Off The Shelf E-Commerce Services ‘VS’ Custom E-Commerce Services

The power to choose lies in the hand of the customer. The technology has created a platform to cull the options, anticipating the demands and desires of the purchaser.  One can easily avail the services and product in the form of raw material, semi-furnished goods, and furnished goods.   Accessibility to product has become easier with [...]

How mobile apps increase sales and other m-commerce benefits

Mobile apps used to be a fancy thing by Amazon or Instagram as recently as 3-4 years back. Not anymore. The cost of making apps has dropped down and now there are literally thousands of mobile services of any kind. Including business apps, ecommerce apps, retail apps, etc. Markets and the digital world of today are [...]

7 Reasons How Responsive Design Will Help to Grow Your Business

Almost every article or guide on web design and marketing recommends the responsive design. This style of design is flexible, adaptable, and suitable for modern marketing requirements. If you haven't already implemented it, you should consider this option. There are many reasons why responsive web design is a better alternative to other options available today. We [...]

6 Undeniable Benefits of Choosing HTML5 For App Development

HTML5, the advanced version of HTML, has been the web technology of choice for a long time now. When it comes to mobile application development, HTML5 offers higher flexibility and syntactic features that include elements like audio, video, canvas etc. If you go for HTML5, you no longer have to rely on additional APIs and plugins [...]