If you have a website on wordpress, you need to know some amazing tips and tricks that help you become an expert in WordPress. These are Handpicked tips and tricks you need to know. 

The 21 Most Useful WordPress Tips And Tricks For Everyone

As we all know, WordPress comes without any limitations. It completely depends on your requirements – whatever you want to do or any experiment; you can do on WordPress. And that’s why you need to know all the important tips and tricks that help you use WordPress at an advanced level. 

After reading this article, you become an expert in WordPress. Let’s begin!

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks For You:

The 21 Most Useful WordPress Tips And Tricks For Everyone

Tip #1 Pick An SEO-Friendly Theme

On the website, the most important thing is the theme. And if you see some most pro bloggers or website owners, they heavily invested in themes. Make sure when you’re building your website then you need to pick a premium SEO-friendly theme. And the reason to choose an SEO-friendly theme is that you’ll get an SEO-optimized theme that helps you get a better ranking of your website and content.

Whenever you pick any theme, make sure it has two major Qualities, i.e., Responsive design and Lightweight-ness. If you pick any SEO-friendly WordPress themes, they should be responsive for any design that engages more visitors. Because of its User-friendly Interface, your website performs faster. And it’s a lightweight theme, so you don’t need to worry about any slow speed issues. If you want to increase your website speed, you first need to pick a lightweight theme for your website. 

Tip #2 Create A Clean Permalinks

In 2021, this trick will be used by almost all top bloggers and WordPress website owners.

Creating simple, easy-to-read, and user-friendly links. It’s hard to read links that come with different alphabets, numbers combination together, and then you need to read for ex-


It’s tough to read this link, copy it, and open it. That’s why worldwide permalink is being used for easy to read and Share purposes. The primary purpose of using permalink is trust because permalink looks easy, simple, and user-friendly. And these permalinks are short URLs that you can use for different purposes. 

Tip #3 Install Google Analytics In WordPress

If you have a WordPress Website, the Google Analytics tool is a must-have for your website. By using the Google Analytics tool, you can check the insight of your website, like from where you’re getting visitors on your website and what actions they’re taking. And it’s easy to install Google analytics on your WordPress website by using the MonsterInsights plugin. When using Google Analytics, make sure you’re implementing code in your theme to see real-time updates. 

Tip #4 Display Random Posts In WordPress

If you want to showcase random Posts on your website to get more engagement with visitors, you need to install a plugin “Random Post widget” in your WordPress. 

You need to Activate the Advanced Random Post widget plugin to the sidebar. Using this plugin, many website owners Engage with their visitors and help them read different topics. 

Tip #5 How To Change Username In WordPress?

WordPress gives you Authority to change username but not quickly. You need to install Third-Party Plugins to change the username. And if you want to change your username, then you need to follow this method:

If you want to change your username, you need to install the “Username Changer” plugin. After installing the plugin, go to the user’s section – click on the username changer page – write a new name and save changes. 

Your username is finally changed by this easy-to-use method. 

Tip #6 Allow Users To Like/Dislike Comments

If you want to engage with your audience, then having this feature can build good engagement. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook comes with this feature of like/dislike comments for better engagement. And if you like this feature and want to add it to your website comments, you need to install the plugin “comments like-dislike” on your WordPress website.

After installing, it’s time to activate your plugin; at your left sidebar, click on comments – then click comments like dislike – do some settings accordingly.

Your new features of like/dislike comments are now ready to use. 

Tip #7 Duplicate A WordPress Post/Page

Many users don’t know this simple but most helpful trick. If you want to duplicate any content or page, you don’t need to recreate it from scratch. Another option you can do is by installing a plugin, “Duplicate Post,” and when you install it on your WordPress website, you have options to duplicate your content or page in one click. You’ll get the option to clone this page below the Post section. We hope after knowing this trick, you can save lots of time. 

