If you’re looking for a Best WordPress Directory Plugin that helps you to manage lists for your WordPress website, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve Handpicked the 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins for your WordPress website – all features, benefits, Pricing Plans, and which one is best for you. 

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

These 7 Plugins are very advanced and come with amazing features that help you do many things with Automation for your WordPress website. After reading this article, I’m sure you can pick the best directory Plugin for your website to fulfill your requirements. 

So without wasting a second, Let’s Review!

What Is WordPress Directory Plugins?

These Plugins can help you do so many changes and adjustments, and the directory plays a major role in managing things. That’s why this directory Plugin is so helpful for your website. 

If you want to create a directory, these Plugins come with so many features that help you manage everything. You can Design a simple, easy-to-find database directory for your WordPress website. And when you use these Plugins, then you’ll see more amazing features in these Plugins. 

Key Features When Choosing A Best WordPress Directory Plugin For Your Website

That’s the very important part, where you need to be well Clear about your directory requirements. So that you can pick the best directory Plugin for your website, that’s why we’ve listed some important factors that you need to consider while selecting a directory Plugin for your website. Because if you’re spending time or money, you need to pick the best one that gives you the best results. 

Let’s see some major factors to consider while selecting a plugin!

Payment Gateway Options

You need to consider this factor because having a payment gateway is a must if you’re running an online directory. But you need to find the best payment gateways that come with so many options so that you’ll not face any issues. And you’ll not lose your money because of fewer payment methods. This is the most important factor you need to consider while selecting the best plugin for your WordPress website.

Customizable Form Fields

Make sure whatever Plugin you’ve picked, it’s Customizable. Because Every field has different requirements, and if you don’t find one for your field, you can customize and make it your field. That’s why having this feature can help you to make this Plugin more amazing. 

Media Support

As per research, most people don’t List their business because they don’t have the option to upload media files like logos and many more. That’s why this plugin is really useful and must have a directory Plugin if they want to list business. So make sure while selecting a plugin, this feature is available.  

Monetization Options

While creating a Directory website, ensure you have a plan for how to Monetize your website to make money. That’s why you need to see monetization Options in your directory Plugins that help you make more money. And this is the core of your website. Whatever plugin you’ve selected, first find how many monetization methods are available in your plugin. 

User-friendly Interface

Nothing is working if your interface is not good. Because no one can list their details, business if the interface is not good, that’s why you need to keep an eye on these factors because everything depends on this. Your Money, your Growth, your website, and most of the things depends on what your interface looks like. Make sure it’s easy to use this directory Plugin. When you use these Plugins, you can experience which plugin gives you the most amazing user interface that engages more users. 

Your Directory website directly links with your user-friendly interface. So make sure your website is Eye-catching, User-friendly, and Easy to use for anyone. 

And there are many other major factors you need to consider while selecting the best plugin for your WordPress website, like (Customer interaction, listing modifications, Shortcodes, and many more) to consider while selecting a directory Plugin. 

Now It’s Time To See The Seven Best WordPress Directory Plugins For Your Website!

#1 Directors (Business Directory Plugin)

Directors- 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

WPWax developed it. Directors are the most amazing and Popular directory Plugin used by most WordPress users. Using this plugin for the directory is so easy, and it comes with so many amazing features that help you manage your directory. With this plugin, you can create directories based on categories, locations, interests, and many other factors. You can make an advanced directory and Easily Manage it with this Plugin. 

We’ve listed this plugin to the top, and the reason is because of its Compatibility. For WordPress user’s this Plugin works with any Theme like – Astra, Divi, Avada, and many more. Also, it comes with a CSV Bulk importer. This plugin is so advanced and comes with 25+ Elementor Widgets, Shortcodes, Reviews, and ratings. Everything is needed in the directories listed in this Plugin. As per the user’s review – this is a must-have Plugin in the Market. 

The main reason for its popularity is User-friendly Interface, Fully Customizable, Responsive, and so many advanced features that help you create more professional and easy-to-use plugins. And if you’re a beginner, no worries because its team Support is quickly responsive and solves your problem in minutes. That’s why using this tool is so helpful for you. 

