To maintain health, measures must be taken at different levels. Whether diet, exercise, or sleep, the watchword is balance. To prevent illness and monitor your fitness on a daily basis, you can use applications as useful as each other. Here are apps that you can install on your smartphone to take care of your health and avoid excess, as well as some bonus applications. There are many types of healthcare apps, here are given some.

Lifelog – Sony Mobile Communications

This application designed by Sony Mobile Communications is compatible with iOS and Android. It offers a very comprehensive program for a healthy lifestyle and more. The connection via your email address allows you to keep all the information even if you change your phone.

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  • Operating system: iOS & Android;

An App That Tracks Your Day

The Lifelog dashboard is one of the most complete. Indeed, the basic installation offers you tabs on the calories expended, the weight you want to reach, the number of steps, the walking or running time, the sleep time, and many more. Note that you can display only the parameters that interest you.

Periodic Monitoring

For each tracking category, the application shows you your day, week, month, and year. Progress graphs allow you to observe your performance and look back at your pace of life.

A Companion Close to the Heart

Thanks to its compatibility with a connected watch, you have access to information about your heart rate. It also detects your stress level so that you can relax when necessary.

Top Health – Mondadori France Digital

Whether on an iPhone or an Android device, healthcare app development access information and news regarding your health and well-being. Learn more about your health to maintain it better.

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  • Operating system: iOS & Android;

An Application That Informs You With Your Smartphone

The Top Santé application is a guide that informs and advises you. As an online magazine, it offers you various sections concerning your well-being and health.

Prevention Instead of Cure

This application allows you to find out more about health. She explains what to do to eat better and offers you a new lifestyle and new routines that keep you in shape.

It also offers interesting guides on broad topics ranging from an epidemic map to guides on drugs.

Top Health

The information given is very extensive and includes all useful information on health and well-being. You can also create alerts on subjects in order to have a notification for each new post relating to them.

Health & Diet – Weight Loss & Calorie Counter – Droid Infinity

The application helps you to adopt a new lifestyle compared to your physique. Give yourself the means to reach the ideal weight and the opportunity to stay healthy.

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  • Operating system: Android;

Your Body Dashboard

The app helps you manage your health by taking into account the information you submit. It is a real assistant for your health. She will make sure to inform you about your nutrition in terms of calories, your water consumption, and your sleep time. She will notify you when you need to take your medication or pills.

Measures Heart Rate

Instead of using a connected bracelet, use your camera’s sensor to tell you your blood pressure.

A Very Complete Application

Health and Diet offer you many possibilities. In addition to displaying a dashboard, it allows you to choose different health tools such as a slimming coach, a health calculator, and a calorie calculator.

Health Mate – Tracking Your Health

Give yourself the opportunity to evaluate your activities and your diet to improve them with Health Mate.

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For Your Health and Well-Being

Your m-health app features help you live better and thrive by installing the Health Mate app. Indeed, it offers different options and features that help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that benefits your body. In particular, you will become more active thanks to personalized training. In addition, you can finally manage your weight by eating and sleeping better.

An Intelligent Coach

To make your exercise a habit, the application offers you a 6-week program. Tone your body and learn more about losing fat to help you beat it.

Food Diary – My Daily Bits LLC

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  • Operating system: Android;

Food info

The application allows you to monitor your diet according to your diet. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or simply eat a healthy diet, Food Diary gives you information on your daily menus.

Just enter the name and the amount of ingested products and you will get a result of the number of calories you have ingested.

Monitoring and Objectives

In addition to the exercises, the application offers you to reach the goals you have set yourself. Less fat or more carbohydrates, more protein, and fewer calories, you become your own nutritionist.

The Big Advantage of the Application

As the name suggests, this application is a newspaper. It will quickly rephrase what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. You will, therefore, see if your calorie goal has been reached or not.

The Secret of Weight

These healthcare app ideas are specially designed to help you keep in shape, but offers so much more.

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  • Operating system: iOS & Android;

Calorie Tracking

Your smartphone allows you to benefit from intelligent calorie tracking, helping you reach an ideal weight while staying healthy.

A catalog Provided

Select the food or recipe you have consumed so that the application saves it and calculates the calorie value. The playful and jovial aspect of the application motivates you to eat without exceeding certain limits. Satisfied consumers ensure the result of good health by eating a balanced diet.

BONUS: Baby Care and Development

Take good care of your child with this application which is specially dedicated to him.

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  • Operating system: Android;

Baby Health

The app allows you to track your child’s growth, food, sleep, and activities. Indeed, she takes into account the details of her health so that you are not mistaken about anything, even on appointments with the pediatrician.

The Details

The statistics available to you allow you to take precautions and better anticipate the next steps. The application follows in effect until your child’s teeth.

For Pregnant Women: Pregnancy from AZ

For your first child, learn more about women and pregnancy through this application. Presented in the form of an encyclopedia, it explains the different aspects of pregnancy so that you don’t get lost during the 9 months. Informing you by reassuring you, it also gives you advice on well-being.

Some Applications Dedicated to People with Health Problems

Air Quality | AirVisual

AirVisual gives you the opportunity to better know your environment (pollution and weather) to better equip yourself and stay healthy. Air pollution can affect people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. If you are one, take the application to be sure of optimal oxygen levels. Otherwise, you can take precautions, because you have at least been warned.

Gluci-Chek: Diabetes – Carbohydrates from Meals

It is an excellent application for diabetics. Indeed, instead of depriving yourself of several foods, make sure you eat healthily and intelligently. Observe your nutritional evolution and your days according to what you have consumed. You will also discover the number of carbohydrates consumed in order to regulate it to stay healthy.

Ada, Your Health Guide – Ada Health

Download a doctor in your pocket. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, Ada diagnoses your symptoms and gives you a list of possible illnesses you suffer from. Choose this option so as not to waste precious time wasted on the doctor because of a simple headache.

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