If you want to start your career in Blogging, the first main thing you need to choose is a platform. And I’m sure if we talk about platforms, only two names come to your mind, i.e., Blogger or WordPress. Which one is best? 

Blogger Vs WordPress: Key Differences With Pros And Cons

Because both are really amazing and highly demanded platforms to do Blogging, both platforms come with their Uniqueness. And if you’re confused between both platforms, then after reading this article, you’ll have a clear picture of both platforms and which one is best for you.

In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details about both platforms – their Features, Uniqueness, Pros & Cons, and which one is best for you.

So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What Is Blogger?

It’s a Most Popular and Free Blogging platform owned by Google. It’s the most easy-to-use and powerful platform to do Blogging. Anyone can start using this tool; you need a Google account to start using this platform. Well, it’s an entirely free platform without any limitations; you can write articles, But the number of static pages is up to 20. 

Using a blogger platform is so easy, and if you’re at the initial stage of your blogging career, then this platform can be helpful for you. You can create blogs and Publish on Google without any cost. And you can create your first subdomain by using blogger. When you start using Blogger, you learn all the basics of doing Blogging and Everything you need to know to do Blogging

Blogger: Pros & Cons


● You’ll get Unlimited Bandwidth to handle lots of traffic

● Easy to use the platform to write & publish Post

● You can Create your Subdomain.

● Allows you to Integrate with Third-Party HTML/JavaScript code

● With one profile, you can create up to 100 Blogs.

● You can invite a maximum of 100 authors.


● It takes 90 days to delete your blog from blogger

● It doesn’t have customer support.

● You can only do basic editing and customization.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Key Differences With Pros And Cons

What Is WordPress?

The world’s most popular platform is WordPress, and in 2021 it’s powering 42% of websites on the Internet. WordPress is a platform where you can create almost any type of Website you want. Some Giant companies like – BBC America, Microsoft, Disney, and much more use the WordPress platform. In 2003 WordPress started as a Blogging platform, but Technologies keep improving, and now WordPress is the best website building platform globally. The best thing is that you can Design a Website in minutes because it comes with a Drag and drops feature, and You’ll also get thousands of Templates for your websites that you can pick, edit, and make your website quickly. 

And the best part is, it’s a Free platform. You don’t need to pay anything to use this platform. It’s an Open-Source Platform for everyone. You can do anything with this Platform. There are no limitations – you can Extend and do some more advanced Designing with WordPress. 

WordPress: Pros & Cons


● It’s so easy to build a Website

● You can Extend Features by using Plugins.

● It’s an SEO-friendly platform that helps you for better ranking.

● Comes with User-friendly Interface

● Also Responsive for all devices

● It’s an Open-Source Platform


● It comes with tons of features that can be overwhelming

● Security is based on you because you need to manage its hosting, Domain, and SSL certificate. 

● If you want to go for some premium features, you need to pay for themes and plugins.

Let’s Compare Both Tools (WordPress Vs Blogger)

#1 Easy To Use

If we talk about both platforms’ usability, both platforms are really easy to use and come with a User-friendly Interface. Even if you’re a Beginner or Visiting first time on both platforms, you can still understand how to use it after spending a few minutes. But if we talk about Blogging, then which platform is easier to do Blogging? Let’s see

Blogger is the most simple and easy-to-use platform to do Blogging. Because you need a Google account only to Create your account on Blogger and start doing Blogging, you’ll see a Process to start your Blogging journey when you sign up for the first time. With the help of its navigation system, you’ll understand quickly how to use the blogger platform. You need to understand first to put Blog Title, Address, and Author name, and when you submit your details, your Dashboard is ready to start doing Blogging.

With a dashboard, you can Manage Everything easily – Publish posts, update, change settings, and do more customization by using Blogger. 

WordPress is quite a more Advanced tool, but it depends on how you want to use this platform. Because you can build the most advanced level website using WordPress, or you can Focus on doing Blogging. And if you’re focusing on Blogging, there are some technical things you need to manage at the initial stage like – Domain and hosting Linking, Theme, and plugin Install in WordPress, and then start working on a blogging website. But don’t worry, the company will automatically do these technical things Like Domain and hosting Linking. In a single click, all your Technical work will be done in one click. 

