There are millions of wordpress themes available in the market, and you need to find out the best one that matches your Niche. And if you want to know the best way to find out the best WordPress theme for your website, then keep reading this article because we’ve discussed how you can select the best WordPress theme as per your requirements.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme With Do's And Don't

But make sure your theme should be user-friendly, fully Customizable, loads faster, and SEO-friendly, then you can build a powerful website. There are some more things you should consider before selecting a theme we’ve covered in this article.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What Is A WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes is nothing but a collection of pre-made templates and stylesheets that are customizable and give the website an appearance and design. If you are looking for a WordPress Website without coding, these themes can help you give your website a professional and mature look.

WordPress themes come in both categories – free and paid; you can select your required one from the thousands of options available on the official themes directory.

According to your website niche, you can select the WordPress theme that will best suit your website because each theme consists of different designs, layouts, and features.

You can also directly search the niche in the WordPress theme directory; for instance, if you have a news website, then you can directly search the news website, and you will have thousands of options in front of you to choose from.

So, now as you know what these wordpress themes exactly are, let’s get to know the best-suited one for you:

Should I Use A Free Or Paid WordPress Theme?

WordPress does not only have paid themes; in fact, you will have thousands of options of free WordPress themes as well. Thousands of website owners are using free themes for their websites.

But obviously, the paid themes are the premium ones that can make your website more professional; the companies design all these themes. All these themes are updated versions, and the best part is that they have all the advanced features and functionalities of the coding-based website.

Out of all the themes, some are using frameworks of their own, with the help of which you can have the custom dashboard that will let you have the entire control over the way your website should be built.

If you’re the one who is just starting, it would be the best option to go for the themes because they will be in your budget as well and never let you down in any functionalities.

Difference Between Free And Paid WordPress Themes

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme With Do's And Don't

Free WordPress Themes Paid WordPress Themes
It is completely free to install. It charges between 10 to 100 dollars.
You will find them on You can easily install it from the WordPress dashboard directly.
If you find any issue, it is almost impossible to find any support. Very few people use the same theme, hence you will use a unique one.
All the updates are solely dependent upon the makers, and these sites usually lag. You will get constant updates and the best possible support available for a complete 1-year.
You will be in need to compromise with the quality of the codes. The quality of the codes of these website themes is more professional than the usual ones.
You will find more than 10,000 people using the same theme. You will have limitless customization options that will let you have a good website.
Your site can also be affected by malicious codes. It is 100% surety that you will not find any malicious codes.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme?

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme With Do's And Don't

Tip #1: Consider Your Requirements And Budget First

The first thing you should be concerned about should be aware of your requirements and needs. And for that, you need to be well aware of the niche/objective of your website. Once your website objective is clear, you will find out the website theme very easily. And the theme will be beneficial in the long term as well.

Now you should make a budget and do all the things under that. This will help you save a lot of money and will also prevent you from wasting any money.

Now, when you have your objectives clear and your budget, you can select themes in the themes directory.

You can also go for the free themes as well because they are not as bad as they are represented everywhere and everything; all the free themes are backed up by the premium ones. So if you find any issue, you can move your website theme to the premium one with all the premium features and support.

Tip #2: Mind The Code Quality And Standards

Website themes with good code quality are a must because, in the end, everything, including performance, responsiveness, security, etc., is completely dependent upon the coding. If you don’t go for the good quality codebase, it can slow down your website speed, clog the database with junk, and be available for hackers.

But, the major question is, “how would you find out the quality of codes?”

Two tricks will work best in this case to have a qualitative code-based website. Firstly, go for the themes of trusted and reputed providers only in this field for years. Secondly, go for the themes that have the maximum downloads. These are the best ways to avoid such coding problems.

One more thing you can do is use the “Theme Check” named plugin, which will scan the theme and let you know everything about it.

Tip #3: Make Sure There Are Support And Updates

If you’re investing your money into a premium quality theme, you should first consider its team support. Most of the support systems are there in the form of emails, forums, etc. If you find any issue with the theme you have paid for, you should know where you will approach it to solve the problems by expert developers.

If you’re planning to go for the free wordpress theme, you should not expect any customer support because no one would like to spend their hours on the free products.

You should take care of everything before investing your money. As your themes should get frequent updates, the latest security patches should also be applied from time to time. If any bugs or glitches are found, they should be fixed. If your theme is not getting any of these, it can not be considered a good theme.

If you want to check the frequencies of the updates, then you need to look at the changelog of a theme. It will let you have the best possible overview of the developing process of any theme.

Tip #4: What To Look For Before Purchasing The Theme


  • Simplicity Is The Key

 You will find so many WordPress themes that consist of so many unnecessary colors and layouts. In 90% of the cases, you don’t need those themes; in fact, you should go for a simple and decent one.

You should pick the design of the wordpress theme that supports your objectives. If you get into the trouble of extraordinary features and eventually make your website look more complex, then there will be no use for it.

Users visit the website to look for the simplicity and ease of use, they might be impressed by your designs, but they are not solely looking for your website’s features. If your theme is the world’s most beautiful but not converting any client, then it is only a scrap.

  • Do Not Compromise With The Responsiveness

Your website should be responsive and adjust itself according to the sizes of the device.