Tip #8 Changing The Author Of WordPress Post

If you’re running a blogging website and inviting different bloggers to do Guest Blogging on your website, you need to mention them as an author. But how can you change the author’s name? That’s the question.

And if you want to assign different authors to different posts, you need to know these hidden settings to add other authors in posts. 

Follow these simple steps to add Author in your post – click on edit post-click on-screen option at the top right corner – tick the author button – edit Author box and add as per your requirements.

Now you can easily add any author details and change in minutes. 

Tip #9 Install SEO Plugin

Almost all WordPress Website owners have an SEO plugin because they know the value of using SEO Plugins to increase ranking and get audiences. If you don’t know advanced SEO, then using WordPress SEO Plugin can help you. And if you’re looking for the best SEO plugin that will help you increase ranking on Google, then “Yoast SEO” is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress website owners.

Even if you know the basic terms of SEO, you can still implement advanced SEO strategies by using this plugin. It’s so easy to use and gives you effective results. Because it’s a clear idea that, if you have a website, you need to rank on Google, and that’s why you can’t ignore SEO. You need to do SEO optimization on your website, and for this, Yoast SEO is the best plugin. 

You can’t depend on your content that it will rank soon. You have to do so much optimization and research to get a better ranking on Google, and for this, what exactly do you need to implement in your content given by Yoast SEO.

Tip #10 Compress Images

Whenever you feel that your website loads slowly, the first thing you need to do is, Compress your website images. One of the main reasons is that you’re adding very high-quality images that take time to load and perform slowly with this website. But you can resolve this issue and speed up your website performance in one click by using the “Kraken Image Optimizer” plugin for WordPress users.

With the help of this tool, you can Compress all images of a website without decreasing quality so that it increases website speed without affecting images. It’s a beneficial and working method to boost your website performance. 

Tip #11 Learn How To Use Heading Tags And Meta Tags

Do you have any idea about heading tags and meta tags and the benefits you’re getting by using this method? Then I’ll tell you that adding a heading tag and meta tag to your website helps Google rank your website. But you can’t add tags randomly; you need to learn first to implement these tags. 

For SEO Optimization, heading tag and meta tags are both necessary, and it helps you get a better ranking on Google. We suggest you First learn about how to use meta tags and then start implementing for better results.

Tip #12 Backup Your Database

You need to keep creating Backups of your website so that you’ll keep your website safe and secure. You’ve done so much effort and Strategies to build your website, and you can’t take the risk of losing your entire website if the website is hacked or crashes.

That’s why having a security backup is necessary, and almost all WordPress users are doing daily Backups for better security. There are many ways to take backup of your entire website – you can use WordPress plugins or go to Cpanel for manual backup. Many people think that it’s a tough process to take backup, but if you’re using plugins for backup, you can take backup in one click. 

Tip #13 Add Facebook Pixel To Your Site

If you want to grow your business through a website, you need to install a Facebook pixel on your website. Because Facebook pixel helps you get detailed insights like website visitors, what actions they take, you can find your targeted audience to grow your business. You can also find detailed audience details like – age, interests, location, gender, etc. That’s why adding pixels to your website can help you find your audience interested in your products/services. 

Tip #14 Install SSL Certificate

The most important factor in building trust in a website is installing an SSL certificate. If your website does not secure a pop-up, then it looks fake or non trusted. Even if you see a website like TCS or Infosys, if it’s not secured, you may have doubts that this website is duplicate or fake. You need to install an SSL certificate on your website and keep your website secure. Well, it’s not about Trust but also keeping your website safe from any hack.

To install an SSL certificate, you need to pick the best hosting with free SSL certificate installation. And you don’t need to learn any technical things about installing SSL; you need to open live chat support and tell them to install an SSL certificate in your hosting. 

Tip #15 Limit Login Attempts

WordPress comes with an unlimited attempt to log in to the WordPress dashboard. And you need to control this attempt for security purposes. Because anyone can Guess a password with some combination, that’s why you need to set it up with a few login attempts. WordPress has a viral Plugin to set shots, “Login Lockdown,” which helps you set limits on the number of failed attempts. 

