Almost Everyone Suggests you build a website on WordPress, whether you’re a Beginner, Professional, Expert, or Any Business owner because WordPress is for All. The most powerful website builder is WordPress for everyone. 

23 Facts And Statistics About How Big is WordPress Market

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly how big the WordPress market is and the reason behind this big Popularity, and some real Facts about WordPress that you don’t know yet!

So get ready to know how big the WordPress market is and see all Facts and figures!

WordPress is the Most popular Websites building platform to create almost any type of website for your Business. Many Giant companies like – TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney Company, and many other big companies use WordPress, so now you can better understand how big WordPress is and how powerful it is. 

The popularity of WordPress is because it’s a Drag and drop website building platform where almost anyone can build websites without any technical knowledge. After all, if you’re a Beginner and know how to operate Computer, it’s far easier to build a website on WordPress. But for Advance level developers, WordPress is open for coding. Also, you can do your customization as per your demand. Another reason for Popularity is because WordPress Comes with Millions of Templates with almost any Niche, so you need to pick the best theme and edit it as per your requirements. Your website is ready to launch. 

WordPress platform is Massive, and you can predict based on tons of new changes and Plugins available in WordPress. Using a WordPress template, you can Create a Design, but if you want some specific elements in your website and don’t know how to code, the easiest way WordPress found for us, i.e., is Plugin. The Plugin is just an application already built for that purpose. You just need to install it on your website, and it works well. 

For example – If you’re looking for a Timer on your website, then search for a timer plugin, and you’ll get a timer on your website. 

There are no. of Websites developed by WordPress platform:

● E-commerce Websites

● Blogging Website

● Portfolios

● Resumes

● Business Website

● Agency 

● Companies

● Membership/Subscription Website

● And Many more

There are many types of websites you can build through the WordPress platform

Some Key Points Of WordPress:

● The main thing is, WordPress is a completely Free Platform to Use and Build Websites without any Hidden charges

● So many options available in WordPress like – Templates, Plugins, Extensions, Tools to Build a more advanced website for your Business

● Even if You’re a Beginner, still you can build websites in minutes, and because it’s So Easy to Use WordPress

Let’s Look At Some Stats For A Better Understanding Of The WordPress Market:

WordPress is the Most popular Websites building platform in the World And:

● WordPress Alone Power 40% Websites on the Internet 

● WordPress Captures 64% Market Share in CMS Market.

● And World top Website around 14.7% Websites powered by WordPress

● 500+ Websites are built Per day on WordPress

● The top one million e-commerce websites are powered by WordPress

● Giant Websites like – Walt Disney, Sony, MTV, BBC, and many other giant companies Using WordPress Websites

● 70 Million+ New Blog posts every month Published on WordPress

● Around 455 Million+ Websites are using WordPress Right now.

I’m sure these Unique and Powerful points are enough for you to understand the Popularity of the WordPress Platform in the Market. 

Now It’s Time To See The Top 23 Amazing Facts About WordPress That You Need To Know:

We all know the power of WordPress and How big it is WordPress, and after reading these facts, you’re very clear about every aspect of the WordPress platform.

So Let’s Begin!

23 Facts And Statistics About How Big is WordPress Market?

#1 40% of Websites Using WordPress Platform

In the past year, WordPress was just a Content Management System, but now all over the World, WordPress alone powers 40% of websites. I hope you can understand exactly how powerful WordPress is. And the reason behind WordPress’s popularity is because it’s an all-purpose website for Everyone. 

Even for Small Websites, Business owners, Bloggers, Giant companies, WordPress is for Everyone and gives a delightful Experience. That’s why Using WordPress is the best choice. Fortune 500s companies use WordPress websites, and that’s the clear indication that WordPress is Reliable, Powerful, and Worthy. 

According to reports, there are around 1.3 billion websites on the Internet, and 40% of websites, around 525,000,000+ websites, are using WordPress today. That’s why WordPress is the Biggest platform for website building. 

#2 WordPress Users Publish Around 70 Million+ New Posts & 77 Million+ New Comments Per Month

Content is Everything, and that’s why WordPress Contributes millions of content through its Users who Publish 70 Million+ New posts per month and Millions of new comments because it’s Real easy to Create and Publish Content on WordPress.

