounts to your website, and for this, you need to do Integration with other platforms. That’s why Having Integration is necessary for your website. And not only this tiny Integration, but you can also add some advanced Integration for security or any Tools to boost your website speed and many more. So make sure when you’re looking for a platform, it must be open for Integration with other platforms. 

#10 Mobile Friendly Interface

Almost 60% of Searches on Google are done by Mobile phones in the world, and we all know that mobile phones are the most used devices, and most of the population uses mobile phones to view Websites. And that’s why any website you have makes sure it’s mobile-friendly and easy to use. Because if it’s not mobile-friendly, then it’s hard to understand your website.

Whenever you are looking for a platform, make sure it’s easy to use and has a Mobile-Friendly Interface.

These are the Top 10 Factors You Need To Consider To Look For A Website Platform, And When You Keep These Points In Mind, You’ll Pick The Best Platform For Your Website.

To save your time and efforts, we’ve listed some top Website building Platforms that you can choose as per your business needs. So Let’s see all these platforms:

#1 WordPress

Wordpress- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

WordPress is the most popular and widely used platform for websites. On this Platform, you can build almost any type of website like – Portfolio, E-commerce, Blog, and many more. Do you know that WordPress powers 40% of websites on the Internet? The reason behind using this Platform is because it has everything for everyone, And Whatever types of websites you want to build, WordPress has all resources. 


● Comes with a Drag and drop feature so you can design without any technical issues

● You can update your website from time to time.

● Best for SEO


● You need to purchase hosting and domain

● For advanced editing, you need to learn the basics of HTML/CSS.

So, if you’re looking for a platform to build any website with So many features, I Highly Recommend you go with the WordPress Platform. Even if you’re a Beginner and know the basics of operating a computer, you can also build websites on WordPress quickly. 

#2 Squarespace

Squarespace- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

We can say that it’s an all-in-one website builder Software and also provides domain and hosting itself. So yes, you can predict how many resources it has Available for your website to build. So you can consider this Platform if you want to create a website, but I suggest you go through this Platform and then see if it is easy for you to build websites. Then you can also consider this Platform.


● It’s an All-in-one Website building Platform

● You’ll get extraordinary Support for any query.

Best for SEO Optimization


● It’s Quite Technical, so you need to learn how to use this Platform

● You’ll get limited options to customize

● Not mainly for e-commerce

#3 Weebly

Weebly- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

A Very Common but useful website building platform, i.e, Weebly comes with a Drag and drop feature so that you can build websites quickly. This Platform is best for Beginners who want to learn how to use Drag and drop for building websites. And later, when you’re professional, you can switch to WordPress or other platforms, but for the initial stage, Weebly is the best Platform.


● It’s So easy to use this Platform

● Without any coding, use the Drag and drop feature.

● You’ll get excellent Support via Email and Live chat.


● Limited no. of Designs available

● Not as SEO focused

#4 Wix

Wix- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

Everyone almost uses this Platform because of its Eye-catching Branding and Showing features like Website building in minutes attract Millions of Customers to use it. And I’m one of them – I’ve used Wix personally, and honestly, Wix is a great platform to start designing and doing something creative. We don’t know what we need to create initially, but when you start using Wix, you’ll be creative when building websites. So for Beginners, it’s a Good website building Platform.


● Comes with Only Drag and drop feature

● Without any coding knowledge, you can design a website in minutes.

● So many tools available inside Wix for more updates


● But limited Functions available

● Not SEO and Mobile Friendly Platform

#5 HubSpot Website Builder

Hubspot- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

This Platform is Specially Designed for Business Owners and Marketers. If you want to take your business online with all necessary tools like – Email marketing, SEO, Future updates, and marketing tricks, then this Platform gives you all the tools required to make your website more powerful and Eye-catching.


● Tons of New templates for every niche, pick and edit it

● Comes with Drag and drop Feature

● So many useful tools and plugins to Optimise and update your website


● Not for Beginners friendly

● WordPress is far better than this Platform.

#6 Shopify

Shopify- 10 Things To Consider When Selecting Platform For Your Website

The World Most Popular platform for e-commerce websites is Shopify, and whenever you’re just planning to start an e-commerce store, the first and only Platform you want is Shopify. It has almost everything you’re looking for in an e-commerce website. And it’s also known for its Website building platform because it’s so easy to build a store on Shopify. Almost half of the Millions of users use Shopify for their stores. This is an all-in-one eCommerce store builder to make and sell products quickly without any worry. Shopify handles everything you need – Tool, Plugins, extra features, Automations, and Many more done by Shopify. 

Its Basic plan costs around $29/Month only, but you’re able to get so many features available inside Shopify to make it an Eye-catching and successful e-commerce store. 


● Complete E-commerce Store building platform with all necessary resources available

● So many Integrations available in Shopify for extra features and Updates

● The best part is, Shopify itself manages all inventory systems with in-depth Analysis.

● Use Drag and drop feature for building Interactive E-stores.


● It’s a Quite Higher price plan

● Migration is tough in Shopify.

These are some of the most popular websites building platforms you can look at, and when you research yourself, you’ll get these results for sure. I suggest you pick the best Platform based on your requirements and what exactly your website needs. I’m sure you’ll choose a platform from one of these. Else you can research yourself and find what is best for you. 

Q – Which Website Builder Is Used By Professionals?

If you look at stats and based on current trends, “WordPress” is one of the Highly Recommended and in-demand Drag and drop platforms to build almost any type of website you want. Even some giant companies Use WordPress nowadays so you can predict the value of this Platform. 

Q – Are Website Builder Platforms Worth It?

Without a doubt, if you’re a beginner or you don’t know anything about Coding, then the only way to build an Eye-catching website is using the Drag and drop website building platform. When you use these platforms, your time, energy, and money will save you from building sites in minutes.


After reading this article, I’m sure all your Doubts are clear, and you’re ready to pick the best website building platform. All top 10 things you need to consider when choosing a website building Platform are here. Figure out which type of website you want, and based on these points, you can find the best Platform for your website.

And for this, we’ve picked the best Website building platform based on Drag and drop features, Easy to Use, No coding Required, Flexibility and Scalability, High-Performance and Best in Budget. That’s why we’ve picked the best Platform for your website; you’ll see the below. 

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development