If you’re ready to create your online store on WordPress and start your Dropshipping journey, then let me guide you. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details about Dropshipping and the step-by-step process to create your Dropshipping Website with WordPress. All you need to know about drop-shipping will be covered in this article.

How To Create A Successful Dropshipping Website With WordPress?

So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!  

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the most popular and All-time demand online business where you need to create an online store and list product details in your store. Still, the biggest point, is you don’t need to keep stock for your store means you don’t need any inventory and don’t need to manage Inventory for your website. Then you’re thinking about how you will place the order when you receive the order in your store. 

You need to place an order from the original vendor, and they’ll ship them directly with the given address you provided them. This means they’ll deliver the product and shipping services for you, and you get a mid commission on Each successful order. 

Yes, it’s completely different from a traditional e-commerce business where you need to keep an inventory of all products and manage all products. That’s why Dropshipping is a growing industry, and without any huge investment or any technical knowledge, you can start a Dropshipping business.  

If you’re starting a Dropshipping business, you only need to create an online store and manage it. Other vendors will handle other things like order shipping because you’re selling their items at your price. That’s why you’re getting commission between successful orders. 

Dropshipping is a Very successful business worldwide, and people are generating millions in this business just by creating an online store and getting orders.

If you can’t handle any technical parts like order place, shipping services, and management, don’t worry because you don’t need to handle all these technical parts. Vendors do it. 

And the most amazing part about Dropshipping is, you can set your profits yourself, which means you can select a product at a cheap price and sell it at any higher price you want. But as you know each business has its pros & cons, so it depends on you to do this business. 

Let’s see some Pros & Cons of Dropshipping

Prons & Cons of Dropshipping: How To Create A Successful Dropshipping Website With WordPress?

Pros Of Dropshipping

#1 Low Barrier To Entry

If you’re starting with a traditional e-commerce business, it will take a good investment, but you’re starting with Dropshipping, where you don’t need to make any huge investments. You can start with the WordPress website and don’t need to keep inventory, place an order when you receive the order. So anyone can start Dropshipping business and can make a really good amount of money. 

#2 No Inventory Management

For a traditional e-commerce business, you need to have inventory, and you need to manage it. This means a big investment you need to do for your inventory.

But in Dropshipping, it’s completely vanished; you don’t need to spend a single penny for inventory, not for the future. Because you only place orders when you receive orders, that’s how you don’t need to keep inventory for your Dropshipping business. You need to contact any vendors who will place orders and do shipping. 

#3 No Need For Any Physical Store Or Warehouse

Yes, you don’t need any physical store to show you your products and get orders. Everything you can do online via WordPress online store. The best part of your online store is no lease, mortgage, construction, and maintenance for a physical store.

#4 Increase Cash Flow

In a traditional e-commerce business, you need to make big investments and wait for a long time to get results. But in Dropshipping, your investment is very less, and also you get immediate payment from customers after receiving Order. That’s why it’s easier to keep running your store with profits.

#5 Test New Trending Products 

You can test any product without any huge investment in inventory. So without any big investments, it’s easier for you to test new products. 

Cons of Dropshipping

#1 High Competition

Because it’s easy to start Dropshipping, you can face high competition in the market. But it depends on your Uniqueness and Strategies to grow your store. You need to be alert in the market because your same product sells via many online stores at different prices. 

#2 Lack Of Control

After receiving orders and placing orders to vendors, you don’t have any control. Means your brand reputation, your product quality, and packaging. Everything will be dependent on a third party. 

#3 Bulk Discount

In Dropshipping, you can’t do negotiations at the starting point until you’re getting tons of sales every day. That’s why the bulk discount is something not easy to get early in Dropshipping business.

Now we’ve discussed Dropshipping and its pros & cons. 

Let’s see 

How To Create A Dropshipping Website With WordPress

If you want to create a Dropshipping website with WordPress, then you need to follow all steps given below:

Steps of Creatine Dropshipping: How To Create A Successful Dropshipping Website With WordPress?

