WordPress and ReactJs are both open to using anytime, anywhere. Most of the developers and business owners use this platform together for a purpose.

Benefits Of Using WordPress With ReactJs

Many people are taking advantage of using WordPress and ReactJs for web and app development. Both platforms are so popular and so useful for the development process. ReactJs is an open-source platform used to build interfaces to build web & mobile apps. In ReactJs, you’ll get prebuilt functions, Elements, and codes that you can use to develop any web or mobile application.

The biggest benefit of using ReactJs is saving a lot of time and energy by using prebuilt functions. On the other hand, the reason behind using WordPress is that it’s easy to use ReactJs. WordPress is a platform to develop WordPress websites and for development.

Both platforms come with their Uniqueness and features. And when users use both platforms together to get double benefits to build mobile and web apps. If you want to know more about both platforms and the benefits of using WordPress with ReactJs, then keep reading this article because we’ve covered everything you need to know about WordPress and the ReactJs platform.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What Is ReactJs?

It is one of the most popular and best technologies. Using ReactJs, you can build a front-end with its effective tools and Flexibility to make the front-end more attractive and eye-catching for any Application because ReactJs has a javascript library. The biggest reason for using this technology is to build a user-friendly interface that engages visitors to spend more time on applications.

This is the most powerful language, and many Giant companies are using ReactJs for their apps like Netflix, Facebook, UberEats, Atlassian, and many other companies using this technology and growing rapidly. Developers always prefer ReactJs for Front-end development because of its libraries and easy-to-use language.

In ReactJs, two leading web development Frameworks are NextJs and GatsbyJS Frameworks. Both frameworks are young, sleek, amazing, and useful for the development process. But the major difference between NextJs and GatsbyJS WordPress is that they have separated the website content management system from the front-end. The term separated content management system is known as “headless CMS.”

Why Select ReactJs For App Development?

The reason behind using ReactJs for app development we’ve given below:

●    Easy to create Dynamic Web Applications: Developers want to build a dynamic application, and ReactJs helps developers build a powerful and dynamic application without any coding issues. ReactJs solves every developer’s issue by providing prebuilt functions to save time and energy and build applications faster. ReactJs supports the building of Machine-readable codes. 

●    Reusable Components: This reacts js web app is built with multiple components. The benefit of selecting reactjs is that you can reuse these components for application development without putting more effort into recreating these functions. Developers understand the benefits of using prebuilt functions instead of recreating codes. It’s so easy to build apps by using reusable Components. 

●    Performance Enhancement: ReactJs comes with so many benefits that it is not easy to digest, but it’s true. Developers using ReactJs to improve application performance. Whatever app builds via ReactJs works faster and performs well because ReactJs comes with Virtual DOM that improves the performance of apps. Developers using ReactJs to build high-performance applications. 

●    Inherent Advantages of JavaScript Library: React.Js is highly recommended by developers, and the biggest reason is its library. Reactjs has a rich JavaScript library that every developer wants because it helps build applications quickly without putting in any effort. Developers build an application as per their preference without any limitations. 

ReactJs: Pros & Cons

ReactJs: Pros & Cons- Benefits Of Using WordPress With ReactJs


● It’s so easy to learn and use this language for development

● You can create a dynamic Webapp faster.

● It has reusable content.

● Comes with performance enhancement

● It’s SEO friendly

● Comes with a big javascript library

● A Virtual DOM is used.

● Comes with a one-way data flow


● It has improper documentation

● JSX as a barrier

● The high pace of development

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most powerful and popular building platform. Where you can build any website, mobile app, blog website, or e-commerce, it’s so easy to design an Eye-catching and beautiful website by using wordpress. There are so many powerful WordPress themes and plugins available. 

It’s an open-Source content management system (CMS). It helps you build a powerful website or application quickly. A few years ago, wordPress was mainly used for blogging purposes only. But nowadays, WordPress is worldwide popular for web development. All over the internet, WordPress powers 40% of websites, and it’s a huge number.

Why Select WordPress For Application Development?

The reason behind using WordPress for app development is based on four major factors given below:

● Extensive Support: WordPress comes with a huge community ready to support whenever any developer needs it. The WordPress community is vibrant, open-source, and helps many developers.

