Are you looking for the best WordPress Donation Plugins so that you can raise a good amount of funds?

10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

Then you’re at the right place because we’ve Handpicked 10 Best WordPress Donation Plugins that help you to raise your fund. Most of these donation plugins are used by giant companies and so many website owners. Using these Plugins can be beneficial for fundraising campaigns with so many payment Ways.

So without wasting a second, Let’s review all the Best donation Plugins!

All these Plugins for Donations come with Different Uniqueness and features; that’s why you need to understand which one can be beneficial for your fundraising Campaign. 

But we’ve picked these 10 Best donation Plugins with some significant factors:

● Accept payment via PayPal & Stripe

● You can add the “Donate” button anywhere on the website

● Accept multiple Currencies

● Don’t need any Third-party Platforms for Integration

Let’s begin!

#1 WPForms

WPForms- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

This is the best Plugin you can use to raise the maximum fund for your campaign. First, you’ll collect leads for those interested in Donations, and to collect information, you need to create a form and create the most appropriate and Eye-catching form WPForms help you make it a more professional form. 

And if you don’t have any idea how to create a form, then don’t worry because WPForms comes with tons of Prebuilt donation Templates that you can pick, edit and Complete your design in minutes. That’s why this is the easiest way to create a donation form to collect quality leads for your fundraising Campaign. Using WPForms, you can complete a most powerful and converting form that helps you get top tips for your donation. 

And these templates are Fully Customizable, meaning you can edit them Quickly as per your requirements. Also, you can get so many payment options for your form to collect funds. And if you want more payment Ways, then install third-party Platforms to get more payment methods. 

Using WPForms is the best way for fundraising campaigns. 

WPForms: Pros & Cons


● It comes with a Drag and drops feature that makes it more Easier to use

● It’s completely free to use this tool on any website you want

● With the Help of this Plugin, you can build a contact form that helps you to generate more quality leads. 

● it’s Highly Secured, and all details will be secured

● You’ll get a complete dashboard to manage all your donations and Details in one place.

● Also, you can Automate for custom notification.

● Also, you can create a landing page form so that it’s more convertible.

● Now you can add your signature form to build more authentication.

● You can also Integrate your platform with Third-Party platforms.


● For premium features, you need to upgrade your plan to a pro plan

● You can’t upload multiple files together.

#2 GiveWP

GiveWP- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

If you want everything with Automations, using GiveWP can be another best Plugin for your WordPress website.

If you want to create a campaign for fundraising and you’re looking for the best tool to create a fundraising campaign quickly, which must be convertible, then GiveWP can help you fulfill your requirements. 

Many website owners raise so many funds by using the GiveWP Plugin. You can Design beautiful forms for fundraising that Engage and Motivate visitors to raise funds for purposes. That’s why you’re getting more results after using this Plugin. 

GiveWP allows you to do advanced customization and add more payment gateways to collect maximum funds. 

Also, it comes with a Dashboard that helps you manage everything you need like – funds, donors details, Managing things, and Many more can quickly be done by one Plugin, i.e., GiveWP Plugin. This Plugin allows you to integrate with Third-Party platforms to add more advanced features that help you raise maximum funds for your campaign. 

GiveWP: Pros & Cons


● It’s so easy to use this tool

● It comes with so many Customisation Features.

● Customers Support good

● You’ll get everything you need to create a fundraising campaign.

● Beginners friendly

● User-friendly interface


● Its Price plan is relatively high

#3 PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

If your main focus is to raise funds through PayPal, then PayPal offers you a powerful and Engaging plugin to raise funds for your campaign. 

When using the PayPal Donation plugin, you can add a PayPal button at any place on your website. And make sure you have an account on PayPal so that all the funds you’ve raised get directly in your PayPal account. And if you already have a PayPal account, you don’t need to Worry – with one click; you can set up your campaign for fundraising.

If you’re a Beginner and set up your fundraising campaign, you can use the PayPal testing page to pay yourself an amount and test that your fundraising campaign is working well. Many Giant organizations use the PayPal donation campaign because it is more helpful – you can get funds in many ways, like a one-time or monthly fund for your campaign. The best part is, PayPal supports 18+ languages and 25 currencies, and it helps you to collect maximum funds. 