#3 More than 1 Millions+ New Registration of WordPress Domains Every 6 Months

In domain Contribution, WordPress is taking place because more than 1 Million+ Domains are registered for building a Website every six months. As per the WordPress Market Increase, millions of new users coming to build websites on WordPress

#4  WordPress Is Searched for 2.9 Million Times Per Month

Based on Some Advanced Keyword Analysing tool, WordPress is Searched for 2.9 million+ times per month on Google. So is it a higher search Volume? 200% it is. That is easily managed by the WordPress platform.

#5 WordPress Dominates Google SERP With 2.8 Billion Results

Yes, you hear it Right! On Google, 2.8 Billion people search Related to WordPress based on Google SERP analyses. It’s a Very Big Number, and that’s how big WordPress is

#6 WordPress Has No Competitors In Most Used CMS (Content Management System)

According to Research – WordPress covered 64% Market in CMS, and it is the most used CMS if you compare it with its alternative, i.e., Joomla, with a 4.7% market share only. 

#7 WordPress Is Available In 196+ Languages

The reason behind Millions of users in WordPress and billions of Searches about WordPress is based on these factors because WordPress is Available in 196+ Languages. 

23 Facts And Statistics About How Big is WordPress Market

#8 WordPress Is Most Visited Platform Than Twitter

WordPress gets 163 Million+ Unique Visitors Per Month than Twitter, which gets 156+ Million Unique Visitors. WordPress is taking speed in Growth as Compared to other companies. 

#9 WordPress Is A World’s biggest Website Builder Platform Still They’ve 501 Times Fewer Employees Than Amazon

It represents how WordPress works on Automation because, in the company, employee Demands are fewer. After all, WordPress can handle Automation. And Those Who are working in WordPress can work remotely, so it’s a powerful platform and win-win for everyone. 

#10 WordPress Developer Potential And Career

As per the report, an average WordPress developer earns $51,000. You can understand how WordPress came into the Market and comes with so many job opportunities for others, and that’s the power of WordPress; Yes, in the future, WordPress demand is growing more Faster. 

#11 54,000+ Plugins (Free) Available In Market For WordPress

The Importance of Plugin is a must, and more than 54,000+ Plugins are available in the market and are used almost daily for any purpose. The WordPress plugin plays a major role in WordPress success.

#12 WordPress Is Behind 30.3% Of Top 1000 Websites

It’s just for a better understanding of How WordPress is powerful and power almost 1000 top websites. And it also comes with Giant company’s Websites and some with High-performance Required. 

#13 WordPress Handle 80-90% Google’s Crawling Issues

WordPress is SEO-friendly. I’m sure you know this fact, but the reason is WordPress handles Google’s Crawling Issues, and those Websites Which are ranking on Google are powered by WordPress. The WordPress platform is capable of handling crawling issues and getting a better ranking. 

#14 In Terms of Theme’s One WordPress Theme Crossed $12 Million+ In Sales

Yes, it’s True because WordPress is a demanding Platform, and users want to use Eye-catching themes and templates for better design and one of the beautiful WordPress themes, i.e. Avada, that costs $59. It sold over two lakh+ and generated a $12 million revenue, and counting is still growing. 

#15 WordPress 4.9 Has Been Downloaded Over 160 Million Times

Now you can wonder about the craze of using WordPress around 160 million times downloaded when a new version updates. And so many millions keep growing faster.

#16 Top 3 WordPress Plugins

The most popular WordPress plugin and we’ve listed the top 3 WordPress Plugins that break all records. Users highly recommended these Plugins to use, i.e., All-in-one SEO Pack, WordPress Importer, and WooCommerce. And if you’re an old WordPress user, then I’m sure of any one of the tools you’ve used in the past. Mainly WordPress is used for some Major reasons like – Blogging and SEO for ranking, E-commerce websites. 

23 Facts And Statistics About How Big is WordPress Market

#17 Difference Between &

If you’re a new user, you don’t have any idea, or you’re confused about the difference between and Let me tell you clearly – is a Free Software and Open-Source CMS. You can install it and integrate with your hosting and use it. And now, if we talk about, it’s especially for website building purposes – blogging platform, E-commerce, and both platforms are done by Automation.

#18 WordPress Is For All

If you think that it’s mainly for Windows Purposes or only for Mac purposes, that’s not true – because it is for all, and anyone can access WordPress easily with any device. Include Android, iOS, WebOS, Windows, and Mac. You can use this Platform easily. 