● Security: One of the major concerns for developers is security. Developers can build a powerful app with high-security updates that protect applications. And WordPress is highly recommended for security purposes. WordPress comes with a dedicated support team with instant response. And resolve your queries in minutes.

● That immediately helps you to resolve any technical queries quickly.

● SEO-friendly CMS: WordPress is one of the best SEO-friendly CMS and best for the development process. By using WordPress for development, developers get some extra benefits. 

WordPress: Pros & Cons

WordPress: Pros & Cons- Benefits Of Using WordPress With ReactJs


● Comes with user-friendly CMS

● Drag and drop feature

● It has powerful plugins.

● Millions of Templates are available.

● SEO friendly platform

● Comes with mobile responsive

● It’s an open-Source Platform.

● Best for e-commerce websites

● Allows Third-Party Integrations

● We’ll organize the dashboard.

● Team collaboration Feature


● Website Vulnerability

● Comes with frequent updates

● Sometimes it affects speed.

WordPress & ReactJs 

If you’re building an app for mobile or web on WordPress, then using ReactJs can level up your work. You can build your application much faster. Most people now use both platforms together and build the most powerful application. The biggest reason is Flexibility. Now developers are using modern technology and ReactJs for a powerful Front-end. A completely innovative approach comes by using both platforms. 

ReactJs allows the use of Virtual DOM to develop apps for WordPress. Using this technology with WordPress comes with powerful results. That’s why nowadays, most people use both Platforms together to build web or mobile apps. 

What Is The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Using ReactJs And WordPress Together?

Most developers find that using ReactJs and WordPress Comes with so many benefits and builds applications more effectively. We’ve discussed some main reasons for using these platforms together:

#1 Component-Based Structure

ReactJs, the component-based structure of ReactJs, allows developers to design a simple, easy-to-use, and complex free user interface. Developers are using these platforms together to develop, structure, maintain, update and test quickly. The less complexity comes with less time for development. And these issues ReactJs solve in many parts for faster development. 

#2 Smaller Learning Graph

JavaScript is a highly recommended programming language, and it’s so easy to learn this language. For developers learning a new programming language is a challenge, but ReactJs is quite easy to learn, and anyone can learn this programming language. This technology is highly advanced and mainly used for development.

#3 Swift Development

The App development process always takes time, but after using WordPress and ReactJs together, the speed of development increases. Both platforms come with so many amazing features to build powerful applications.

#4 Speedy Apps

Those applications which are built on ReactJs are usually faster and rendered quickly. That’s why the performance and speed of the application are quite faster after using both platforms.

Now it’s time to see the biggest benefits and drawbacks of using both platforms together for development:

Benefits Of Using WordPress With Reactjs: 

Benefit #1 Allows You To Reuse Codes

The biggest benefit of using ReactJs with WordPress is to reuse existing components without writing codes again. This feature increases the productivity of the development process. And it doesn’t affect other components. When developers already create some components, then using ReactJs, they can use the same code for different purposes, and it increases productivity. 

Benefit #2 Easy To Write

Those developers who have experience writing HTML codes can understand the benefits of using ReactJs and WordPress to build apps without putting effort. In JavaScript libraries, developers get all necessary prebuilt codes and are easy to implement in a development application. It’s completely flexible to write, implement and update as per requirement. That’s why using ReactJs with WordPress helps developers to write codes easily. 

Benefit #3 Faster Speed

Most of the developers agree that using ReactJs and WordPress helps to build applications faster. Reactjs has a javascript library, and WordPress is a platform with a drag and drops feature that helps build apps quickly. And the reason behind the increased speed of development, React rendering, is that the first and fifteenth process together reduces the time for processing and faster development. Redux is one of the most amazing features of ReactJs to enhance the speed of app development. 

Benefit #4 Separate Data & Presentation

ReactJs comes with a completely separate data and presentation on the WordPress platform. When you’re using both Platforms together, you’ll store maximum data in the Redux store to provide the best results, and if you lose any data, you can go into react state. Both platforms allow developers to use Separate Data and presentation so that it’s easy to handle data without any issues.

