There are tons of ways to Build Beautiful and Eye-catching Websites without doing Coding – You need to know the right platform. In this article, we’ve covered some fantastic Drag and drop WordPress Website Builders that help you build websites quickly. 

Wp Page Builder- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

Using WordPress Website Builders is more useful, More Advanced, More affordable, and more customizable options. So it’s Worth it to build websites on WordPress. 

As we all know, WordPress is just a platform or a Space where websites can be published, but you need to Build & Design a Website, and for this, there are several website builders available to build an Eye-catching WordPress website

So Let’s Review the 8 Best WordPress Website Builders and select the best one for you!

Why Use Drag And Drop WordPress Website Builders?

As I said, it’s a Drag and Drop WordPress website builder which means you can pick and drop elements in your Website, and the Main thing is you don’t need to know even the basics of coding to build a website.

It’s a Complete Drag and drop website builder, which means you need to pick a theme and edit it. And your Website is ready to launch.

WordPress is a far better option because if you don’t know how to code and want a Website, it is better than a Website Builder. After all, it’s as easy as using Computer. 

Even a Kid can Design and build a website by using WordPress website builder. It’s not a Basic website builder – with WordPress Website Builders, you can do more than a coding website, which means you can unlock almost all possibilities of Designing your Website. With these builders, you can build a High-quality and Professional Website.

Let me give you a Clear example – If you want to code a website, it’s complicated and time-consuming for you to Design a Website or its Elements. But WordPress has pre-made elements that you can pick and insert like Timer. If you want to build a Timer through coding, then it’ll take a considerable time, but WordPress already has a prebuilt timer you can pick and insert. And that’s why using WordPress website builder is more profitable. 

So now you understand better why we need to Pick Drag and drop website builders and how it’s helpful! Let’s see 8 best WordPress Websites, Builders:

1 Elementor

Elementor- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

Elementor is one of the Best WordPress website builders in the market. It’s a complete Drag and drops website builder, and Most WordPress users preferred only Elementor to Design a Website because it’s a Very High Professional tool and Easy to use. 

You can drag and drop elements on your Blank page, and your Website is ready to launch. You can almost do anything in Elementor like basic editing – adding Text, Colors, Images, Videos to Advance level of adding Slider, Graphics, Elements, Icons, Integrate Social media accounts, Timer, Chat support, and many more other advanced features can quickly be done by using Elementor. 

And don’t worry if you think you need to start from Scratch because tons of templates are available in Elementor. You can choose based on your interest and edit after selection, and your Website is ready to launch. 

Elementor Pricing starts at $49 for a single site.

In Short:

● You can Design a Beautiful website with its Free Version also with all Templates, Elements.

● Its Paid plan starts at $49 for one site.

● Using Elementor is enough for your Website no need to add other plugins.

● 26+ Elements, Widgets, Tools available to make your Website more attractive

● You can translate your Website into so many languages.

● It’s a Complete Drag and drop Tool to Design a Website easily.

2 Beaver Builder

Beaver builder- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

This is the Best Alternative for Elementor, where you’ll get all features to build a website that you’ll get in Elementor. But this is highly in demand nowadays – because of its fantastic collection of widgets, Elements, and Beautiful Pre-design Templates Users love to use Beaver for website designing. 

But its collection of Pre-design Templates is less valuable. You can do almost anything to build a website beautifully, but there are some limitations in editing the Header and footer only. 

Beaver is not offering any free plan, but you can take a demo to experience the Features of using this Tool. 

Overall it’s Good to Design a WordPress website with its amazing and Useful Features, but it lacks somewhere, so if you want full customization, you can prefer another tool.

In Short:

● Because of the Real-time feature, you can do editing immediately without waiting for changes 

● Best for WooCommerce website

● So many Templates, Graphics, Elements, and Elements to add to your Website

● Easy to build a website with its Drag and drop feature

● After Designing a beautiful Website, you can save it for reuse.

3 SeedProd

Seedprod- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

A premium tool for Website building for WordPress is SeedProd. Its Drag and Drop feature is so easy and comfortable that you can quickly think more creatively and build your Website without having any technical issues. 

In the Market, SeedProd is taking the place of the best WordPress website builder, and the reason is in Speed and ease of use. 

