You might be interested in pursuing a career as a React Native Developer. Or, are you dealing with projects now and then being a part of the React Native developer’s community? You have landed up on the correct page now. We will be covering up a few of the common mistakes that need to be avoided with the React Native apps. So, make sure to keep these mistakes in mind the next time when you are all set up to develop the React Native mobile app.

11 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

Let us get the hang of a few facts and the history of React Native before starting with the mistakes of the React Native app development. There are approximately 1.6k contributors that are dealing with the entire process around the globe when it comes to the number of React Native app development. The number is seamlessly increasing with time and is going to reach 2.5k in the upcoming years is the other astonishing factor.

History Of React Native

The Shoutem platform started to gain fame, and yet there are instances when the developers believe to need an upgrade in the platform in 2015. Customer demand and technology limitations were the two major concerns involved here.

There are several mobile app development platforms, including HTML5, Cordoba, Javascript, etc., and through these, the high-performing apps were made successfully, being part of the technology limitations. The level of expertise that is needed by the cross-platform is achieved by the native apps.

Customization freedom makes the apps more powerful when it comes to customer satisfaction. The driving factor in determining the cost of mobile app development is the SDKs, frameworks, global competition, and automated maintenance.

It was the best chance to make an impact in the mobile app development world, and React Native was introduced as a result. A number of architectural issues, along with the increasing performance, were solved by the React Native app development. In terms of performance and quality, the Objective-C and Java native apps development is taken to a new level with the help of React Native.

The React Native platform helps cross-platform app development. For both the operating system such as Android and iOS, it focuses on building apps and supercharges the development. React Native developers develop web-friendly apps with no need to aim at the native Android and iOS languages along with this.

What Is React Native?

The framework that is used to develop mobile apps in React Native. It allows the React Native developers to develop apps for the cross-platform, web, and UWP being an open-source platform. Developers can also focus on native-like apps along with this.

React Native allows the users to include the components of React easily in the piece of code, being the top-most platform. To give a boost to the business, there are several reasons behind it, and it includes the following:

#1 Truly Native

To establish a native-like capability, the mobile apps are developed with the framework and Cordova. With the help of native APIS, it has the ability to develop JavaScript and HTML-based apps.

#2 Easy To Learn 

It is easy to learn even for the developers who wish to generate revenue is. The best thing about React Native is.

#3 Vibrant Ecosystem 

Including the vibrant nature, there are various benefits of making use of the React Native platform for mobile app development. To manipulate the state of the application, it also encourages React Native Developers to focus on writing and small testable functions.

#4 React Native Developers Experience

The developers get the platform to enhance their coding experience, and this is the best thing that anyone can do. The platform runs the app with a strong codebase as it simplifies the experience of editing.

Mistakes For The React Native App Development

Now, let us move forward with the mistakes that React Native developers are prone to make since the basics are quite clear.

#1 Lack of Image Optimization

It is considered the most common mistake undertaken by React Native developers. This thereby affects the app performance as they usually do not give much importance to the part of image optimization.

Image optimization is one of the very important parts that should be included in the list to avoid the degraded performance, and this is the fact here. Image optimization also helps to affect the size of the app as it will make the app lightweight along with this. You need to ensure optimizing the image and enhancing the quality of the app if you are one of the React Native developers.

#2 Redux Function

The redux function mutate state is the other mistake undertaken while creating an app with React Native. State Store and View are linked together to offer enhanced performance when it comes to the React Native app development.

To compare the new object with the previous state, there is a set state function in React Native. To render as per the state, the data is stored in the Data Store. With the help of the component life cycle, the new state can be viewed on the screen from the Data Store.

It is important to be aware of the previous state merging with the new state when the developers make React Native apps. It all ends up with the customer code, inside the component uncontrols state, and the larger apps unmanageable code is where the direct mutate state usually ends up.

#3 Console.log Statement

Leaving the console.log statement is one of the top React Native app development mistakes. The console.log statement is the life savior for the developers allowing them to detect the bugs easily leaves no room for any doubt.

It is this statement that makes the React Native developers understand the performance failure reason of the app as well as understand the issues in the line of code. Do you have the reason for your app not showcasing the quality that you expected? You will get a better understanding of the hitches with the console.log statement.

