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Dating App Development/ Solution

The online dating & matchmaking was worth $2.5 billion back in 2015 And now it grows at 5.1% per year! Seems more people looking for love online with dating apps.

Salient Features of Our Custom Dating App Development

We create a dating app equipped with a handful of discernible features that churns out revenue for your business.
The most to advanced features empower your business.

Subscribe To Upgrade

Users feel convenient, and
save time with subscription
based models.

Profile Completeness

The more the better- users can add every bit of information for a perfect match.


Users can send and receive a message from fellow users in their dating app inbox.

Privacy Settings

Users will get access to advanced privacy setting, and do visibility setting for a specific group of people.

Advanced Filter

Filter out the spam, search out the perfect match with more than 20 filter options.

Over 300+ Questions

Users get to answer from a long list of questions to get the most potential dates & perfect match.

Revenue Models of Dating Apps

The market for dating apps has increased at a very great level and the market is expecting 5000 companies
in the niche by 2020, thus a lot of business opportunities in the sector.

  Offline Services

All the common functionalities will be available for free but to access the advanced featured like unlimited profile access, and custom filtration, users will pay a subscription fee.


The industry is wide and has young users,
it becomes very much easy for the
third-parties to display ads on your
application and earn from click, views,
and transaction.


Digital gifting is a new way of pleasing your date! You can charge users for sending gifts to their dates like cards, roses, chocolates. This can work as an extension of your affiliate program.


The free-to-use models will give dating sites a boost to expand their customer base it won’t bring any revenue but the app can indulge in other revenue streams in their business model.


The subscription-based revenue model is a great business idea. A user will be paid to use the app for a week or a month. The payment method will be recurring and will be free for a certain period.

Anything Can Being As Simple As Pie!

Increase your chance with our expertise, analyze and choose the revenue model for your app.
Help people around the world to get matched with our multilingual app.
Frequent updates will improve your dating software!

Individual Like A Pro- Tinder Style

Develop a dating app for people with similar liking, groups and vibe – just perfect like the Tinder does.

To Shop For Products

Thumbs swipes are easy and engaging, indulge the features in your eCommerce app to make it easy to shop.

Features Like Tinder

Develop your own Tinder like application for job seekers, explorers, social geeks polling and much more at USS LLC.

Dating App/Website Solution Overview

We are most renowned and featured dating app develops from Atlanta and other US states.
The only place which will integrate advances features and management tools in your dating app.

Dating App Solution – Client Side
Profile Suggestions

Matches & Suggestions based on the profile details

Automated Filter Options

Apply conventions and filter out profile on preferences.

Nearby Searches

Find nearby profiles with automatic location detection.

Privilege For Guest Users

As a guest check the limited list of profile & their potential!

Photo & Video Albums

Share your memories to get a perfect match with similar taste

Privacy Setting

Apply privacy setting on your profile- hidden, public or friends.

Block & Report

Report spam profile to Admin with with complain & comment.

Audio/Video and Text Chat

Chat with your dates, in audio, video & share moments like pictures & gifs.

Track Your Visitors

Keep a track of your stalkers, find who checked your profile.

Virtual Gift Store

Impress your dates with gifts. Purchase personalised gifts added by the admin panel.

Language Translators

Language is not a barrier in Love! Translate your messages in multiple languages.

Text, Call or Share

Make video/audio calls to your dates to know them better.

Subscription Packages

Custom subscription packages for elite users for more services.

Social Media Login

Users will get easy social media for faster and easy login.

Friend List

View, find details, and look for online friends. Chat or call from your list.

Like Comment and Share

Like your friends post, comment and check the view count.

Content Moderation

Automatic content moderation to stay up in trend with best posts and comment.

Push Notification

Remain updated with the current notification, chat and comments.

Dating App Solution – Dashboard Or Admin Panel

Get Admin access to the top-level view of app ugade, active profiles etc.

Manage Users

Get access to database of registered users, profiles and their activity.

Verify Or Block

Give verified badge to approved profiles and block the ones with spam.

Manage Discover

Manage the discover section and filter in the profile.

More Settings

Get extra features as admin! Set limits, data fields for profiles and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Get statistical data about the matches, engagements, downloads and more.

The Best Technology For The Prompt Dating App

Being specialized in the niche we use the best possible algorithms to find a perfect match
for your users with specialised setup to manage your user database.

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Are Your Ready To Start Your Dating App Development?

It all starts with a message! Write us about your requirements, we have our notepads set to record the features
and functionality you need in your dating app. Get set to make it big in the matchmaking business!

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