Well, this Tool offers 100+ Eye-catching Templates for your Website so that you can create websites easily because these templates are completely Customizable by using the Drag and drop feature.

Not even a Single code is needed to build this Website – a Complete code-free website you can build with this Tool. 

There are many types of Prebuilt Templates available, like landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar Registration pages, coming soon pages, 404 pages, and many more valuable pages. 

It’s a Very Advanced and Smart tool that focuses on users building a beautiful website quickly. With templates, Tools for editing, SeedProd also comes with pre-built elements like – Timer, Calendar, Social profile, Forums, buttons, and many more prebuilt elements so that you can pick easily and Design your Website. 

It’s built for Speed, anyone can quickly Build websites with this Tool much faster than any other tool. 

SeedProd works perfectly with WordPress and gives you excellent results based on powerful themes and plugins. It’s more accessible to Design a website. Also, this tool allows you to integrate with Third-Party applications – Email Marketing services (MailChimp, Active Campaign, Convert kit, etc.)

SeedProd has one million+ user using this Tool for website designing. 

SeedProd pricing starts at $39.50 for a single site license. 

In Short:

● It’s a Drag and drops feature tool that helps you to Design a website easily

● So many Templates with Different categories to Design Website

● Real-time preview available

● 100+ Templates available with full customization

4 Divi

Divi- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

If you’re looking for a Small – Simple, and Easy to use Website Builder, then Divi is the best tool for you. It comes with 20+ Pre Built Templates for Different Niches, and you can pick the best templates for your Website. 

For Beginners or those who want to gain experience in building websites using Drag and drop then, Divi can help you build websites and think more creatively. You don’t need to do the coding – your main role is to think more creatively and Design more beautiful websites. 

You can start from scratch or pick a template and edit it. Divi gives you complete customization options so that you’ll build a Better website. If you’re using Prebuilt Templates, then you can Design anything in minutes. 

Divi also gives you the option to Export your Website and import it into another Divi Account easily. 

Divi Comes with a Bundle pack where you’ll get so many things – Divi themes, Divi Page builder plugin, and other Elegant Themes. 

Divi Pricing Plan that costs $89 per year.

In Short:

● Divi is also known as one of the largest libraries of Website Elements

● Eye-catching templates are available for you. 

● It’s Easy to Use because of the Drag and drop feature.

● You can Duplicate, Disable and Lock items easily with this Tool.

● You’ll get a Unique Feature, “Collapse,” to clear a less cluttered area.

● The best feature is You can do unlimited Undos and Redos so that you can’t miss anything. Important

5 Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composar- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

If you want to increase your Creativity, have more Flexibility, and be Easier to Design a Website, this tool is fantastic. 

You can use this builder as a Toy to build your Website Easily. Because of its Fast performance, Tons of Eye-catching Templates, So easy to use Tools Interface, this builder is a fantastic tool with advanced features. 

Even if you’re a Beginner or using this builder for the first time, you can still design a website quickly because it comes with a Drag-and-drop feature. That’s so easy to use – you need to pick elements, templates, graphics, and insert them on a blank page to build your Website. 

This is an advanced tool that we’ve discussed because you can edit almost anything like Website, Website Element, Icons, Graphics, header, footer, and more with this Builder. You’ll get the option to do Detailed Editing on your Website so that you can Design your desired Website. 

You’ll get many eye-catching options for editing like Adding Background, Gradient, slideshow, carousel, zoom in/out, video, Graphics Editing, and many more features that help you design a website. And so many Third-Party applications Support like – Yoast SEO, Google fonts, Gutenberg Editor, and many more. 

Visual Composer Website Builder Pricing Plan Cost $59 for a single License.

In Short:

● It comes with a Simple Drag and drops feature to Design Website

● It cost $59 only.

● You can even hide elements and add them later. 

● No technical knowledge is required to build this Website. It’s so easy to build

6 Thrive Architect

Thrive Theme- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

The Most beautiful, User-friendly, and best for Beginners website building tool thrives Architect. As you know, the popular name Thrive Theme for WordPress they’ve built this tool for website building. It’s an Advanced and Just recently launched Tool for website building. 

This Tool can Fulfil all the requirements you’re looking for in a Website. Because this Tool comes with 250+ WordPress themes, and all Themes cover Different niches so you can easily pick the best one for your Website. 

