WordPress is the most famous Content Management System (CMS) in the world. The best thing about it is that it is user-friendly and very easy to use. One who is a regular user of word press must be familiar with the best downloadable features called plugins. Plugins are very helpful as they give access to new features and tools to the users. They can give new designs, more easy and handy features, and can be directly accessed from the dashboard. The most popular plugin is the Project Management Plugin.

Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

The Project Management Plugin is very helpful for bloggers, content creators, and content managers to track what is being published on or through their websites. The teams can manage and discuss their tasks and project online. Project Management is all about offering a solution/service that offers value to people by using contextual knowledge, methods, skills, etc. For example, the development of software to automate web-based common tasks or services is an appropriate example. 

Some of the popular and best Word Press Project Management Plugin are-

1. Word Press Project Management By Upstream

Word Press Project Management by Upstream- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Upstream project management plugin is a free WordPress instrument that permits you to effortlessly deal with a venture, directly from inside your WordPress. It is extensible through a wide range of extensions created by the Upstream management team. Upstream project management lets the team and project managers mark bugs, track tasks, and projects, and also gives a platform where everyone on the project could be able to chat with each other.

Upstream also has its premium version. The premium extensions have the following features-

  1. The project timeline and calendar view.
  2. Create milestones and tasks.
  3. Create Ghantt style charts for their projects.
  4. Allows uploading files and documents.
  5. The client can assign tasks and report bugs.
  6. Custom fields
  7. There is a tool to customize the dashboard with logos and colors of their choice.
  8. There is an automatic progress tracking which informs when a project needs more people to work on it or when the project is about to get complete.

UpStream also has a secure way of letting only relevant stakeholders get access to sensitive information about the project. So, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to let someone in or out within your WordPress site. Users are sharing their satisfaction with this plugin. Although it may not have the flair of some of the other WordPress Project Management plugins on our list, it’s a highly functional option to use.  

The upstream pricing plans are-

  1. Lite Plan – $79 annually for 1 website
  2. Professional Plan – $179 annually for 1 website
  3. Agency Plan – $279 annually for 10 websites
  4. Enterprise Plan – $479 annually for 10 websites

2. WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager Pro- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

It is one of the most popular open-source wordpress project management plugins available on wordpress. It is managed by weDevs. it has a lot of awesome features for small, medium, and large range projects. 

The features of WP Project Manager Pro are-

1. The basic feature is project creation

2. The users are allowed to leave a comment, message, or attach other files to the project or task.

3. There is also an option to add milestones.

4. You can set notifications and decide who can receive them.

5. You can create unlimited boards and drag and drop them to your needs.

6. The users can see the timeline through the Ghantt chart facility.

7. Customer Invoicing capabilities and time tracking are also present.

8. Add-ons can also be incorporated like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Slack, and more.

9. The free version has the basic features

The upgraded Pro version of the WP Project Manager plugin starts from $79.

3. Project Panorama

Project Panorama- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Project Panorama is an excellent WordPress Project Management plugin with some awesome offerings. It is a true management tool that keeps the client and the team in the loop. The projects can be managed easily through the dashboard. The entire team can very conveniently check the progress of the project and know what they need to accomplish and when it’s going to end. 

The features of Project Panorama are-

1. It helps the stakeholders to understand the scale of the project and get information.

2. Each user has their dashboard which provides them with a summary of the project they are working on.

3. It has a brilliant feature of visualization.

4. The project timeline is also provided.

Pricing of Project Panorama is-

1. Personal Plan at $99 for 1 site

2. Agency Plan at $149 for 5 sites

3. Enterprise Plan at $199 for an unlimited number of sites

4. Lifetime Plan at $599 for an unlimited number of site

4. Kanban Boards For WordPress

Kanban Boards for WordPress- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Kanban is the best choice for agile project managers. It is the most simple and powerful plugin. Kanban works like Trello, the users can get a single glance at the progress of their projects. The users can give the task to their teams and track the project and know when it will be complete.

The features of Kanban are-

1. There is a visual board to see which user is doing which project and what is the next project.

2. The data is saved separately for better security and privacy purpose.

3. There is also a comment section where the users can communicate with each other.

4. To give various tasks their priority different tasks can be labeled with different colors as per their importance.

5. There are broad templates for various works like project management, sales pipeline, job applicant tracking, and many more.

6. Even a customized Kanban Board is also provided.

7. The users are notified if any changes are made.

8. Every user has an individual board.

Pricing of Kanban is-

1. There is an option for the free version

2. For Kanban Pro $149 per year.

5. Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Zephyr Project Manager is a WordPress project management plugin that empowers you to proficiently deal with your errands as a whole. This component-rich application has a contemporary, easy-to-understand plan that simplifies it to monitor your tasks in general and ventures. It is an advanced and easy-to-use WordPress project management plugin.

This element-rich instrument flaunts a lovely interface that assists you with easily following your undertakings as a whole and activities. Zephyr Project Manager allows you to deal with your responsibility all the more adequately, empowering you to focus on explicit things, get email notices, or convert projects into errands. You can likewise utilize the conversation board to trade messages and records with your group.