Step 1: Find Your Niche

The very first thing you need to do to start your Dropshipping Website is, find your niche. In Which you want to do Dropshipping business for ex- you’re creating a store for Cat products and your target audience is cat owners and so many other types of Niche. Find your niche first and see who is your targeted audience. And I suggest you select a niche with varieties of products available that helps you get better results. 

Selecting a Niche can help you to create a Dropshipping website according to your requirements. 

Step 2: Select A Hosting Provider And Domain Name

This step is the most important factor in your Dropshipping Website. First, you need to select the name of your online store as a Brand which name you can pick for your store. I suggest you select domain names that relate to your niche that helps you to make branding more engaging. Before selecting any domain, you need to understand that many domain websites are available that give you a free-of-cost domain or give you a domain at a cheap price, so make sure you need to purchase a domain after doing a good amount of research. 

Your Hosting comes with these features:

● Great Customers Support 24/7

● Best for WordPress platform

● Comes with Free Domain Name

● Free SSL Certificate

● Money-Back Guarantee

These are the most important factors you can consider before purchasing any hosting. 

After you select a domain, it’s time to get powerful Hosting for your Dropshipping Website. 

In the market, you’ll see thousands of hosting available for WordPress, but you need to pick the best hosting for your website, and for this, you need to keep in mind some factors that help you to pick the best hosting:

● Custom caching features to improve the speed

● Optimized server to get good performance

● 1-Click WordPress installation without any technical issues

And if you want Quality hosting, you need to look for at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You need Good hosting that is easy to handle and gives you good customer support so that you don’t need to worry if any technical issues come up. 

And the biggest point you need to consider is, Find if you’re getting a free domain name with hosting and if Yes, then grab this opportunity because you can save a good amount of money. 

And if you’re quite confused to find the domain name, then you can find a platform where based on your interest and niche, this platform suggests very relatable domain names for your Dropshipping Website.

Step 3: Install WordPress 

We’ve selected our niche, and we have a domain name with powerful hosting. Now you need a platform where you’ll create a Dropshipping website, and that’s why WordPress helps you create a Most amazing and beautiful store for your Dropshipping.

After purchasing hosting, you need to install WordPress; follow this process:

● Go to your Hosting account control panel

● Select Domain you want to integrate.

● Find an auto-installer or go to live chat.

● Install WordPress 

That’s it! Your WordPress is installed successfully. 

After installing WordPress, you get a username and password to log in to the WordPress platform. Now it’s time to start creating Dropshipping website with WordPress  

Step 4: Activate WooCommerce

If you want to create a Dropshipping website and do Dropshipping on WordPress, then the only plugin you need to handle your entire Dropshipping business is the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

It’s an All-in-one Dropshipping business handle tool for you. Easy to use, comes with advanced features and is completely automated – install and start using it. 

First, download and install this WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress platform. Now it’s time to Activate this Plugin to use all its features. 

Activating the WooCommerce plugin is the first thing you need to do; set up your Dropshipping store by filling in all details like – location, currency, type of Product, and many more. Also, set up your payment and shipping method easily. 

The best part of doing Dropshipping on WordPress is adding extra advanced features that help you build a more powerful store. Some advanced features you can add like

● MailChimp for email marketing

● Facebook, Instagram for social media platforms

● Jetpack for high security and many more

In WooCommerce, you’ll also get some eye-catching themes that you can use to create your online store more engaging. 

Step 5: Install A New WordPress Dropshipping Theme

After installing WordPress, you need to select the best Dropshipping theme that matches the products you’re selling and motivates visitors to purchase products quickly. And that theme supports all plugins of WordPress. 

There are millions of designs and themes available in the market for Dropshipping business websites, and you need to research a lot and then find the most suitable WordPress Dropshipping theme for your store. 