WordPress has tons of options and features available that may confuse you more. There are so many things required to start using WordPress for Blogging, and you need some must-have blogging plugins to build your Blogging website more advanced. 

#2 Themes & Customizability

Themes and Customization play the most important role in the platform to design a Blogging website based on your requirements. That attracts more Visitors, that’s easy to use, reduces bounce rate, and many more. That’s why you need to pick a playoff that can help you pick the best Themes and allow you to do more customization. Because your Theme directly Affects your website performance. The more Easy use and Eye-catching themes you use, the better results you’ll get. 

The best part of using themes is, you don’t need to build a website from scratch; pick the best one that matches your requirements and then edit it. Your website is ready to do Blogging. Both Platforms come with Themes and Customization; let’s see which one is more beneficial for you.

Blogger comes with two main options, i.e., you can customize your website with a Visual editor or use Simple HTML snippets to edit. If we talk about Visual editor, you can build a website using the Drag and drop feature, but it has Limited features to customize it. 

And if we talk about Templates, you’ll get 12 themes that you can pick to build your blogging website. But most of the themes are for personal blogs. And with its limited Customization, you can’t create an eye-catching website to do Blogging. That’s why you can use its advanced feature for more editing, i.e., Simple HTML & CSS customization. So that with the use of its Advance method you can Design your website with more features. Blogger is ultimately a simple platform with a simple interface. You didn’t get so many eye-catching options and have limited Features to use. You can use some features in Blogger to post a blog, like a Schedule post, Add labels, point map location, disable comments, permalink. And you can integrate with social media platforms to share your content. 

WordPress is entirely different because it comes with tons of customization, 85,000+ WordPress themes, and an Editing feature that helps you design precisely what you’re thinking. 

But as you know, the more features and Templates Available, the more you need to do things, learn things and manage all features and tools. 

But the best part of using WordPress for Blogging is that you can upload Third-Party themes, meaning if you like someone else blogging website, you can copy that Theme and implement it in your website and then edit it as per your requirement your blogging website is ready. 

#3 Marketing & SEO

When you’re Selecting a Platform for your Blogging, make sure it’s an SEO-friendly platform, and you can do marketing so that you can do Blogging and increase your ranking. That’s why you need to understand the use of both platforms and which one can help you do better optimization and ranking.

Bloggers don’t have any tools for marketing purposes. You can’t do any marketing through the blogger platform. But yes, you’ll get the option to use Google analytics to see the real-time stats and analyze your growth. Because the blogger is a Google platform, then you can use all Google tools with blogger. But I suggest you use Google analytics. Just Integrate with your website, and now you can see the Report of your website. 

If we talk about SEO, Blogger is also a good choice because it’s a Google platform. That’s why it helps you increase your ranking and better optimize your website. But it’s an essential SEO optimization that you can do on your website through a blogger platform. 

WordPress again comes with all the necessary tools for marketing and SEO for your website. There are tons of marketing and SEO Plugins available that you need to install the best and use it. The best part is, you can do some advanced level of SEO Optimization in your website through WordPress SEO plugins. That’s why using Plugins for SEO and marketing is the best way to improve your website. 

And also, WordPress is an SEO-friendly website. That’s why it’s more helpful to optimize your website and give you a better ranking on Google. There are so many popular Plugins Available for SEO like – Yoast SEO, AIO SEO, HubSpot, JetPack, and many more plugins.

#4 Monetization

Most people start blogging to make money, and that’s why you need to select a platform based on the best monetization Options, where you’ll get more flexibility and make more profits.

Both Platforms allow monetization, but there are some significant highlights you need to know about both platforms.

Blogger is a Google platform, and you can start making money through Google Adsense. Based on Traffic, you can start making money on Adsense. There are no specific requirements to start using Adsense, but you need to follow Google’s guidelines for eligibility. For example – Adults content can’t be monetized.

