Searching for the best job management software for your organization? We’ve studied hundreds of different applicant tracking systems to comprehend which ones have the best ATSs. We’ve also researched all the features required so that employers like you buy the best system for your companies. 

15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

So, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the top 15 recruitment management systems:


RecruiterBox- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

RecruiterBox comes with a simplified ATS boasting of more than 2000 customers embracing Lonely Planet and Olark. User-friendly, RecruiterBox offers a combination of great features such as scheduling, video interviewing, screening, and fully automated reminders. 

RecruiterBox also allows recruiters and employees to easily collaborate when it comes to interviewing or hiring them without the need to sign up for the system. This hiring management software is so easy to use that it sets up in as little as 90 minutes for small enterprises.


Pinpoint- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

A comparatively new one in the job management system space, Pinpoint leverages this aspect to include all the latest features and best practices in one for organizations. This makes the employers’ task easier when it comes to recruitment processes be it handling candidate sourcing, building and maintaining talent pipelines, and hiring marketing. All these functionalities enable employers to ease talent acquisition procedures, thereby cutting down time on third-party recruiters and creating their awesome talent pools. 

Besides this, they have so amazing and helpful employer branding features that will help you build seamless career sites, and organize social media campaigns. And, not to forget they are a new company, therefore will do everything to satisfy their customers by over-delivering. 


SmartRecruiters- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

SmartRecruiters’ applicant tracking system offers you all things for attracting, selecting, and hiring awesome talent. The platform provides employers with a tailored recruiting experience that can smoothly replace the one in place. It will allow you to prepare career pages, put job placements on important job boards, and also find and recruit the best job applicants. 

SmartRecruiters doesn’t embrace a pre-built pattern, enabling employers to create a recruiting system that will be perfect for them. It supports multiple types of files embracing a few that can’t be read by other platforms eg. RTF, DOC, TXT, PPT, ODT, PDF, TIFF, and more. 


ClearCompany- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

An evergreen kind of talent management software, ClearCompany offers all the tools that you need in your arsenal to shortlist, hire, retain, and keep your employees engaged. The job tracking software uses your organization’s mission & vision to search for top talent at the same time also fulfilling all the features and needs of administration. 

The best part about this fantastic software is that it also has a provision for automatic verification of candidates and the processing of automated checks. You can rely on this system because of the intensive background checks it performs, the seamless integration of E-verify, flawless I-9 management, and the WOTC thing, all under one umbrella. 


Greenhouse- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

The greenhouse is an online applicant tracking system built keeping in mind the complete recruitment process. An ATS, the beautifully integrated platform is known for streamlining several recruiting activities like planning the entire recruitment process, sourcing candidate applications, performing interviews, and even taking care of post-recruitment processes. Companies like Airbnb, Vimeo, and Pinterest have relied on and trusted this wonderful job management software

Full-fledged recruitment and HR admin system, Greenhouse handles current as well as prospective employees very well. This enables employers to guide and study the performance of their present employees. When placing the candidate in their organization, the recruiters also give an interview kit that is used to score job applicants and make a comparison of the candidates. 


Proven- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

Proven, beyond doubt, is a holistic hiring solution both for small as well as mid-sized enterprises which enables project managers and employers to hire as efficiently as possible. Proven enables you to distribute job vacancies to top job boards with a single click to reach more job applicants. With a fully loaded ATS feature, you can organize the hiring process, set up a usable hosted careers page, etc without any limitation. 

A simplified yet robust user interface makes it amazingly user-friendly for those who are not that tech-savvy. Proven also has its mobile app that allows recruiters to hire even when they are traveling. All in all, it’s a fully complete recruiting solution for companies big and small. Even customer support is so strong that employers can contact them whenever they want. 

Jazz HR

Jazz HR- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

It’s a tailored recruitment management system that enables employers like you to post job vacancies on multiple job portals and social media platforms all in one go, screen multiple applications with some specific features, and utilize reporting tools all under one roof. You can also set different phases in hiring procedures depending on the kind of jobs you are recruiting for and even customize workflows. 

Often ranked as the best job management software, Jazz HR is quite user-friendly. And, that is the reason, its list of popular integrations continues to expand. Not only this, but users also have unlimited access to LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs, ADP, ZipRecruiter and so much more. 


Ultipro- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

With more than 25 years of leadership experience in the market, this job management software aims towards revamping HR systems for the best. Ultipro embraces components like Payroll, HR, Time Management, and much more all under one roof. With a simplified design, the software put together the entire employee information in one place which makes hiring, managing, and analyzing employees a breeze.

It also comes with a very helpful succession management system that enables organizations to prepare plans proactively for employees’ professional growth and career advancement. An added advantage is the TouchBase feature that puts together time management, employee self-servicing, and collecting labor data. 


SilkRoad- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

SilkRoad software enables you to simply attract, shortlist, hire, and track job applicants promptly. You can build a branded career site that will instantly engage talents by role, team, and location. The site can be tailored utilizing blogs, videos, testimonials, and much more. The software provides a mobile-optimized version with the use of which you very easily post job vacancies, schedule interviews, and validate job requisitions. 

The hiring management software also gives you the provision of a free-of-cost job distribution network, strengthening employers to source and get qualified candidates quickly. Once the job applicant says “yes”, it is just one click to begin the onboarding procedures and start from day one. 