This directory Plugin supports Yoast SEO and comes with an SEO Optimization system, and if you’re not satisfied with its features, you can add more features to this directory. 

Top Features of Directors

● You don’t need to learn any technical knowledge to use this Plugin to create a directory

● It’s so Easy to Use this plugin to build Directories.

● Comes with User-friendly Interface

● Also, offer Unlimited Custom fields for each listing.

● And it comes with Basic Monetization features like paid listing, claims to list, pay per submission program.

● It is compatible with Yoast SEO, and it is an SEO-optimized system.

● It comes with a Feature of CSV Bulk Importer.

#2 HivePress

 HivePress -7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

If you want to build a Directory, you can also consider this plugin because this Plugin helps you create a directory in almost any niche like – Business, Real Estate, Jobs, Restaurants, and almost any niche you want to create Directories. HivePress can help you to Design Easily.

HivePress comes with all necessary features required to create a Beautiful, Responsive listing style or any style directory for any purpose. You can use this plugin to get a better Directory. 

And it’s a Completely Free tool, but the Features you’ll get in this tool are more premium that help you design more amazing directories. Its main Focus to create Directories means whatever you need in your directory it will be given in this plugin so that you can create a directory as per your requirements. This plugin comes with its own free and paid extension that helps you extend your directory Features, and you can do a lot more editing in this tool. 

Some amazing features that you can use in your Directory like – Facebook or Google login, Users can add a list by giving heart, Private message enabling, Geolocation for listing, reviews/ratings, and so many advanced features that must be in the directory. 

I suggest you try with its free Features because they are also useful, but if you’re getting results and want to extend more then, it’s time to use HivePress premium features to get better results. 

Top Features of HivePress

● It comes with custom post types and fields

● Because of YouTube Integration, you can add photos and videos to the directory.

● You can set up Email notifications.

● Enable private messaging system

● For Monetization, you can do paid listing.

● It also comes with a Social login system.

#3 GeoDirectory

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

GeoDirectory called itself the best WordPress Directory Plugin, and I’m sure if they’re promising, there’s a reason behind it. With this plugin, you can create location-based directories – Yes, with its location-based Directories, you can create Directories for streets, cities, or anywhere. 

And if you’re using WordPress Page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, or any other, then it’s also Compatible with GeoDirectory. If we talk about plugins – It’s Easy to use, lightweight comes with advanced features, is User-friendly, and has fully customizable Features to create a useful directory for your requirements. 

Also, if you want to Extend Features in this directory, then yes, you can. There are so many premium features like – Extend business hours display, custom email Templates, a listing system, and many more that help you design a more useful Directory. 

With this Plugin, you can convert your whole Website theme into a fast, reliable – directory that helps you design a more powerful directory in almost any Niche. You can go with its free Features, and later, if you’re getting desired results and want to grow, you can add some premium add-on. 

Top Features of GeoDirectory

● It comes with a Drag and drops editor where you can submit a listing and edit it 

● There are 13 types of fields to build your form. 

● This plugin comes with 15 Widgets and some Shortcodes.

● Integrate with Google Analytics to show some statistics

● Also Compatible with Multisite

● It’s completely free to use the tool but also comes with paid Add-on.

#4 Connections Business Directory

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

We’ve discussed more Directories, but now we’ve something special, a Directory Plugin mainly used for people management systems. Because many local businesses want to manage via the directory, and with the help of this plugin, they can easily manage people.

With the help of this Plugin, you can manage your Address book, your staff members’ directory, website, and many more Things Manage by this Plugin.  

Many users use this Plugin for physical businesses. Because it comes with all the necessary features to create a directory for physical businesses, if you’re running a physical business, I suggest you go with this Plugin. You’ll get all the necessary features for your directory. And if you want to add some other premium features like Previous plugins, it’s open to Extend more and add more features as per your requirements. It comes with both versions, free or paid, you can select as per your requirements. 

Top Features of Connection Business Directory

● It’s completely free to use this tool, but for more features, you can add some paid Extensions

● This plugin comes with many premium templates that you can use for the directory.

