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IoT in Healthcare- Applications, Benefits and Challenges

Now is the era where technology is evolving rapidly and changing the face of every sector including food, agriculture and others. Likewise, the healthcare sector has also seen huge progress due to the evolving technology. IoT is the game-changer technology in the healthcare industry. Increase in healthcare and technology, where providers opportunity improves the experience of [...]

How can healthcare mobility reduce hospital management cost?

Mobility apps are the modern world’s business trends that became essential in every field, especially in the healthcare industry. Like in other business models, in healthcare, also having proper management is the first demand. Nothing as compared to mobile apps is best! To enhance management functionalities, healthcare mobility apps offer a wide range of advantages and [...]

Technology In Healthcare For Better Patient Care And Facility

The healthcare and medical industry are progressing rapidly with each passing day. High-tech treatment is available for some of the most critical ailments today. The best thing is that the healthcare industry is using technology in its full potential to ensure the highest standard of patient care and treatment. The implementation of various software tools and [...]

How Online Pharmacies are improving patients’ journey?

Usually, a typical customer’s journey starts with searching a product or services and getting recommendations from friends and family but when it comes to pharmacy, the equation changes completely. In such a case, the journey starts by visiting a doctor who will offer you a detailed prescription. The old and the new journeys of patients!!! Traditionally, [...]

Leading App Categories in Women’s Healthcare Industry That Are Worth Watching While Developing mHealth App.

Your health is your capital your wisdom and should be well preserved. Being healthy and fit isn’t a trend but should be the lifestyle which should be adopted by every woman, their health should be their central focus. Stay strong stay fierce as you have a long way to go. Remember you are never too late [...]

How much does it Cost to Make Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

When it comes to health evolution, the healthcare industry has seen a kind of total turnaround from the methods that were used decades ago to treat medical patients to the last decade where there have been many striking changes including the healthcare applications. The perpetually increasing medical needs have been one of the leading reasons [...]

How Telemedicine Is Transforming Healthcare

Telemedicine is turning out to be the best bet for overcoming distance barriers The field of medicine has grown and evolved with the knowledge humans have of subjects like chemistry, physics, and biology. It was not always good for patients, and some practices were disturbing and dangerous. Since that time, the approach to medicine has turned much more [...]

Health Care Innovation: Harnessing New Technologies To Benefit Patients

The NHS has long been a leader in collecting data, from comprehensive Hospital Episode Statistics to world-class clinical registries – but without necessarily harnessing their full potential. If patients and tax-payers are going to benefit from the advent of digital healthcare, now is the time for the NHS to double-down on delivering this. Understanding the [...]

How Can HealthKit and Google Fit Help You Develop Healthcare and Fitness Apps?

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and is the fastest growing industry in the world. It is shaping itself and discovering new ways to evolve. The healthcare sector is all set to mark up $1.8 by 2018, and the United States the healthcare consumes 17.9 percent of the total GDP, being the highest in [...]

How IoT Healthcare Solutions are Changing the Healthcare Industry?

Is it possible for a refrigerator to notify the expiration date of the food?  Or the toothbrush alert to the appearance of decay? Can it happen that the coffee maker prepares the favorite coffee of each member of the family, and the washing machine warns that it is not the best time to wash since the [...]