The features of Zephyr Project Manager are-

1. The profile of the user is customized.

2. You can assign responsibilities by forming a team.

3. Automated progress charts can be made easily.

4. Unlimited projects can be made and also they can be tracked.

5. Your tasks can be viewed in a calendar.

Pricing of Zephyr Project Manager-

1. Free version is available.

2. Pro license- $49.

6. Monday.com

Monday- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Monday.com is a user-friendly plugin. The Monday.com project tracker layout will help you in monitoring all tasks in your work process, at various times. While Monday.com isn’t a WordPress plugin, it associates perfectly with WooCommerce. On account of its capacity to import material all through Microsoft Excel and Google bookkeeping pages, you can set up this undertaking the board and deals process framework in a matter of seconds.

It likewise works the opposite way around, permitting you to send out your outcomes to Excel and impart them to your group or customers. View the shop’s stock, track your orders and items, and effectively deal with your business all from one spot. This undertaking of the board programming is profoundly visual. It shows your advancement, targets, and achievements through appealing sheets and tables. It helps the group monitor the whole work process since they can without much of a stretch see each assignment’s changes, progress, and bottlenecks.

The features of Monday.com are-

1. You can change or update the project information to match the current status. It can be done in a very simple and easy way.

2. The team can keep track of the entire project.

3. There are attractive boards and tables through which the progress, targets, and milestones can be checked.

4. There are also various workflow templates.

5. It can be used by both small and huge enterprise-level organizations.

The pricing of Monday.com is-

1. Basic plan is $24 per month.

2. Standard plan is $30 per month

3. Pro plan is for $48 per month.

7. Avaza

Avaza- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Avaza is not a direct WordPress plugin, but it can be combined with WordPress and WooCommerce with Zapier. It has a simple to-explore UI with a spotless and smooth plan. Just simplify components on the task’s page to change them as you need. Avaza likewise offers a group visit which is expressly planned given business cooperation. It has a concentrated inbox where you can get to task conversations, direct messages, and conversation channels.

To work with following and overseeing conversations between groups, messages in the undertaking conversation contain a connection to the actual errand. Another key component projects asset planning. It arranges the work hours of your group into one helpful timetable. A portion of the components engaged with the coordination incorporate the capacity to send solicitations among WordPress and Avaza, and choices to make new errands, undertakings, clients, and items with practically no compelling reason to duplicate these subtleties over from one program to the next.

The features of Avaza are-

1. Projects and tasks can be categorized for the user groups.

2. Custom reports can be created.

3. Collaborators can be invited to give their inputs and approve the timesheet.

4. There are various automated processes.

5. For quick information project summaries are provided.

6. There’s a fascinating component that connects your appraisals to projects. Consequently, you convey a gauge to a possible customer. Once acknowledged, you can change over that gauge into an Avaza project, with all of the data continued from the record.

Pricing for Avaza is-

1. The free version is available

2. The companies which want to use Avaza for the long term can purchase starting with $9.95.

8. Airtable

Airtable- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Airtable is a project management software incredible for showcasing groups with a lot of activities to deal with. There are a couple of ways of coordinating Airtable into WordPress. You can either utilize its REST API or Zapier. Zapier allows you to incorporate Airtable to WordPress without coding, so it is easier to understand the choice. Airtable allows you to make data sets and accounting pages to help oversee and work on your work process, regardless of whether you wanted to design an item dispatch or a promoting occasion.

Also, Airtable accompanies mechanization highlights diminishing repetitive undertakings. Make custom triggers for sending email warnings, adding occasions to your schedule, and different activities. It also gives a few pre-made layouts that you can alter to accommodate your task. You will find accounting pages to plan web-based media and blog entries, enlist new representatives, and different cycles. With all the data accessible on one accounting page, it will be simpler for advertising groups to oversee item dispatches and execute item showcasing systems.

Pricing of Airtable are-

1. There is a free version available

2. There is a Plus Plan for $10 per month per user.

9. Freedcamp

Freedcamp- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Freedcamp is a venture the executive’s apparatus that permits associations to foster configurable gadgets, team up on projects with different representatives, and plan, arrange and oversee work across the board place. Executives might utilize an incorporated storehouse to store information, contacts, and leads, analyze different renditions of records, screen issues across assignments, and separate bigger ventures into subtasks dependent on authoritative necessities.

The features of Freedcamp are-

1. Offer capabilities that consistently join undertaking, task, and time usage devices, just as surprising additional items like the secret phrase on the board, wikis, visit/notes, and invoicing. 

2. Numerous incredible capacities make it a lot more grounded than it shows up from the start. 

3. Freedcamp helps with observing each venture’s turn of events.

The pricing of Freedcamp is $1.49 per year.

10. Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro- Top Project Management Plugins For WordPress

Task Manager Pro is a task the board module intended to assist you with dealing with your undertakings straightforwardly on your WordPress dashboard. 

Assignment Manager Pro is a fantastic choice for individuals who have a more modest spending plan yet need skilled venture the board programming to deal with their undertakings. Its ticket-the-board include allows you to deal with your client care administration straight on your WordPress site. To guarantee that input and different messages from your clients don’t get lost, you can allot an associate for every one of them.

Task Manager Pro also permits you to refresh your assignments’ advancement, status change, and add remarks. It will be not difficult to know the amount of the errand that has been finished, while its status will allow you to separate activities dependent on need. Furthermore, you can utilize a shortcode to add an assignment or task rundown to any posts or pages on your WordPress site. It will make it simpler for your group to get to their undertakings and errands.

Pricing of Task Manager Pro is-

1. Regular License- $39

2. Extended License- $985 

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