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Highlights from Apple’s keynote event 2019

Another keynote event has passed, and this time Apple revealed its latest generation of the iPhone smartphone, aptly named the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The phones were unveiled by the Apple team today and showcased three models, four cameras, a familiar, controversial design and a collection of enhancements and features, all of which — while nothing particularly radical in nature — [...]

Google launches Android Studio 3.5 with improved memory settings, build speed, and Apply Changes

Google today launched Android Studio 3.5, the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE), with a specific focus on “product quality.” This release is the last one under Project Marble, a fancy name for an initiative Google announced late last year to improve Android Studio. For eight months, the team focused “on making the fundamental features and [...]

How to Transform E-commerce Business For Better Sales?

E-commerce business is the latest trend and enterprises are moving from traditional brick-n-mortar store to online store. To make money online, it is a necessity to have an online store and it is the best way to reach the target audience. People also feel convenient buying online by relaxing at their home. However, to generate sales [...]

React Native vs Flutter — Which is preferred for you?

Creating mobile applications have always been a fundamental pillar of the tech industry but having multiple platforms for which different apps need to be developed has been an issue for some time. Apart from having to maintain two teams, one for Android and one for iOS, there’s always a gap between the applications developed as they [...]

SwiftUI is an expressive UI framework for iOS, MacOS, and more

Apple launched its Swift programming language almost five years ago. It was designed to supplant Objective-C with something that’s powerful, expressive, and crucially, as easy for beginners to grasp as Python. While it largely succeeded, one hindrance was the underlying MacOS and iOS APIs, which weren’t nearly as intuitive. Enter SwiftUI, which is Apple’s newest UI [...]

WWDC 2019: Everything Apple announced at its annual developer conference

It’s June, which means it’s time once again for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The annual developer event shifts the focus from hardware to software and services, detailing the best new features in watchOS, tvOS, iOS, and macOS. Occasionally we’ll get a hardware announcement or two, but make no mistake, WWDC is for developers. Here’s everything [...]

Swift vs. Flutter. which one is best for the next generation?

Before we plunge into the depths of the topic, let us understand a bit about both Swift and Flutter. Swift: Swift is a coding language that will enable you to create Native iOS Applications for MacOS and iPhones only. Flutter: Flutter, on the other hand, is an SDK that helps create cross-platform, Mobile applications for iOS [...]

How to Start a Laundry Business in USA

Despite the constant need for clean clothes, many don’t have time to handle this simple task. In fact, laundry is often rated as the least favorite household chore. Given the constant need for clean clothes, this $40 billion dollar industry is a lucrative business to get involved in. If you are thinking about becoming a laundry [...]

How To Ready A Supply Chain For Same-Day Delivery for retail business?

Over half all North American retailers now offer same-day delivery. The reasons for this are clear: According to a 2018 global survey from PwC, 88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day (or faster) delivery. Catering to this demand is highly effective. Retailers that provide same-day delivery can increase sales and conversion rates. This being the case, it’s no surprise [...]

Mobile Apps for Hunters: How to Find the Perfect Area Based On GPS

One of the most important benefits of hunting is the possibility to be completely disconnected. You are alone with your rifle, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and completely focused on the job. Nothing matters anymore, besides the prey and the perfect shot. However, adventuring in the wilderness without a way to orientate is a [...]