But you need to keep in mind that Payal charges for each Transactions donation are around 2.2% + $0.30 for each transaction. 

PayPal Donation: Pros & Cons


● Easy to Recognise this brand 

● Accessible to Setup PayPal Button everywhere

● Highly Secured and Safe to do Transactions

● Connect with third party Platforms


● Visitors go to Third-Party websites through PayPal

#4 DonorBox

DonorBox- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

For Beginners or for those who want to raise funds for the first time, then DonorBox can be a good starting point for you. 

You can create a donation form with full customization to create campaigns as per your requirements. You can edit it in many ways like – Color, style, languages, and many more. 

You can also set up auto select language so that whenever any Visitor from any location comes to your website, Dropbox shows a form with related language. It’s easier to raise more funds when you can engage with Visitors. And you can also manage everything through Dashboard like donor details, transaction settlement, import and export data, and many other useful features you’ll see in this Plugin.

The best part is, it’s a Free plugin, and you don’t need to spend money to use this Plugin for fundraising campaigns. But you’ll also get advanced features in this Plugin. And this Plugin comes with many payment options like – PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Bank Transfer, and many more. But if you’re not satisfied, you can add more payment gateways by adding more Third-Party Plugins in WordPress. It’s a Free plugin, but it’s safe to use this tool; if a User tries to pay through a credit card, its details are encrypted and safely stored via stripe. Whatever fund you’ve raised is directly sent to your account. 

DonorBox: Pros & Cons


● So easy to use this tool

● Easy to set up your fundraising campaign and Easily get payments

● Customers Support good


● Come with basic features 

#5 Donation For WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

If you’re a WordPress user and already running an e-commerce store, you can Start Creating campaigns for fundraising by using this Plugin. For WooCommerce WordPress User – This is the most popular Plugin for donations you can use in e-commerce stores. 

With this Plugin, you can create many types of campaigns like – One-time, Monthly, or multiple donations per week or month. Using this Plugin, you can do many customizations like the “pay whatever you want” option. It’s called the Roundup bill feature that helps you to raise maximum funds for your campaign. 

Many WooCommerce store owners use this Plugin and raise so many funds through running profitable campaigns. Also, with this Plugin, you can easily manage everything with its Dashboards like Transactions, donors details, import and export data, payout, and many more Things. 

But this Plugin is amazing and comes with Unique features like – You can integrate your fundraising campaign with the store so that whenever someone Checkout for a product, a campaign appears that you can pay x amount. We’ll add your products together. And this is the main reason that WooCommerce donations get maximum funds because people don’t hesitate to donate a small amount along with their products. It’s completely Customizable means you can add widgets and place buttons anywhere on the website. 

But its Plugin comes with a paid plan that costs $49/year. And if you want some advanced features, you need to switch to a higher goal that costs $79/year. 

WooCommerce Donation: Pros & Cons


● So Many ways to offer your campaign for fundraising

● Easy to Integrate with Templates

● Templates are Fully Customizable


● It would help if you took the plan to use this tool

#6 Donation Manager

Donation Manager- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

A complete Manager for your donation campaign is here. With this Plugin, you can handle everything quickly because it’s only built for donations. WordPress users highly recommended this Plugin. There’s a reason because, with this Plugin, you can easily create campaigns for fundraising. It comes with modern Templates and Features that connect Visitors and motivate them to make donations.

This Plugin comes with all the necessary features, elements you need to create a campaign for fundraising. It comes with so many payment gateways, and you have the option to choose payment gateways that suit best for you to get maximum funds. 

You’ll get Templates with Different versions like Light and Dark themes, and you can Fully Customize your Template and make the most eye-catching and engaging camping for fundraising. 

Donation Manager: Pros & Cons


● Manage all your Donations, Details, and Transactions in one place

● So easy to use this tool

● It comes with so many Automations

● Accept so many payment gateways.


● It comes with a high paid plan

#7 Donation Content Locker

Donation Content Locker- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

With Donation Content Locker, you’ve controlled to hide any Premium content and only visible for those who donate. This is something entirely based on your campaign requirements. If you’ve something very precious and premium Content, you can lock it with this Plugin to raise a fund with this Plugin. 

