We have encountered the hike of e-commerce stages, where numerous businesses are perplexed to choose the most appropriate e-commerce stage for their online storage requirements. You must be familiar with the best e-commerce stages like Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc but when we think of selecting an e-commerce stage that would be suitable for many leading businesses, then the first and foremost option for everyone is Woocommerce. This is already used by maximum business companies.

Why Should You Prefer Woocommerce?

Among multiple other e-commerce stages, most people are aware of the fact that the Woocommerce plugin comes for free but, it has modern features with free and premium plugins, the extension makes it the most widely preferred e-commerce stage which generates power to 30 percent of online storage.

Do you want to know more about Woocommerce and its featured? In this article, we are going to discuss some important reasons why business owners need to select Woocommerce to know about the online presence of their products by producing an intriguing and exciting e-commerce website?

Let me then tell you most of the reasons specifically explaining everything in detail.

Why Should You Prefer Woo-Commerce?

1. Woocommerce is Very Cost-Effective

Pricing is considered as one of the most common characteristic aspects of a retailer to think about beginning a new online store. There are numerous e-commerce stages you can always get in the market like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc. Few of these are said to be very difficult to afford and some of these demand less investment. So if you are searching for an e-commerce stage, that gives you high-quality help and low costing then Woocommerce should be the only considerable choice for building an online store.

Woocommerce is one of the most easily accessible and dependable e-commerce platforms that give you very high-quality help which would motivate you to highly active and top-performing online stores in your budget list. Its modern attributes, plugins, and free themes prove it as a favorable e-commerce platform. With the help of Woocommerce, a very small start-up plan can grow its business and create an impression of products for the onlookers by creating an e-commerce website. 

2. Storefront Customization 

This has an important part in choosing whether your audiences are going to like your products or isolate your website without even buying anything. If your store is not an optimized one with confusing designs, expect a quick increase in the bounce rate. This is why it is valuable to make an intriguing storefront that will help you to turn your visitors to the website into actual customers. 

woocommerce starts as the most renowned CMS platform of WordPress. And the fact which would sound somewhat interesting is that this gives you access to customize your storefront by creating the required alterations in the themes. You’ll be getting both the paid themes as well as the free ones that back woocommerce.

The e-store designs, as well as the layouts, are counted as an essential feature of selling stuff online. And this plugin introduces us to 40 free themes which can be monitored and changed by all kinds of businesses. woocommerce updated attributes access you to make and change your stuff according to the requirements of the visitors. You can check out various forms and templates which will be available in the woo-commerce to meet your lead.

It also gives access to the users to change their storefront by altering the CSS and colors present in the theme. It’s also permitted to change the code through WordPress seating to create your website work faster on all kinds of screens.

3. Advanced Built-in Features and Plugins

We found numerous e-commerce stages that show some attributes to create an e-commerce website. But when it is revolving around woocommerce, its elasticity and dependability for all types of businesses make it the most preferred e-commerce stage. It also consists of premium add-ons that can be accessed when your business starts developing with enormous potential. 

It holds on several inbuilt attributes and modern plugins that would be manageable for you in making and handling the optimized online stores. This isn’t blocked till accessing free plugins and attributes which would be able to help you in running an online store with your likable amount of products.

Using the Woocommerce store you can take payment through Stripe and PayPal. It depends on per installed value gateways also access the users to make the payment through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, and Cash On Delivery. If you hold any other paid payment path then you are allowed to install in woo-commerce to make your user’s purchasing experience Hassle-free.

woocommerce updated built-in features also add up numerous currencies and geolocation support. Its updated attribute accesses the store owners to check the geolocation that makes it easier for them to locate the shipping location and count the taxes depending on the policies of the nations. This attribute is best for companies running in numerous countries. Woocommetrce has a couple of built-in currencies by which one can effortlessly configure the default currency. 