#19 In WordPress, You Get 4,119+ Free GPL- Licensed Themes 

In WordPress, it’s really easy to get Themes for your Business because WordPress has thousands of new WordPress themes for free – You can use it and edit it as per your requirements. And these themes are Free and come with a GPL license, which means you can use them officially without any pirated software issues.

#20 WordPress Is The Fastest Growing Website Building Platform

As per the Report and WordPress, demand is increasing day by day and year by year. Now it’s Scaling faster because WordPress has almost Everything you’re looking for to build a beautiful and powerful website for your Business. No other Competitors offer so many services, features and it’s a Free tool. You can use WordPress for free without any hidden charges, and that’s the strong point of using the WordPress platform. After COVID, everyone wants to switch Businesses online, and that’s why they’re using WordPress as a platform for their websites. 

#21 WordPress Takes Less Than 5 Minutes For Installation

This is the biggest Platform for website building and with tons of features included, and it only takes less than 5 minutes for Installation. Yes, because of its easy-to-use interface, Everything is done automatically, and the WordPress team does all technical work. You need to click on install like you install applications on your phone, and in Under 5 minutes the website is ready to use, and you can start building Eye-catching Websites for your Business.

#22 Three Best Hosting For WordPress

If You’ve already decided to go with the WordPress platform to build an eye-catching website for your business, then another Qns is which hosting you need to pick for your WordPress website. That’s why we’ve listed the top three hosting providers that are powerful, useful, and budget based, so these three hostings – Bluehost, Siteground, and Dreamhost. I suggest you take a review of all three hostings and based on your website requirements, how much traffic you’ll get, and the real purpose of using the website, you can pick the best hosting for your Business as per your requirements. 

#23 WordPress Has Been Since 2003

WordPress launched in 2003, and in 18 Years, this Platform covered a Big market in Website building. You can predict how fast this software Scales and users start loving this Software. Those using WordPress don’t want to switch to other platforms because WordPress has Everything you’re looking for then no point to switch. At first, it came as a simple blogging tool, but now it’s widely known for Websites building platforms with So many Advanced tools. And nowadays, some giant companies like Walt Disney, New York, BBC, and many other companies use WordPress for their main website.  

So these are the top 23 Major Facts that you need to know about WordPress and how it impacts website development. The power of the WordPress platform is High, and it’s always an on-demand platform for users because year by year market share of WordPress keeps increasing and also demand. As per WordPress, demand Increases – New opportunities coming.

Frequently Asked Qns

Q1 – What Is WordPress Market Share?

As per the Report, WordPress Content Management System covers 41.2% Market Share, and if we talk about Websites powered by WordPress, it is around 64.8% all over the Internet. That’s the power of WordPress, and Its Market share keeps increasing. 

Q2 – Is WordPress The Most Popular CMS?

Without a doubt, In Content Management System or Website Building Platform, not no other platform comes to its market share, and its closest Competitor is Capture market around 3.5% of CMS. So, it’s a clear picture of WordPress as the best Platform without any Competition. 

Q3 – Do Large Companies Use WordPress?

Yes, there are many giant companies like Microsoft, BBC, Salesforce, Zoom, Grammarly, Walt Disney, and many other giant companies Using WordPress as the best platform for website building. 

Q4 – What Devices Are Used To Access WordPress?

WordPress is an open-Source Platform means you can use this Platform on any device without any worry. And it’s also updated for mobile devices so that you can access it more actively. It’s accessible for all devices or OS like – windows, iOS, Mac, and others.

Q5 – How Many Sites Are Using WordPress?

If you count worldwide, then 454 Million+ Websites are active and Using the WordPress platform. 


After reading this article, I hope you’ll better understand WordPress and How big this Platform is. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details about WordPress and the top 23 stats and facts you need to know about WordPress for better understanding. WordPress is one of the Best and biggest platforms for website building, and no other platform even touches this Platform. WordPress alone powers Millions of Websites on the Internet and covers 64.8% Share and that’s the real Amazing Fact that you need to know about WordPress. 

After reading all the Facts and detail about WordPress – We’ve listed some most asked qns so that if you’ve any doubt will be clear. And definitely, the demand for WordPress keeps growing as per user’s needs because as we all face COVID and this time Business switches to an online presence that’s why Using WordPress is in demand for a long time. After a few years, there are many more new Changes and updates you’ll get in WordPress, and millions of new users are coming to use.

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