It’s not a way to collect donations, but some users offer something very precious, then in return, they can ask for assistance by using this donation locker. And this locker also comes in many ways, like one-time payment or membership for monthly payment. This is the only Plugin that comes with this type of Content locking Feature. So if you’ve any of these types of donation requirements and have some premium content to lock, go with this Plugin, and the donation locker will manage everything.

But it’s up to you because if you’re looking for actual fundraising, this Plugin is not suitable. You can go with the rest of the other plugins. 

Donation Content Locker: Pros & Cons


● You can lock your premium content for donations

● You can donate safely with this platform.

● Many ways you can create a campaign


● But it’s not mainly for actual fundraising Campaign

#8 Charitable

Charitable- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

If you’re looking for the most advanced donation Plugin, then charitable comes in first. This is a handy Donation plugin that comes with so many advanced features that you can’t ignore. All these features are so helpful and help you to increase your fund as maximum. 

Using this Plugin is easy to set up and comes with GDPR- compliant donation forms to make sure your donation is made securely. Its Free version also comes with many advanced features that you’ll not see in other paid Plugins. You can create Unlimited fundraising Campaigns with this Plugin. Also, you can Design campaigns that match your website theme, so it looks more relevant and easy to catch attention. 

And if we talk about payment options, you can integrate with your PayPal account to get payment directly in your account. But the unique feature is, you can accept offline payment modes like cheques and bank transfers. 

If you use Charitable, you’ll see a fantastic experience because it’s such an easy and clean interface that helps you manage your donation. It’s an advanced tool. That’s why it comes with Automation features to do it more easily. It’s a Free tool that has no charge for the platform. 

For more features to run an advance donation campaign, you can switch to the Charitable pro version Cost between $103.20 to $699/year. 

Charitable: Pros & Cons


● So easy to use this Plugin

● Customer support is good.

● It comes with so many advanced features.


● Some necessary and premium features are missing

#9 Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

You can go with this Plugin if you’re looking for a donation Plugin. It’s a widely popular and helpful plugin for donation campaigns. To make it more attractive for visitors, this Plugin uses a Thermometer image to get more attention and motivate visitors to fill this Thermometer by raising funds. Thousands of results are generated by using this Plugin for fundraising Campaigns. 

The main reason for using this Plugin is that you can create a campaign that directly connects with users’ feelings and emotionally motivates them to donate for some purpose, and that’s called Converting campaign for fundraising.

It comes with Full Customization Options to edit it with images, Text, screen size, and many more editing Features available in this tool. Also, you can do some advanced Automations for your campaign for better results. 

Using this tool is so easy and free. 

Donation Thermometer: Pros & Cons


● You can track real-time progress

● This motivates visitors to donate. 

● So Easy to Set-up your campaign


● If you show a large number, then it’s pretty intimidating

#10 Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Cryptocurrency Donation Box- 10 WordPress Donation Plugins For Charity, Relief, And Support

Cryptocurrency is now taking place in this world, and Giant companies have started accepting Cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for a Cryptocurrency fundraising Campaign, this Plugin is the most unique and fantastic Plugin that allows you to buy Cryptocurrency. 

The best part is, this Cryptocurrency Donation box can accept 20+ Cryptocurrencies for fundraising Campaigns. 

And the payment process of this Plugin is so easy, and anyone can Donate in minutes. And it’s an entirely free tool that you can use to create a fundraising campaign, and you can also create your campaign with its editing features. 

And it’s a secure platform to do Transactions because this Plugin supports the Metamask Cryptocurrency wallet. 

Cryptocurrency Donation box: Pros & Cons


● This platform accept 20+ Cryptocurrencies

● Setting up this campaign is so Easy.

● Highly Secured to do Transactions


● Comes with basic editing Features

Final Verdict

After reading this article, you can pick the best fundraising plugin that can fulfill your requirements. That’s why we’ve listed the ten best useful Plugins that come with so many unique features. I suggest you first Understand your fundraising campaign requirements and then see which Plugin you want that has all features you need to create a successful campaign for your fundraising. Drop your comment on which fundraising Campaign plugin you’ve picked for your website?

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