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Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: A UX Comparison – Which Is the Better Option?

Day by day, the numbers of mobile users are increasing. According to statistics, 48% of websites have been visited by users using their smartphones last year. With each passing year, the count is rising rapidly. Mobile users are spending 42% of the total time spending online globally and 90% of the total time spent on phone [...]

Leading E-commerce statistics every merchant should be aware of

The history of E-commerce begun with the very first online sale in 1994 when a man sold a CD with the help of his website which was an American Retail platform. This was the first time a consumer did an online transaction using the internet medium which is commonly called as E-commerce today.   There are [...]

Offshore CakePHP Website Development—Speed Up Your Magnificent Development

PHP is a highly used language for web development. PHP developers are constantly under pressure to search for ways to do development fast and robust. In order to speed up the development process and at the same time keep good quality, they take help of various PHP frameworks. There are plenty of PHP frameworks available in [...]

How to Transform E-commerce Business For Better Sales?

E-commerce business is the latest trend and enterprises are moving from traditional brick-n-mortar store to online store. To make money online, it is a necessity to have an online store and it is the best way to reach the target audience. People also feel convenient buying online by relaxing at their home. However, to generate sales [...]

How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A WordPress Website?

One question that comes in everybody mind is how much it will take to cost a WordPress website? So the answer to this question is very simple it all depends upon your desire, your ultimate objective, where well you want to take your project to. Basically, the core version of WordPress is absolutely free, it will [...]

React Native vs Flutter — Which is preferred for you?

Creating mobile applications have always been a fundamental pillar of the tech industry but having multiple platforms for which different apps need to be developed has been an issue for some time. Apart from having to maintain two teams, one for Android and one for iOS, there’s always a gap between the applications developed as they [...]

9 Ways to Design Website for Local Audience

These days, businesses have more options to reach out to their clients. They can either open a fantastic brick and mortar store (which is the traditional way) and they can go online or maybe the combination of both. Going online seems pretty easy as all they need is to launch a website and promote it with [...]

Top Notch Web Development Frameworks For Your Next Web App Backend

The struggles in developing a complete website or any software depend on several aspects. As a developer, it is important to list a number of creative skills while developing a wonderful website or web app. An expert developer must have a good command over various programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, and HTML. These are the [...]

Laravel vs WordPress – which one you choose for next project?

Building up a new tech empire needs a lot of thinking and efforts, the major one being the platform where you can build it. There are two major leading platforms Wordpress and Laravel. Both has its own pros and cons. Among these two major building platforms, Wordpress leads the market in terms of popularity as almost [...]

Full-Stack Developers: New Trend or Real Need?

The global rapid changes are constantly raising the standards of people’s skills and aptitudes. Today’s sought-after IT specialist has to be able to do much more than it was required recently. No wonder that a full stack developer is a welcome guest in software development now. However, is it always wise to hire “the Jack of [...]