Once the app is done with debugging, it is important for the React Native debugger to keep in mind to eliminate the statement. It can end up slowing down the app and impacting the app performance in case the statement is not removed. The major issues that might be arising are incorrect estimation and image optimization. The mistakes of React Native app development can affect the forms and layout and also end up costing a lot.

#4 In Render MethodPassing Extra Parameters & Binding

You might have considered binding in the render method. It would be creating a new method each time instead of simply picking up from the previous methods.

The React Native developers simply forget there are different callbacks, and it is the issue with such an approach. With the handleWatchList () binding method in property initializer syntax or constructor, it can be solved. To get the desired results, it is important to pass the handleWatchList() value as props. For such additions, the child component can be a great asset.

#5 Existing Components

You might be aware of the importance of pre-built elements such as footers and texts if you are a Flutter, Xanarin, or React Native developer. To make sure that the libraries are integrated in a proper way, it is important to be well-conversant.

It will not work well with a unique design layout as the pre-built libraries can be a great addition here. You need to ensure to only go-ahead for the libraries that can be helpful to the code and not mess it up if you are focusing on the unique design layout.

#6 Wrong Estimates

Wrong estimation of errors is one of the most common mistakes while creating apps with React Native. The following are the things that are added to the list:

  • The layout for the Android and iOS separately should be estimated by the React Native developers who are developing the app. In app development, there are several common components that can be used, whereas there is a difference in the design. The structure of the Android and iOS pages can also be different in addition to this.
  • To plan the redux store in a proper way, the DB structuring, and connection of entities.
  • For every endpoint as per the backend, the web app development should be checked. The code must be placed in a manner that wills not less anything as the logic must be handled in a correct way.
  • For the estimation than the forms, there are several things that are added. Assessing the validation layout is one of the major components that React Native developers should keep in mind. Since more code is to be written for hybrid app development, it is important here.

#7 Coding Practices

The wrong use of its major practices is the other addition to the mistakes of the React Native app. It can affect the development process on a major level if the React Native best practices are used smartly and correctly. If the apps are extended in the future, then the mistakes can be taken to the next level.

When there are so many changes to be made, it is the most common mistake that is done by the React Native developers. The need matters a lot when it comes to writing thousands of lines of code in addition to this.

The best solution is to follow the best practices of React Native and plan for every step for coding to get the desired output.

#8 External Modules

While developing the app, the React Native developers need to keep the external modules in mind. While using the external modules that are the most common React Native app development mistakes, it is important to verify the external module codes.

The minimal knowledge and the lack of experience resulting in affecting the app development process is the main reason here. Before wrapping up the project, the developers should keep in mind to verify the external modules.

#9 Unit Tests

While developing the app, the React Native developers should be quite attentive. Without the unit tests, there are various apps in the market that are doing great. Might it be correct, right?

No, it is not. To make sure that the app segments can run independently, it might not be important, but it is a necessity to focus on the unit test. The functionalities of the app are tested properly with the help of a unit test in addition to this.

It is considered the top mistake of the React Native app that should be avoided at any cost. To check every aspect, it is important to write the unit test for every major component. With the help of a unit test that helps in tracking the bugs, the React Native app development can be done ideally. You need not waste any more time to get the results and track the bugs.

#10 Project Structure

A lot is said about the structure of this project. It can have some adverse effects with the wrong structuring of the entire project. A project that has complex structuring for the developers is something that is quite difficult to manage.

It should be according to the project requirement when it comes to the structure of the React Native app structure. Along with the project files and folders, the project is divided into parts. It is this way the work is done without a mess.

In such a situation, the fresher developers for React Native can get pretty confused. To maintain the quality of the project, it is important to work on the right structure of the project.

#11 Flaws in Abstraction Matrix 

An abstraction layer is installed on the framework of the native application in order to make the React Native application more functional and user-friendly. The Abstraction layer has its unique challenges and conflicts that need to be handled during the process of the development of React Native Applications. The following are some of the challenges involved:

  • In the abstraction layer, the bugs and errors are difficult to locate.
  • A great amount of dependency is seen on the resources and libraries of the third party.
  • Custom designs should be implemented

# Time For A Bigger Picture

On a general level, the future of React Native is quite bright. But, the quality of the project can be affected by a few mistakes. These mistakes are ignored at any cost is something important for the React Native developers to keep in mind. It is also important to learn regularly to be prepared for the projects along with this.

While working for React Native app development will save a lot of money and time. You can get in touch with an experienced mobile app development company if you have a great app idea in mind.

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