ApplicantStack- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

A complete applicant tracking software, ApplicantStack is used by more than 2500 customers for more than 9 years. The job management system caters to small as well as medium-sized enterprises and organizations allowing them to attract, select, and recruit awesome talent. Having the latest recruitment and tracking software, ApplicantStack cuts down the requirement for any kind of paperwork and streamlines recruitment processes. 

ApplicantStack’s team is backed by employers and former HR people who comprehend the features required to streamline the recruitment procedures. The software is quite simple to set up and doesn’t need more than a few hours to start running. The best part is it also comes with a free trial version too which is a few minutes affair. 


Workable- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

One of the best job management software, Workable is one such platform that can manage the entire hiring process in one place. Often called an all-in-one system, workable sources, assess and track job applicants also collaborating with recruitment teams at the same time. Used by more than 6000 companies, it is the most popular applicant tracking software

Requiring no setup or installation charges, Workable can get you started in a few minutes. Moreover, the platform makes it easy for different teams to work together on recruitment decisions through file sharing, dispatching feedback, and instant email notifications. 


BreezyHR- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

Breezy HR has a straight mission to make the recruitment processes so modern that they can solve all the challenges of modern-day hiring. The software offers powerful candidate management, interaction, interview scheduling, and social candidate sourcing. Social candidate sourcing embraces searching on other websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Angellist, GitHub, Xing, etc.

One thing that stands out about Breezy HR is its feature that it can offer a quick view of your job applicants and the stage they are on. It comes with a simplified drag and drop system that enables you full control of job candidates. You can do everything from automating tasks, uploading or emailing your candidates automatically in bulk to using tailored scorecards and interview guides. 


Lever- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

The lever is designed keeping in mind making the recruitment process more human and more cost-efficient. One-of-its-kind, Lever hiring management software puts together a CRM and applicant tracking tool under one umbrella. The software also enables employers to build career sites where they can upload online profiles of all the candidates. 

Level provides you with the entire recruitment information via their analytic instruments and recruitment data enabling you to prepare performance and progress reports of each candidate. The platform also comes with a LinkedIn plugin that helps employers not just view candidate profiles but also directly import the profiles into its database. 


JobVite- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

JobVite is a job management tool that brings together mobile-optimized career websites, social recruitment, ATS, on-demand video candidate screening, onboarding, analytics, and flawless integration with multiple HR systems. 

The software enables recruiters like you to build customized branded career sites that include brands, applications, forms, and more. JobVite is compatible with big firms like JCPenny and LinkedIn. 

SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors- 15 Job Management Softwares You Should Rely On In 2020

SAP SuccessFactors is hiring management software that will help you win over the talent war, keep your employees fully working, and convert your manpower for the future. With the system, recruiters can streamline their HR processes, become a leader in recruitment, and retain the game, train, and improve the skill set of their workforce, leverage technologies like AI, and more. 

The most unique thing about this software is that it brings HR processes, payroll, and benefits in one place. Apart from this, SAP SuccessFactors embraces time management, employee attendance management, learning and skill development, employee performance, and more. 

Things You Should Consider Before Selecting the Job Management Software

Execution & Support

As soon as you choose a hiring management system, you must get your hands on it. And, to do this, you need to learn it in and out. Therefore, you will need constant execution support and after-sales support. So, go for a vendor who is reliable and is available 24*7. 

Career Pages

Career pages are places where future job applicants build a great first impression of your organization so you need to leverage this feature. So, ensure the ATS you take up comprises auto-updating career pages that are not just fast but also free and mobile-friendly. 

Candidate Sourcing

A robust candidate sourcing tool is what you need to build a pipeline of awesome talent. Just look for software that gathers all the information from different platforms under one umbrella, that will lessen your work and improve your efficiency. 

Employer Branding

It’s not just about employers but even candidates think highly of a good recruitment process. So, companies that have strong ATS software always stand out from the crowd. 

Interview Management

An automated interview management system is something that acts as the icing on the cake. This helps you schedule interviews and integrate them with the monthly calendar seamlessly. Accurate feedback management, issue of interview kits, and managing scorecards are other things that save a lot of time on interviews. 

Talent CRM

Yes, most of the time, employers need to fill in positions quickly but often you come across the right candidate at a very wrong time. Then what would you do? For, that you need to create a talent pool that you can nurture continuously while building long-term relationships with them as well. That is why you need an applicant tracking software that allows you to tag, find, and filter job applicants’ databases, prepare notes, and also set reminders for future hiring. 


Have you been switching between spreadsheets, job boards, social media handles, and emails to make your recruitment processes smoother? Well, then you are in dire need of an ATS where you can perform all functions in one place. This is where centralization steps in where you will have everything from detailed candidate data to social media profiles under one roof. 

Safety and Stability

It’s super-easy to be amazed by the features being offered and miss altogether if your software is secure, resilient, and provides absolute security, something that makes it integrally lose. So, it’s your onus to oversee if your recruitment processes and information are in totally safe hands be its data protection, data encryption, candidate retention, disaster recovery, compliance, accessibility, or uptime. 

Mobile Recruiting

If you are someone who is always on the move, then you would need job management software that is mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly. This will help you not just be in touch with candidates but also schedule their timely interviews and complete scorecards. You can also remain in constant touch with the recruiting team when you are utilizing your phones. 

Reports and Analysis

So, you hired candidates, but what’s the cost spent? Whenever you are making a hiring strategy, you’ll need to take into consideration relevant information so that you can make informed decisions. Whether you are hiring, or you have job board ROI, ensure your selected ATS delivers explained, exportable hiring reports, and analysis.

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