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Project Description

About Social Photo Application

Build a unique photo sharing social networking app. The idea of the app is users can take snaps of explicitly anything, share with their friends and family with this app. User can like & dislike photos, chat with easy other and many more feature on app.

What Client Want and share with USS LLC

A client wanted to make a platform where people connect with friends and family faster and easy way on more than one social media at one place. They can share posts like photos and videos with friends and family, and stay connected with friends. With the new idea, a client approached USS LLC to develop an Android that allows users profile USS LLC has developed a “Focus – Photo sharing & Chatting  ” application that allows people to post, comment, like, share any life activity on Wall. We have developed a Focus – Photo sharing & Chatting app that fulfills clients demand and plus moreover, people enjoy the combo of social media app.

Take pictures from your camera when you come across a unique fashion style, just edit it, and upload it to be shared in your network

focush mobile app scree

Camera capture

Take pictures from your camera when you come across a unique fashion style, just edit it, and upload it to be shared in your network

Search Photos

Search for all the related posts photo and category or person you are searching for with the help of hash tags or mentions.

Chating with suer

Notifications & Alerts

Whether acquaintances or friends, receive notifications on every new happening such as likes, follows, comments, shares, uploads, on app.

One touch Social Login

Integrate FB login and API for sharing Bar with FB Friends


Social Sharing

Share your details On Social media with status update, profile image, fashion images, likes, comments, hash tags, & mentions.

Chat Feature

Users can communicate with their matches to know each other better once they join an event.

User profile

Add and Update profile, Followed Scrum Methodology to accommodate the new scope in each Sprint

Final outcome is what matters the most

We ultimately came up with a fabulous Photo Sharing & social networking app in the form of ‘Focus – Photo Sharing App’, which had the abilities to be used in place of Photo sharing apps, and many others.  Users have many social connections but the can connect with selected People with help of this app and share pictures and many more special moment pics, with special Comment at the same time.

focush mobile app

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