Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: A UX Comparison – Which Is the Better Option?

Day by day, the numbers of mobile users are increasing. According to statistics, 48% of websites have been visited by users using their smartphones last year. With each passing year, the count is rising rapidly. Mobile users are spending 42% of the total time spending online globally and 90% of the total time spent on phone [...]

7 Strategies for Android Application Development Success

Digital beings are taking a good market share in today’s world and smartphone is getting a mandatory gadget for everyone. Internet and web are progressing on a full force and that is why a rapid growth of technology in real-life can be seen. Modern-day world is all about doing smart work efficiently and a smartphone serves [...]

Offshore CakePHP Website Development—Speed Up Your Magnificent Development

PHP is a highly used language for web development. PHP developers are constantly under pressure to search for ways to do development fast and robust. In order to speed up the development process and at the same time keep good quality, they take help of various PHP frameworks. There are plenty of PHP frameworks available in [...]

Hire In-house developer VS Outsourcing: Which one is Better for Start-Ups!

When starting a project, one of the most crucial components is the acquisition of talent. The future of your company may depend on several factors, one of them being the skill level of your workers: the quality of the product along with time management will be key factors that will decide if your startup succeeds or fails. [...]

Swift vs. Flutter. which one is best for the next generation?

Before we plunge into the depths of the topic, let us understand a bit about both Swift and Flutter. Swift: Swift is a coding language that will enable you to create Native iOS Applications for MacOS and iPhones only. Flutter: Flutter, on the other hand, is an SDK that helps create cross-platform, Mobile applications for iOS [...]

How to reduce the cost of on-demand mobile app development?

Starting your new business and not making an app for the same is a big mistake. Making an Android and iOS application for your new business is the need for the hour especially if you are operating in the service industry. Mobile apps develop the business appearance and also help strengthen consumer faith towards your product [...]

How to Hire PHP Programmer for Your Next Project In USA

So, you think you’ve got a brilliant business idea, and you think you need an exceptional website to convert your ideas into reality! As we know the website is the online face of the company, and to the world, it allows connecting virtually with the clientele. So what to do next? All you need is a [...]

Top 5 Enormous Advantages of Onshore & Offshore Outsourcing

We have heard a lot about advantages of offshore outsourcing but hardly had we imagined that onshore outsourcing also equally beneficial — the Perception System in the USA is going to convince startups, software companies & consultants to go for onshore outsourcing or a combination of both to leverage the best of both worlds. Introduction: In [...]

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Payment Gateway

With the world going online now there is no dearth of online payment gateways. People have readily accepted the online medium to carry out their shopping and banking activities. It has shown some significant growth in the online monetary transactions. In 1998, PayPal started as Cofinity Inc which was founded by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, [...]