And I hope you know about Google Adsense’s policy that you need to earn a minimum of $100 to withdraw with so many methods you can withdraw your money. 

If you’re using Blogger, then it’s time to create an account on Adsense, fill in all the necessary details, and start earning money through your traffic. 

And if you want to multiply your income source, you can integrate with Third-Party platforms and give your ad space for rent. And if you want to place an ad for a Third-Party, you need to use HTML/JavaScript to display ads. 

WordPress is beneficial for those who want to make money in many ways because so many WordPress bloggers are now earning six figures and keep increasing their sources. With WordPress, the most amazing way to earn money is by doing Affiliate marketing. Where you can review any product or service, and you’ll get a commission after purchase. 

There are some Popular affiliate marketing Plugins that you can use in WordPress, i.e., ThirstyAffiliates, AdSanity, and Ultimate Affiliate Pro. Even if you’re a Beginner with the help of these plugins, your affiliate program can easily Manage. 

Else we’ve discussed Previous ways like using Google Adsense or renting your Ad space to Third-Party platforms. But the best part of using WordPress is that you can Automate Almost Everything you want on your website because there are so many Plugins that help you do things with Automation. Some popular Automation plugins like – DoubleClick, Quick Adsense or AdContent Pro, and many more. 

And one more effective way to make money is, Create a Subscription-based website so that you can make money monthly; some best Plugins for Subscription-based like Restrict Content Pro, MemberMouse, and MemberPress.  

#5 Security

Security is the most important factor to consider because if you’ve already spent a year and somehow your website is hacked and all your data lost, then you’ll lose Everything. That’s why you need to keep an eye on security while selecting a platform for your website. 

Both platforms are well known for their security because both are Giant companies, and security is their priority. So let’s see which platform is best and help you deliver the best security for your website. 

Blogger is the safest platform because it’s a Google platform. And you can more secure your blogger Account if you enable the two-factor authentication system. That’s how hard it is to hack your account. 

And the Subdomain Provided by the blogger comes with an SSL certificate so that it’s highly secure. Blogger already comes with its security, so you don’t need to Focus on security issues. 

WordPress gives you more Access to focus on Security, meaning it’s up to you how strong you want to protect your website. You’ll get so many options to secure your website. Also, you can use Third-Party platforms for security purposes. There are so many Advanced plugins available to give you high security, but they’re paid Plugins. So it depends on your requirements. 

#6 Customer Support

For Beginners, it’s hard to handle any platform if they don’t have any technical knowledge. Then only customer support can help you to do things Easily. That’s why having customer support is a must, and you need to pick the platform based on Customer support if you’re a Beginner. 

Because both tools are different, blogger comes with AdSense, and technical things like HTML/CSS that Required Technical Support and WordPress is more advanced in technical things like Domain and Hosting Linking, Integration and SSL Certificate installation, and many more. That’s why you need to pick a platform that comes with Good Support. 

Blogger comes with customer support via forums, and you can ask your queries. And you’ll get some tips and tutorials already in the help section.

WordPress customer support is very active, and you can manage all your Technical things quickly. Also, you can share your tips and solutions with others through its Community forum. 

And it has documentation that covers all your queries. 

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Best?

Both blogging platforms come with their Uniqueness and benefits, and if you want to pick the one, you need to clear your requirements and at which level you want to start your blogging journey. 

But let me help you to understand both tools and which one is best for you.

Use Blogger if you want:

● If you’re a Newbie or beginner

● If you want Easy to Use the platform

● If you don’t want to Focus on more technical things

● If you want a Simple Interface

● If you want a free platform

● if you don’t want to spend on hosting and Domain

● if you want to learn about the blogging field

Use WordPress if you want:

● If you’re ready to make your career in Blogging

● if you’re creative and want to do some advance level work

● if you want to become an expert in the blogging field

● if you want to Design Different types of websites

● if you’re ready to go with paid hosting and Domain

● if you can manage some technical thing’s

I hope after reading this, you can easily understand which platform is best for your work Requirements. 

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development