Laravel Development

5 Ways a Laravel Framework Can Make Your Web Application Unbeatable

Internet is the pocket-friendly communication channel almost all businesses are using to exchange information with users and make fast as well as secure transactions. But, many companies cannot derive a maximum number of benefits from the internet as their poorly designed web application restricts active engagement. A properly developed web application that works on the latest [...]

Why is Laravel the best PHP Framework for Creative Web App Development?

In simple words, Laravel is one of the most popular and free open-source PHP frameworks, which helps web designers & developers to create powerful web applications. It was discovered in 2011 and became the most popular PHP framework in a very short period of time. With amazing documentation, an active community, different functions, powerful building tools, [...]

Top Notch Web Development Frameworks For Your Next Web App Backend

The struggles in developing a complete website or any software depend on several aspects. As a developer, it is important to list a number of creative skills while developing a wonderful website or web app. An expert developer must have a good command over various programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, and HTML. These are the [...]

Laravel vs WordPress – which one you choose for next project?

Building up a new tech empire needs a lot of thinking and efforts, the major one being the platform where you can build it. There are two major leading platforms Wordpress and Laravel. Both has its own pros and cons. Among these two major building platforms, Wordpress leads the market in terms of popularity as almost [...]