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Apply Do’s and Eliminate Don’ts to create the best Website UX

Well, if you think it’s your top-notch services, you are absolutely wrong. The first thing that a user looks into your website is its design theme format. While designing a website, it’s essential to consider all the points that allure the visitor and binds them with the site. The whole web design process encompasses multiple segments [...]

Holidays Motivation : Get Smart ROI with Mobile App

Holidays are a one-stop time for shopping if you are a customer or seller. This is the season consists of a lot of festivals and you know very well Discounts and bumper offers are outcomes of this festive season.  From a seller's point of view, you have to pre-plan your strategies and everything is going to [...]

Building Health and Fitness Apps for a Better Future

We are living in a mobile era where everything is done at the comfort of our fingertips thanks to mobile development. All our daily and industrial activities are simplified and efficiently done with these mobile apps. There are smartphone apps to do almost anything under the sun. We have apps financial apps, entertainment apps, security apps, [...]

Off The Shelf E-Commerce Services ‘VS’ Custom E-Commerce Services

The power to choose lies in the hand of the customer. The technology has created a platform to cull the options, anticipating the demands and desires of the purchaser.  One can easily avail the services and product in the form of raw material, semi-furnished goods, and furnished goods.   Accessibility to product has become easier with [...]

Leading E-commerce statistics every merchant should be aware of

The history of E-commerce begun with the very first online sale in 1994 when a man sold a CD with the help of his website which was an American Retail platform. This was the first time a consumer did an online transaction using the internet medium which is commonly called as E-commerce today.   There are [...]

Lessons to Learn from On-Demand Laundry Service Washio’s Failure!!!

In this modern era of technology, On-demand technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Like if you don’t have enough ice-cream for your party, you can order it online and can get it delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. Like if you are in a hurry for your meeting, you can hire [...]

Save Up to 95% on Prescriptions Costs : Top Best Prescription Discount Apps

Prescription drug discount cards are downloadable discount cards or coupons that, when active, entitle the user to discounts on certain generic and name brand prescription drugs. The trend of mobile apps for all kind of services has now even extended to spheres like healthcare with apps for making doctor appointments and accessing other medical and pharmacy medicine delivery tracking app services. Medicines can be [...]

How To Ready A Supply Chain For Same-Day Delivery for retail business?

Over half all North American retailers now offer same-day delivery. The reasons for this are clear: According to a 2018 global survey from PwC, 88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day (or faster) delivery. Catering to this demand is highly effective. Retailers that provide same-day delivery can increase sales and conversion rates. This being the case, it’s no surprise [...]

The Power of CRM for B2C in eCommerce and Retail

Often talk about customer relationship management (CRM) systems focuses primarily on B2B businesses, despite the fact that every business has customers. In fact, relationships with their customers are increasingly moving to the top of B2C companies’ priority lists. In today’s competitive environment, the business that can create personalized interactions with its customers is the one [...]