When it comes to WordPress development services for your business, web developers are likely to made mistakes. Whether you’re a beginner WordPress developer or an expert in Woocommerce custom development, you can’t exempt from errors.

When developers take care of the mistakes during developing a website, it will save plenty of time required in the development and also enable you to grow your business more productively.

What Mistakes to Avoid While Considering WordPress Development Services?

Read here some mistakes to avoid mistakes while developing a website in WordPress platform-

Picking the Wrong WordPress Platform

There are two options in WordPress for WordPress development services. One is WordPress.com (blog hosting service) and another is WorsPress.org (a self-hosted platform that can give access to use features). To avoid mistakes, initiate web development with WordPress.org, not with WordPress.com.

Making Use of Posts Not Pages

For developing a website in WordPress, it’s significant to understand the difference between posts and pages. Many newbies in WP use posts to make important pages on a website. This approach is a big blunder in creating a business website.

Keeping Debugging Feature Turned Off

With the help of debugging features, a developer can easily know PHP errors, notices, and warnings associated with custom coding/ programming. This causes difficulty in creating a bug-free website. 

Not Organizing Content with Categories and Tags

Several developers organize content on webpages with categories only, not with tags. And, some develop websites with 20-50 tags and 0 categories. Both of these approaches are errors in building a fully-featured website.

Focusing Less on Site Speed & Performance

Developers use different WP plugins and themes to add features and functionality to a website. Along with this, they add images, videos, and other relevant content. But, they don’t monitor the speed and performance of a website. 

Ignoring the Latest WP Updates Available

Usually, WP developers believe that installing an updated WP version will incorporate errors and destroy the website. While working on the WP admin dashboard, an update notification pops up from time to time and you should not ignore it. 

Keeping Website Available for Public During Development

It is always recommended that a WP website that is under development should not be available for the public. As in, Google and other search engines will crawl it and index it under the development phase, and the final website will not be SEO friendly

Selecting the Wrong Theme

While designing an appealing website, almost every web designer has to strive hard to choose the theme that comes with a rich user interface and user experience. Always choose the theme according to the business domains as it will be very impactful for website success, brand awareness, and online reputation too. 

Installing Many Plugins in One Website

A WordPress plugin is a crucial element to make an interactive and appealing website. On the flip side, when you install too many plugins, it will affect the look and feel of the website a lot. Hence, avoid installing too many plugins just for one site.

Using Unnecessary Widgets

Other then WP plugins, unnecessary widgets on footers and sidebars also hamper the quality of a business website. This will create a mess and jumbled the webpages which will end up irritating your viewers.

Final Words

It is quite common for WordPress website developers to commit mistakes while developing a featured website. However, many developers contemplate mistakes as learning chances that help them to enrich their expertise. 

It is recommended to avoid mistakes as they might turn to massive blunder that you can’t deal with. Hence, always follow proper coding and programming guidelines and standard development to enjoy the best WordPress development services.

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WordPress Development Related Question & Answering

Q1- Why should I work with Pixlogix?

We are a leading WordPress Development Company in India specializing in building reliable and scalable WordPress-driven solutions. Having an expert team of WordPress developers, we create a website that our clients need.

Q2- What about the post maintenance service of the WP development project?

We, at Pixlogix, offer WordPress maintenance plans to our potential customers. We know that after development and deployment, web solutions need attention, updates, and ongoing changes, as well as feature development to stay up-to-date and render value to their users.

Q3- Why use WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system. This platform shares around 60% of the total website development share in the market. It has a large community of developers that offers support to users. 

Q4- Do I get the complete ownership of my website?

Once your website development is complete, we will provide you 100% ownership of the website. You need to ask for certain accesses such as database access, FTP access, WP admin access, domain, and DNS setting access.


When it comes to WordPress development services, not only the newbies but also the professionals might sometimes make common mistakes. Being a WordPress developer, making mistakes in development is a part of the process. Read here the most common mistakes that a developer should avoid in his/her development cycle.

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