Its naturally created features also lower the load speed of the page so that users won’t have to reload their page while creating some alterations or joining something extraordinary to the product in the cart. woocommerce utilizes AJAX to fix the acceleration, Its components also consist of new handling attributes such as drag and drop payment processing.  

You can also choose to use paid plugins and exaggerated advancements when the demand for your site turns out to be more complicated.

Search Engine Friendly platform Seo has a vital role in having a website ranked on the search engine outcome page. If your online store requires you to bring more traffic to your materials then, it is necessary to have your product plus your website ranked in SERP.

WooCommerce when added, WordPress makes it relaxing for businesses to have their product viewed. Because WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS platform that independently creates woocommerce as a search engine-friendly eCommerce stage. Some ideas can guide you in optimizing your e-commerce website for SEO

● Include material detail for every item in your online store.

● Always optimize the title of your page.

● Always remember to add breadcrumbs as it guides the onlookers and googles both. 

● Update your website steering understandable and gentle without any complexities.

● Write valuable details for every material.

● Optimize your picture by including alt words in it.

● Don’t look up to the same information on multiple pages.

● Utilize SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO to measure the performance of your page and material.

4. Marketing 

An e-commerce website would not be effective and creative until it is fueled with full power. Marketing is one of the vital components of every business that guides them in creating awareness and pulling potential customers. WooCommerce attributes allow you to promote your store products by running various promotions to higher the sale of your business. 

Using woo commerce attributes you can add discount options, start coupon campaigns, and spread about your products on sale. Woocommers assure that their users don’t adjust when it comes to promoting their materials to have a successful business. You can also give free shipping ideas via coupons to gain more visitors to your online store. Its new feature allows you to mention the expiry date of your coupons. 

Comments also play an important role in ensuring users buy your produced materials. And WooCommers updates access to show authentic customer’s labels to your store visitors. Other than including coupons and customer labels you can check various plugins in woocommerce like Smart Coupons, Cart Add-ons, Social Media Integration, Follow-up emails, etc. These plugins will guide you in promoting your materials. 

5. Inventory Management 

Inventory management is an important subject of an online store. It helps store owners in checking and locating stock levels. Many businesses spend hundreds, thousands of dollars to ensure their online store inventory. But it turns out to be difficult for an initial phase startup to balance their inventory by spending large amounts.  

But WooCommerce’s promising and popular inventory management system permits you to check the stock level and advance report stock after return and buy. WooCommerce inventory management also permits you to receive information about low or selling out-of-stock materials. And its built-up management independently gets invisible into an out-of-stock material from the store.

woocommerce permits you to direct and manage your inventory by utilizing two options in the dashboard that is WooCommerce tab and the Product tab. Through this tab, you can receive all the information related to your stock. Woocommerece also guides you in handling refunds, orders, emails, and other issues that may create your online store successfully. 

6. Powerful and Effective Analytics 

Ecommerce analytics is one of the vital requirements of an online store utilized by every business owner. Numerous free and premium analytical tools are accessible that can pay you in-depth refutations for your e-commerce website. But small businesses realize that it is tough to handle those complications and analytics interfaces that lead to affecting the growth of their newly started business. 

WooCommerce analytics gives an intriguing and clear interface that motivates all types of businesses to check their potential customer job and information. Every business wants to stay in touch with its customers, that’s why it is vital to check the e-store visitor information. Woocmeerce has come out as an affordable eCommerce platform with strengthened analytical reporting. It handles the retailers in identifying how their potential users are talking with the store and its product. 

E-store owners are giving a large amount to get the analytical survey of their website. But woocommerce permits you to get the analytical report associated with the total sale, sale by date, average order, site visitor action, and many more. The main outcome is that it shows an analytical report that can be easily accessible by every business owner. You don’t have to keep a different person to check the report of your online store. Its outcome is presented in graphical structure and all the important factors related to your sale are displayed in numbers making it an easily accessible e-commerce platform. 