More than 50% of the website visitors surf from their mobile phone, this is why Google Algorithm gives Mobile-Friendly websites ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and if you want your website to be among the top ones, then you should have the mobile-friendly website.

If you want to test the theme’s responsiveness, then you should try resizing your browser screen. If the website adjusts its size accordingly, then you have a mobile responsive website. You can also visit Google’s hosted “Mobile-Friendly Test” Page; this will let you know everything.

  • Browser Compatibility

All the users are not using the same browser, so many users use different browsers, and if your website is compatible with all the browsers, you could lose some of the potential clients.

Check your themes on different-different browsers and then decide whether to purchase them or not.

  • Supported Plugins

If you want to achieve the actual limitless power of WordPress, then it is only possible through WordPress Plugins.

You will find every kind of wordpress plugin – some are must-have like Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, etc.

Before purchasing the wordpress theme, make sure your theme supports all the plugins. If anything related to it is not mentioned, then you can directly ask the developers.

  • Translation + Multilingual Ready

A significant portion of the WordPress websites is not of the English language. It could also be possible that you also want your website to be in English, or you may want your website to be Multilingual in the future.

This is a very easy process; all you have to do is make sure only one thing is that your wordpress theme should be translation-ready and supports the multilingual WordPress plugin.

  • Page Builder

A page builder is a simple wordpress plugin that allows website owners like you to make the entire layout page. Its interface is extremely easy to use. Drag and drop feature.

So many wordpress themes come with the preinstalled page builder, which allows you to have a wonderful experience.

If you ever think to build the landing pages with the help of such a page builder, it will produce a lot of unnecessary code and eventually make the process more complex. If you ever try to switch the themes in the future, it will require a lot of cleaning.

You should go for the themes that come up with the popular page builders, or if you want, you can also purchase the page-builder separately, which will give you the liberty to use this page builder plugin to link with any theme.

  • Support Options

As we have discussed above, this is one of the most required things in the entire process. Developers give support themselves, but not everyone gives support, so you have to be very careful while choosing the WordPress theme.

If somehow you find any technical issue, you are left with only two options: either you should have the support of the theme’s developers to solve any issue for free, or you have to pay a certain amount to the third-party developers.

And undoubtedly, it is a far better option to go for the themes with good support. There are so many themes available that offer the guarantee of the themes for an absolute one year.

  • SEO Friendliness

WordPress Themes have a direct relationship with the SEO friendliness of your website. A poorly coded HTML website can also be affected by a good theme.

Most of the wordpress themes users are beginners. Considering them as beginners, most of the developers of the premium wordpress themes openly tell that the pages of their website are SEO optimized.

But, if you’re still confused about whether your website pages are SEO optimized or not, you can anytime go to the W3C Markup Validation service and check it. Remember one thing, W3C tools can show some unnecessary warnings that should not be taken seriously.

  • Ratings And Reviews

Every user who has a good or bad experience with the WordPress Themes has given their reviews in the review section. You can go and check there about the theme you have selected.

Even in the free themes, a review section is available to help you select the best suitable option among the thousands and protect you from unnecessary ones.

Every theme will have some bad reviews in general, but if you find bad reviews comparatively higher, then you should take them more seriously.

Dos and Don’ts

Dos Don’ts
Make a list of the features you want to have on your website before selecting the wordpress theme. You should clear the must-have features aside and those which are avoidable. You should have a complete mapping in your mind before going for any tough decision. Rather than having all the unnecessary features, it’s better to have only limited but useful ones. Do not go for the bloated theme, you should not go for the cluttered features, this will do nothing but hurt you in the long term. It looks better to have more features but it decreases the site performance. And if wordpress themes have more features comparatively that means their developers have more focus on the features instead of the security of the website.
Never compromise with the responsiveness of the website. Responsiveness means your website is going to be way easier to use on every device. It also means that your website is going to be way more compatible than any other. Don’t even think of going for the theme that has hardly readable fonts. Every user wants a website to be as simple and navigable as possible, and it can be done by making the fonts simple, sophisticated, and readable.
Do remember the color in mind, because it is only the color of the website that increases the brand recognition, especially if you have the website of the same color that your logo consists of. The Colour scheme is also what affects the visitors as well.
Go for the premium themes if you have a good budget. Although there are so many free themes also available, it would be better to go for the premium one as they consist of better security, team support, and so much, much more.
Test your selected theme, this will let you know everything about the theme and you can easily use the plugin named “Theme Check”.

How To Install A Theme In WordPress?

You can easily install a theme in your WordPress. The very first thing, download your theme zip file on your PC.

Then log in to your WordPress account and go to the Appearance section – click on the themes section, then click on Add new button at the top section to upload a wordpress theme zip file you’ve already downloaded to your PC. After uploading, it takes some time, and after installing, they can activate your theme on WordPress successfully.

When your theme is successfully installed, you’ll get multiple options like live preview, activate, or theme Page. You need to click on activate and wait for a few seconds to activate your theme on WordPress. After a few seconds, your theme is successfully installed and active in your WordPress platform.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve discussed Everything you need to know before selecting a wordpress theme and how you can find your best WordPress theme. You need to consider these things we’ve discussed and find the best one. Now it’s your turn to pick the best WordPress theme for your website.

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