Step 6: Find The Right Supplier

If you want to win the game of Dropshipping, then you need to find the best supplier. You need to do a lot of research and find the best supplier that can give you a Cheaper cost and must be Trustworthy. Find someone with whom you can do a long-term business in Dropshipping business.

Building a good relationship with suppliers can Give you so many benefits in your business. You can ask for real-time photos while shopping and real products photos via mobile phone. That’s how you can double verify your shipping and inventory. 

So having a trustworthy and honest supplier can grow your business at high speed. That’s why you need to take some time, visit personally and find your supplier. 

Step 7: Import Products To The Store

Now you have your platform, i.e., an online store, and it’s time to list your products on your Dropshipping website to start your Dropshipping business. Your First work is to find your Niche products and how many products you want to list on your website. 

And before picking any product – check that product reviews, ratings, and testimonials from past buyers, and based on these factors, you need to pick a product to list on your website. 

Now, after listing products, you need to focus on Dropshipping (import/export). To manage your shipping services, you can install some best Plugins like AliDropship, WooDropship, and many more. It comes with so many Automations, so you don’t need to worry about any technical issues. 

Both tools are paid, but the features you’re getting for your Dropshipping Website are best. These Plugins are the must-have and Profitable tool that helps you to grow your Dropshipping business. These Plugins are used for any Niche, any product, any country and are completely automated – so if you’re a beginner, don’t worry because using these tools is so easy. 

Step 8: Promote The Store

We’ve done Everything but only to get orders, and you’ll only get orders when you start promoting your online store and showcase your amazing products to the world. And to get Infront of your customers, you need to promote and do marketing. 

There are many useful ways to do marketing for your store like – Social media marketing, blogging, SEO for organic traffic, Email marketing, and many more.

Let’s discuss this in more detail!

First, Social media marketing is the most powerful and results-oriented approach to get maximum orders from your store. Billions of people are using daily social media platforms. If you’re Targeting the right audience and showcasing your beautiful product, then there’s a high chance you’ll get orders for your website.  

Many popular platforms where you can do marketing for your store like – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more. Start promoting your store via social media platforms, and you’ll get amazing results. 

And If you don’t want to spend money but want an effective way to get so many orders, then you can use the SEO method; it’s a completely organic way to get tons of traffic to your store. Using SEO methods, you can directly get Infront of those people searching for your products, and you’ll get Infront of them quickly. That’s why it’s the easiest, most effective, and best way to get orders. But it’s a quiet time taking Process, but you’ll get amazing results later. 

Email marketing is the success behind every successful Dropshipping business. And if you’re thinking of starting email marketing, then this method is the most effective way to get results for a long time. I suggest you start building your email list for your business; they’re your loyal customer, and they’ll keep buying from you. That’s why having an email list is a good asset for your business. 

There are many ways you can do marketing and Get tons of orders for your business. It depends on your Dropshipping business and your product demand in the market. Make sure you’ve varieties of products in your store so that you can generate more profits, more sales, and get more orders.

Benefits Of Creating Your Dropshipping Website With WordPress

Benefits of dropshipping website: How To Create A Successful Dropshipping Website With WordPress?

● You’ll get Freedom to manage your store, do whatever you want to do, and any updates you can do quickly without any permission. Also, you’ll get the Freedom to do any experiment in your store.

● You’ll save a good cost of other platforms’ monthly subscriptions around $29/Month via Shopify.

● You can do so many modifications because of WordPress plugins.

● You’ve millions of designs and themes available for your store.

● Without any limit, without any charges, you can sell unlimited products.

And so many other benefits of having your Dropshipping website without depending on other platforms. 


After reading this article, we hope you know everything you need to know about Dropshipping and how you can start your complete Dropshipping journey. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details about Dropshipping and how you can create a Dropshipping website with WordPress. You need to follow all steps, and you’re ready to start Dropshipping business and get tons of orders.

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