It’s a very Useful Plugin that comes with better security for your WordPress account. 

Tip #16 Add Full-Screen Search Overlay In WordPress

A new trend comes into the market, i.e., Full-screen search overlay in WordPress website. And if you want to add this amazing feature to your WordPress website, then it’s so easy to do it. And the benefit of adding this feature is that visitors can engage with your website and Search easily for anything they’re looking for. After adding this feature, visitors’ experience becomes more Easier. 

And to add this feature to your WordPress website, you need to install the plugin “WordPress full-screen search overlay” in your WordPress. Then you need to activate this plugin with one click. No more efforts, no editing. Just start it, and your website now comes with a full-screen search overlay. 

Tip #17 Display Total Number Of Comments

You can add a feature of displaying the total number of comments in your blog post that attracts more visitors and builds trust for your website. And it also helps you to identify how many comments you’re getting on each post. You can showcase as proof on social media, encourage new visitors to drop comments on your post, and help to join the discussion. 

And it’s so easy to add this feature by installing the “Simple Blog stats” plugin on your WordPress website. 

After installing this plugin, you can easily set up this Plugin by adding Shortcode to any page where you want to display no. of comments, and that’s it. Now you’ve amazing features of showing no. of comments. 

Tip #18 Display Last Updated Date Of Your Posts

This is a beneficial feature most blogging websites are using. When any visitor goes to their website and shows an updated article, it’s built trust on this article to read. Because if you’re writing any content you want to keep updating, you need to Showcase your visitors. And it’s easily possible by doing some Simple Steps. 

You need to add simple code in your post/blog, and it will keep you updated. 

Copy This Code And Paste It Into Your WordPress Website Blog Post

function wpb_last_updated_date( $content ) {

$u_time = get_the_time(‘U’); 

$u_modified_time = get_the_modified_time(‘U’); 

if ($u_modified_time >= $u_time + 86400) { 

$updated_date = get_the_modified_time(‘F jS, Y’);

$updated_time = get_the_modified_time(‘h:i a’); 

$custom_content .= ‘<p class=”last-updated”>Last updated on ‘. $updated_date . ‘ at ‘. $updated_time .'</p>’;  

    $custom_content .= $content;

    return $custom_content;


add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpb_last_updated_date’ );

Tip #19 Add Two-Factor Authentication

To protect your website from any hacks, you need to add Two-Factor Authentication security to your WordPress website. And to Install security on the website, you need to install the famous WordPress security plugin “Two Factor.” When you install this plugin, you need to activate it to set up your website security. And if you have this feature, then your website and your login details are Secured. 

There are many ways available for you to add two-factor securities to your website:

●    Email: Email verification process for each time you log in to your account

●    One-time password: You’ll get OTP on your smartphone

●    Backup Verification codes: You always need a verification code. If you forget any password, then this code can help you to get back your login access. 

Tip #20 Display Post Summary On Home Page

When you visit any professional Blogging website, you’ve noticed that before clicking on any topic to read, they already provided a summary of their topic so that you’ll get a brief idea about what you’re going to read. And it looks eye-catching and valuable. And when you use these summary features, then your website becomes more engaging and performs faster. Many plugins are available to add these summary features you can check and Install on your WordPress website.

Tip #21 Add ALT Tags To Your Images

For SEO optimization, this trick is really useful, and when you implement this method in your articles, you’ll get more Engagement, better ranking, and better results. You need to add tags (Keyword) in the Images you’ll add in the article. That helps you to make articles more relevant and optimized. 

Final Verdict

We’ve discussed the top 21 tips and tricks that every WordPress owner should know in this article. After reading this article, we hope you can become an expert in WordPress because all these tips and tricks we’ve listed here are amazing, helpful, and Help you use WordPress in a more advanced manner. And if you like some tips and tricks, implement them in your WordPress website and see some new amazing results.

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