There is nothing easier than using this tool to build a website. Its Options are so easy to use, and without any single code, You can ready the Website. And all 250+ Templates are Fully Customizable which means you can easily edit from Scratch and edit as per your requirements. 

So many Creative things you can do with Website Builder. I’ve personally used this tool to build landing pages and websites, and I enjoyed it most because it’s really easy to use, and my mind thinks more Creative to design a website. Its Users highly recommended this Tool. If you’re a beginner and want a fantastic experience, then using Thrive Architect is best. And mostly you should use its pre-built template because it’s really useful and Eye-catching. 

In Short:

● It’s So Easy to Use this Tool because of Drag and drop feature

● 250+ Eye-catching Templates in different categories available with full customization

● Best suitable for WordPress

● It Integrates with third-party Platforms easily.

● You can even create a Sales Funnel with this Builder.

7 Themify Builder

Themify Builder- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

As per name implies, if you want some fantastic Themes suggestions for your Website, like eye-catching themes that you can pick – edit, and your Website is ready, then Themify is the best option for you. 

It’s a Very popular WordPress website builder that you can select to Design a website. All these themes in Themify are easily supported by WordPress, and all are Fully Customizable so that you can edit as per your requirements. 

You’ll get 40+ Pre-design Templates in many different niches like – Gym, restaurant, Portfolio, Music, Photography, Online Store, and many more. 

Because of so many different niche themes available, it’s easy for you to Design a website in minutes. 

Everything will be done with Automation – in one click, your selected themes install on your page, and then you’ll see tools to edit it and build as per your requirements fully. 

Themify Builder costs $39 Comes with a core Plugin for free.

In Short:

● Its Free version alone Comes with so many features that you didn’t find in other paid plans 

● Its paid plan is also Affordable and Worth it.

● In this Tool, you’ll get 60+ Eye-catching Layouts and animation Effects.

● You can even hide elements and add them later based on devices.

● If you know some basics of CSS, then you can even edit more advanced ones.

8 GeneratePress

Generate Press- 8 WordPress Page Builder That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

Well, if you know about this, you think it’s a Theme Yes, but it’s also a Page builder – For Beginners, GeneratePress can be the best start of using the drag and drop feature. 

If you’re a beginner in blogging, developer and want to build a website quickly, then give it a try to the GeneratePress tool because it’s a fantastic tool for Website building. It’s a Drag and drop feature; that’s why using this Tool is easier. 

Let me tell you – GeneratePress is a Theme, the most beautiful, highly recommended, and best suitable WordPress theme that most bloggers use for their Websites. Because it’s a Lightweight, Simple, Clean, and Free WordPress theme that can be used as a landing page, blogging purpose, business website, Sales page, and many more. 

It’s such a modern and Eye-catching website theme that I’m sure you’ll find a reason to use this theme on your Website. And yes, it performs very Fast. So you can Design any website Quickly by using GeneratePress. 

In Short:

● GeneratePress is the Most Beautiful and Powerful theme you can use and build websites in minutes

● You can use this theme for Absolutely free, but for some Updates, you can go with its paid plan that costs $40 for a premium theme and 14 modules.

● It’s More than a Drag and drops feature because you can do so much Customization and Add-on to your website using GeneratePress.

● You can build an Eye-catching, Well-optimized, High-speed website quickly by using this Tool.

These are the Best 8 Website building platforms for WordPress that you can consider for quickly building an eye-catching and powerful website. 


In this article, we’ve covered the 8 Best WordPress website builders that you can use to build an Eye-catching website Easily. They are Drag and drop Website Builders, so you don’t need to know even Basic coding. 

We’ve covered In-depth Details, comparisons, and features of all Website Builders. We’ve positioned this builder so that you can check which one is at the top. 

And I hope after reading this article you’ll find the best WordPress website builder that you can use to build your Website. 

And if you’re in confusion then let me clear quickly:

If you want a tool with so many features and Paid plan, then go with: Divi, Beaver, Elementor.

If you want a quick and simple website builder: GeneratePress

If you want free Website Builder: Elementor, Thrive Architect.

If you want a Powerful and Support CSS for advanced editing: Divi, Themify, Visual Composer.

I hope this helps you to choose the best WordPress website builder for your Website. 

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development