● So many Things are managed by this plugin.

● It comes with Amazing Support for the local business directory.

#5 Sabai Directory Plugin

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

Sabai Directory Plugin is the most affordable and Best plugin for directory purposes. And it comes with a one-time payment of only $29. And you can take advantage of all premium features in one place to create Directories. When you see this plugin’s reviews and ratings, you’ll see many happy customers who are using this plugin. This plugin is used to create any directory like – businesses, restaurants, stores, and many other things. Also, it integrates with Google maps that help you to build location-based Directories.

It is one of the best directory Plugins for WordPress Users. It comes with Advanced Features, an affordable price, a User-friendly Interface, and many more. So if you want to try this plugin, then it’s a Green Signal you can use for your work Requirements. 

Top Features of Sabai Directory Plugin

● It’s a one-time fee plugin that comes with premium features

● Using this plugin is Simple and Easy to use

● You can add a Paid listing feature to monetize your Directory.

● You have the option to pick from 16 Google Maps styles.

#6 Web 2.0 Directory Plugin

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

It’s a Solution-oriented plugin for those who want to build Directories. It’s quite more advanced than any other Plugin we’ve discussed previously. And it comes for $34. Yes, it’s higher, but the Features, Support, and Customization you can do with this tool change your mind to yes, it’s worth it to ask this price for this tool. Its map is so interactive and easy to use Plugin to make Directory. 

If you want to create a directory, then with the help of its Editing feature, customization Features, and payment method, you’ll consider this tool for your work Requirements. Web 2.0 Directory you can connect with PayPal and WooCommerce, YouTube and Google platform easily. Because of YouTube Integration, you can add images and videos to your Directory listing. 

Another reason for its Popularity is payment gateways to collect Money. Suppose you want a serious and dedicated payment method. In that case, there’s nothing better than using this plugin because you’ll get so many ways to get money like – recurring, activations, renewals, upgrades, downgrades, listing, and many more Things. So it’s completely based on your requirements, but it’s an Advanced Plugin for the directory. 

Top Features of Web 2.0

● It comes with a One-time fee of $34 and six months of active Support

● You can link this plugin with WooCommerce and PayPal.

● It comes with Reviews and a rating system.

● You can add videos to your directory through YouTube and Vimeo.

● Visitors can also Export the pdf of the listing.

#7 LDD Directory Lite

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins For WordPress Websites

Suppose you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use plugin that helps you create a directory quickly then. LDD Directory Lite tool you can consider to convert your website into the directory. It’s a very easy-to-use plugin but Useful because you can integrate with social sharing, logins, import/export, reviews, and ratings. This Plugin comes with all the necessary features that you need to create a Director for your requirements. 

The best part is, you can do so many Automations with this Plugin so that it’s easier to use, a lightweight and powerful plugin for directory purposes. And if you want to do some customization, this plugin comes with so many customization features that you can edit as per your requirements. Using this tool feels like a more modern type of Plugin that has all things for your directory and manages your directory website. 

Top Features of LDD Directory

● It’s a completely Free tool to Use for directory purpose

● So easy to use tool

● You can create a directory quickly by using Shortcodes.

● You can integrate with social media platforms and Google Maps.

● You can customize email notifications and maintain a listing.

Final Verdict

As we’ve seen, the top 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins that help you to create Directories. All plugins come with their Uniqueness and features. Now it depends on your Requirements which type of directory Plugin you want. That’s why we’ve listed all these 7 Plugins with their Features and Uniqueness.

So First, understand your work Requirements, what exactly type of Directory Plugin you’re looking for, and then you can review all these Plugins and find the best Plugin that Fulfills all your requirements. But if you’re still confused, let me help you by asking some questions that clear your mind to pick the best plugin. 

✓ What is the Potential Traffic of your website?

✓ How many locations are needed for this directory?

✓ How Customizable does each page need?

✓ Do you need extra features like Automations, SEO, chat boxes, etc.?

When you ask these questions, you’ll understand your requirements, and then you can match them with these plugins. Drop your comment and let me know which directory Plugin you’ve picked?

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development