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Online Grocery Delivery Solution Overview

Grocery delivery applications are becoming internationally popular at present. All users picking up almost all the grocery items form
custom Grocery Mobile App. The main goal for grocery mobile app is the convenience of buying and accessibility to over a
full range of products which not be available at your nearest store. There are no additional costs availed from the users.
This can support us to solve all difficulties related to grocery shopping since it’s an actually analyzed and convenient process.

Native Apps

Many apps are available in market but, shoppers get Android and iOS apps for purchasing online grocery.

Easy On boarding

Login and registration with the email and social network permit for starting with a seamless approach.

Look Around Products

Browse all the grocery products and foods with detailed. Browsing feature is the most used feature in the mobile app.

Order Tracking

You can give information to the customer about the status of the order and provide real-time tracking alerts.

Multiple payment option

In the era of M-commerce, it is important to give multiple payment options to the app users. Users can also pay using mobile banking, internet banking, credit card and debit card facility.

Quick hunt

Buyers can search browse particular item with intuitive search, filter the product with different category and also do the sorting.

Schedule Delivery

The customer has made the final payment then its time to the convenient delivery time of the product.

Smart Re-Order

Shoppers can repeat order a similar item from their order history. This feature will help them save time in searching for things and ordering them.

Push Notifications

It provides best offers, discounts, deal alerts, attractive coupons and other important updates etc. to your loyal customer to increase the sales and traffic on an app.

Offer/Deal Zone

A dedicated section for the customer to search promotional offers, gift coupons, offers a festive season discount and end of season sale.

Advance Settings

The shoppers can manage the products before making the payment so that they can sure that nothing has been added extra in the list.

Feedback & Ratings

Customer reviews and rating are very important for any app. Customer sending their feedback about their shopping experience and give rating accordingly.


This is the main center of the app from where admin can manage all the aspects of your grocery trade.

Manage Stores

Admin can supervise multiple stores from one place and run a smooth buyer-seller supply chain.

Assign Managers

All managers can be allotted to different stores throughout the app and the whole process can be streamlined and classified through it.

Manage Listings

This option permits admin to add, update, delete product listing and other inventory details.

Assign Orders

Admin can assign orders to the grocery store when received a request from the customer. It will be handled automatically.

Track Orders

Admin puts the watch on every order details which is on the way or Delivered and give information to the customers.

Manage Customers

Observe and manage all type of loyal customer who is registered on the app with their details and we can view that are they satisfied with our services or not?

Manage Payments

Admin grants multiple options to the customer for payment and provides the facility for secure online payment to the delivery guys.

Manage Offers

Admin provides new offers, discounts, deals and manages their availability for the customer.

Manage Feedback

Manage feedback which is given from the customer. According to feedback, they can make some changes for better good business prospect.

Manage Notifications

The admin can manage push notifications, SMS, Email to be sent to the customers and store managers throughout the App.

Reporting & Analytics

To grow your grocery app, perfect data can be analyzed which help in taking real-time business decisions and expand the business faster and smarter.

Browse Stores

The user searches a specific store and buys a product from a particular store.

Store Locator

Make your stores simply findable on a map for permitting easy navigation.

Store Pickup

Give choice to order items online and pickup from a nearby store.

Website Ordering

Allow user to make a purchase from web application to simple and silky grocery ordering.

Logistics Integration

Give the command to your doorstep delivery operations with third-party integration.

Customer Support

Customer care support is a must to add for resolving user doubts with peace.

Inventory Management

Blend with inventory management software for higher capacity.

Change Location

This option is to permit the user to change location from the current location as when they are traveling.

Dedicated Interface

Using this option store manager catch a web interface for simple order management.

Order Notifications

When all new orders received at that time manager get web notifications.

Dispatch Order

This option is use to dispatch an order for delivery of product from their store.

Manage Inventory

Manage all the stock and pricing the item that are sold and received on the monthly basis.

Order Status & Tracking

When customer purchase the item then they receive one order reference number using that you can view your status and track the order till its delivered at your doorstep.

How many costs to build an on-demand grocery
delivery app for today’s tech-savvy

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On-demand Grocery Delivery App Business Model

If you’re developing up with an on-demand grocery delivery app for today’s shoppers,
you have many opportunities. Some of the most common types of grocery delivery app
belong to one of the following categories.

  Online Grocery Aggregator

Aggregators basically list closest supermarket to a customer. Customer can choose one of the nearest grocery stores for online grocery delivery. Aggregator only records the multiple stores.

  Grocery Supermarket Chain App

Wal-Mart is one of the best examples of Grocery chain. Using this app you can manage all grocery store from a single platform.

  Grocery Standalone Store App

In a standalone store app, the grocery owner is managing everything. The person maintains the app, keeping refreshed the online menu, delivering the order and collecting money.

How many costs to build an on-demand grocery
delivery app for today’s tech-savvy

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Key Benefits of an Online Grocery Delivery App Solution

At present, people have no time to get grocery at the supermarket. So they can use the online grocery delivery app to order grocery items. The process of online shopping is too easy and quickly.

White Label & Customizable

We afford a complete white label grocery app solution with custom specialties, integration facility and improvements.

Time & Cost Efficient

We begin our business by selling grocery item online without having to spend time and cost in app development.

Multi Model

As per our business model, we give custom grocery app to help the standalone store, grocery chains and marketplaces.

Third Party Integrations

Blend with third-party logistics, record management systems and further to supercharge your grocery market.

Go Global

Multi-language and currency support to help you launch your app in various countries.

Seamless Payments

The customer also gets the facility of suitable payment options like pay online, credit/debit cards and cash on delivery.

Robust Technology

We implement the latest technology to magnify scalability with growth in business.

User Friendly

We present automatic user experience and uncomplicated store management for business.

Success Partner

We work jointly with our clients from development to post-launch help to secure maximum ROI.

Our Technology Stack Consists Of

When it comes to developing a client’s project we rely only on the latest tools
and technologies with frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, and CakePHP with best
database connectivity from MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle for your different business needs.


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