7. Stable Platform with Excellent Customer Support

When it comes to balance then WooCommerce is the foremost option for every small and large-scale business. Its updated components do not disturb its consistency when compared to other platforms. woocommerce is considered as one of the most balanced with fewer viruses. Yes, in the first version it had some functional problems but for now, with every update, WooCommer is turning out to be stronger and proving its quality of being consistent for all types of screws. 

WordPress and WooCommerce both are open-source stages that make it controllable to a broad range of developers. Its customer support makes it the most accessible e-commerce platform around the world. Its support will help you from installing to fixing up your store. WooCommerce customer and tech support team would also guide you in solving every issue. They’re instances when you may get paused somewhere in the inventory directory or fixing up the payment gateway. You don’t have to be tensed as woo-commerce provides FAQs and video tutorials to guide their customer to confront all the issues they are tackling related to fixing up their store. 

They think about the business requirements of their customers and pay their clients’ businesses with the utmost care and strength. They hustle in an agile circumstance where they categorize their clients with the attributes they’ve shown after every sprint. With this, you can have hands-on experience with the application and can see their thoughts being directed as a live application. This permits them to locate their clients better.

If you are thinking to start an eCommerce business then, you would be very confused while choosing the eCommerce platform. There are various eCommerce platforms shown in the marketplace. Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, etc as I have mentioned above are the best platforms around the world that you can be used to initiate an eCommerce store.

I would suggest using the Woocommerce stage as it is best for producing any type of online store. As compared to many eCommerce stages woo-commerce advanced design, SEO Friendly interfaces, and advanced plugins make it more user-friendly.

When you initiate the online store you would want to spend as little amount as you can. With Woocommerce it can be done. You can create your store as your business start grows.

Woocomerce has the comfort zone which allows every seller to customize and modify everything on the website to summarize everything written above. It is free of cost and one should definitely not pay anything for using woocommerce rather than just downloading and activating this user-friendly stuff.

Here are Some Reviews :

WooCommerce is indubitably an amazing eCommerce platform that has a wide range of purposes and abilities, but I don’t comprehend there’s ever a “best” for everyone. There’s a best for you, and the best for your acquaintance, and your friend, but not a common best. If you’re striving to decide which eCommerce strategy to use, you’d have to take the commodity of your enterprise and goals going into this, which will hopefully narrow down your issue so that you’re able to compare and contrast the employment and pricing of each eCommerce strategy in a path that gives rise to a motive for you.

There are a lot of e-commerce strategies accessible but selecting the best for your company is critical. Choosing the best e-commerce outlet is mainly dangling on what and how you wish to establish your e-commerce mart.

Woocommerce is a whack for those who understand how to wield WordPress and can deal with hosting and properties. Frivolity is Free in today’s world! If you want to get the best outcome for your tale then first you have to take a hazard, Particularly when you want to leap into the e-commerce enterprise.

As a beginner certainly, you have to encounter a free plan for comprehending to characteristics of the e-commerce platform. You can visit Buildabazaar for the same! Buildabazaar offers versatile and creative proposals to fit every business regulation, choose the one that best suits you. Establish an online store and start peddling today with our eCommerce website builder 15 days Free trial!

A free website producer that furnishes the capacity to relinquish in eCommerce, as well. You can sell your commodities to your consumers on Shiprocket Social. This strategy is easy to use, allows you to add a policy domain, create pennants, web pages, create a Facebook shop, and associate your social agencies rectifies to your SR Social summary. Here’s the catch – they have another commodity that lets you take care of the logistics aspect of the company in a reasonable attitude. It’s called Sprocket. You can benefit from the shipping assistance for free – they have this thing called a LITE subscription plan that is available of expense. However, if you want to ship bulk injunctions, it’s significant to get one of their premium subscription plans. However, the quantity to subscribe isn’t much; it’s quite insignificantficant.

I hope this helps!

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