Benefit #5 Simple Framework

WordPress Developers use reactjs only because it’s easier to use for app development. Its framework is more popular because it’s easy to use and helps you to create advanced apps for any purpose. 

Benefit #6 Easy To Learn 

Developers’ biggest challenge is to learn any new programming language, but ReactJs is so easy to learn languages and many developers quickly learn this language for development. If you’re a developer and know basic HTML & CSS, it’s easier to learn ReactJs programming language. 

Benefit #7 React Development Have Awesome Community

It’s important to have a community and react development has a strong Community. Many developers, consumers, experts build a strong Community and use framework. As we all know, ReactJs is developed by Facebook and many giant Companies like DropBox, Alipay, Netflix, Reddit, and many more using reactjs for development. 

Benefit #8 ReactJs Is Not A Framework

As we’ve discussed, reactjs is not a framework, and it’s a library that comes with many pre-built functions and UI Components. ReactJs has an associated library called ReactDOM that comes with so many benefits. It has a Redux library to store data. 

Benefits and Drawbacks WordPress With ReactJs

Drawbacks Of Using WordPress With ReactJs:

Drawback #1 Encourage Build Tool

ReactJs community highly recommends building tools to build front-end apps. You need to participate in the “package.json” file for the simplest application. For build tools, browser and webpack-dev-server are important to build a command-line interface without any unnecessary complications. 

Drawback #2 Prohibited Licensing

If you want your application safe, error-free, and completely upgraded with the latest features, then it’s the best option to select licensed software. WordPress allows you to work with reactjs and knows restrictive licensing. 

Drawback #3 ReactJs Is Under Development

ReactJs is still under development and sometimes faces many issues when any updates roll out. ReactJs comes every month, and it’s quite difficult because later new updates come with new challenges that need to be resolved in the application. 

Let’s See A Quickly Comparison Between WordPress And ReactJs

WordPress ReactJs
It’s written in PHP It’s written in JavaScript
It’s based on WP Engine It’s based on the JavaScriptCore engine
Its installation is so easy in a few clicks Its installation is quite tough and complicated
SEO is efficient in WordPress SEO is subpar for reactjs
Hosting on WordPress is cheaper Hosting on Reactjs is expensive
WordPress is user-friendly ReactJs is not User-friendly
It has a lack of themes and Design options Reactjs have so many design options available
WordPress does not require any Additional modules or libraries to run But reactjs required modules and libraries to run

Final Verdict

WordPress Developers have a wide variety of Frameworks for app development. Still, Reactjs is quite popular nowadays, and developers use this combination to build Powerful, attractive, and user-friendly applications with high performance. There are so many benefits developers get after using both platforms together. And we’ve covered all the major benefits of using both platforms. We hope now you understand the importance of using WordPress with ReactJs and the benefits of using both platforms together. Now it’s your turn to use both platforms for building a Powerful application. 

Here’s a quick summary of using WordPress with ReactJs and the benefits you’ll get:

● ReactJs is easy to learn and Write

● These components are reusable.

● Data and presentation are separated.

● It takes less time for rendering.

● Comes with strong ReactJs Community

Frequently Asked Qns

Q – Why Should I Use React With WordPress?

Most of the developers who want to build a powerful and eye-catching front-end prefer the ReactJs programming language. The reason behind using ReactJs is that it improves the structure of the application and makes it easier. REDUX can render essential components so that they can be reused in the application. 

Q – Can You Use ReactJs With WordPress?

After reading this article, we hope you’ll understand that we can use reactjs with WordPress. Using it together for building apps comes with many benefits, as we’ve covered in this article because ReactJs helps handle the front-end development of apps. 

Q – Is WordPress Better Than ReactJs?

WordPress comes with higher vulnerabilities to security threats. That’s why ReactJs is more secure. 

Q – Can I Deploy React App On WordPress?

Yes, you can easily host your react app and WordPress Separately.

Q – Who Should Use WordPress?

Anyone can use WordPress; there are no limitations for anyone. If you want to build a website or application, WordPress is open for you to build beautifully.

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