If you want to start your e-commerce journey, then which platform is best, WooCommerce or Shopify? Both tools are best for building a Store, and Both have their Uniqueness. That’s why in this article, we’ve covered an in-depth Comparison between both tools, features, uses, and pricing plans. 

WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which One Is The Best For Online Store

These two are highly in demand in E-commerce because WooCommerce power 27% of online Stores and Shopify power 21% of online stores. And both tools are best for building and running online stores. 

So let’s begin and review both platforms, and you can choose the best one to start your online Store!

What Is Shopify?

If you’re looking for an All-in-one tool that builds your Store without knowing any technical coding, then this platform is best. I’m sure you’ve heard about this platform from many big players in e-commerce.

Because this is the best solution, the best part is that you don’t need to worry about any technical knowledge; using this platform is Easy, Less effort, and most things are prebuilt. It’s a hosted solution. That’s why you don’t need to add any web hosting for your Store. Everything will be managed by Shopify Itself. 

Your main focus is to find the Best domain name for your Store and then one-click signup in Shopify and choose the best theme of your Store. 

It’s a Very Advanced platform where you’ll get so many necessary tools for your Store. Even if you’re a Beginner, Shopify tools help you create logos, business name Suggestions, video making, and many more. 

Shopify: Pros & Cons

Shopify Prons and Cons: WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which One Is The Best For Online Store


● It’s So easy to Use

● All Templates are Mobile-friendly and Responsive

● Worldwide popular for Dropshipping

● Comes with Automatic Tax calculation in the US, UK, & EU

● You can sell with Multi-currency.

● You can create Different websites with Different languages.

● Shopify offers a Free Email marketing tool for the first 2500 subscribers.

● SEO is Good in Shopify

● Support both platforms Android & iOS

● So many payments gateway Available

● Comes with Live Chat and Phone support


● For an In-depth Report, you need to switch more expensive plan

● If you use Shopify payment, then it’s Specific for some countries only.

● Multi-currency option available for Shopify payment user’s only.

● You’ll get a basic level of Email marketing in Shopify.

What is WooCommerce?

It’s a Plugin for WordPress. Well, most users use WordPress for websites, and if you’re very familiar with WordPress, then it’s your choice. If you don’t want to switch to other websites for Store, then why not create a store on WordPress. 

If you want to build an e-commerce store on WordPress, then the Best plugin is WooCommerce. That helps you to manage the Complete Store using one tool. 

And the benefit of using this tool is, you don’t need to purchase Shopify paid plans, and you can use WordPress with the same hosting. If you want to create a store on WordPress, then without this plugin, it’s just a website without any Functions. 

That’s why building a complete store, Integration, and managing it is only done by WooCommerce. This tool comes with full Customization that helps you to create a Beautiful Store. You can do a lot more with WooCommerce because you’re using WordPress and Tons of Powerful Plugins Available that make your website more advanced and Powerful. 

It’s a Complete Drag and drops feature that means you don’t need to learn or do the coding – you can easily create your Store on WordPress. 

All you need is – WordPress, Hosting, Domain, and WooCommerce plugins to build your Store. 

Before using or installing WooCommerce, I suggest you at least watch a Video on How to install and use WooCommerce in WordPress. And after watching in minutes, you can set up your plugin in WordPress.

WooCommerce: Pros & Cons

Woocommerce Prons and Cons: WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which One Is The Best For Online Store


● So Easy to Use this Plugin

● It’s Inventory Management is Best

● You can do so many Customisation

● Build online Store easily

● Track orders in detail

● quest for Beginners to start

● You can integrate with So many payment gateways

● In-built SEO for better Ranking


● For advanced features, you need to purchase Plugins

● Mobile UI can be better

● The major problem you’ll face in the Setup Shipping method

● Not get a detailed report 

Now it’s time to compare both platforms and see which one is best for your eCommerce store. 

Easy To Use

As we discussed, Shopify is built for Dropshipping or e-commerce websites so you can understand better which one is easier to use.

The best part of Shopify is that you don’t need to do any technical work. All things Manage by Shopify itself. This means you need to create your Store and Everything Manage by Shopify. All tracking orders, payment gateways integration, inventory management, and other things. 

Using Shopify is easy and best because your main focus is on products, website looking, system working well, and small things. It’s a Drag and drop store builder to design a store with full Customization – Pick a theme, edit, and your Store is ready. 

WooCommerce is Quite taking time to learn and use it. Because WooCommerce comes with tons of literally tons of Features, you need to understand how to use woocommerce features, and then you can Design your website with full Features and Customization. 

And it’s working on WordPress. That’s why Some technical things are handled by your side like – hosting Integration, domain, installing software and Plugins, Manage website data, and many more. You need to set up your website, and then you must Maintain your Store. 

In short, WooCommerce is quite time-consuming, and you need to spend time doing things where Shopify has already done something for you. Without your involvement. 

So as per our easy-to-use factors, Shopify is a good option for you because you need not do any technical work here, and Shopify will manage Everything. 

Build Time 

If you’re in a hurry and Quickly want to start your e-commerce journey, you need a platform where you can build your Store quickly and start using it. 

For this, let’s see which platform helps you to build a Store Quickly.

For those who want to build a store Quickly with all Important Features and Professional design, then highly recommended going with Shopify. Because it’s the best platform to develop your Store Quickly with themes Provided by Shopify itself. Building and Designing stores are very easy in Shopify because of the Drag and drop feature. There’s nothing manual like in WordPress because Shopify handles all technical Work, and you can mainly focus on Your Website. 

WooCommerce is better for those who want to take time to build a Professional, strong website and know that they’ll start doing Drop Shipping after some time. Because WooCommerce provides you tons of features than any other tool to Design your Store more Creatively. 

Design And Themes

Well, both tools give amazing and Eye-catching themes to build Profesional Store.

As we know, Shopify helps you to Build a Store faster than WooCommerce. If you’re a beginner or don’t know about Technical things, why don’t you use Shopify to handle all your technical Work? Shopify takes all technical Work to focus on building a store by using the Drag and drop feature. 

Just pick some eye-catching theme and edit it, and that’s it. Your Store is ready to launch. Most of the things on Shopify are Automation. It’s far easier to build a store on Shopify than WordPress WooCommerce. 

On the other hand, WooCommerce is Time-consuming but Build a Perfect store as per your needs. If you’re ready to spend enough time to build your Store without any launching hurry, then definitely go with WooCommerce. Because WooCommerce provides you Everything, you need to develop a Powerful and Eye-catching Store. Because you’re building a store on WordPress, that’s why using WordPress, and its Plugins can help you build a store easily. 

If you want to spend a good time building a store and Fulfilling your requirements, then definitely nothing is better than using the WooCommerce platform. All your wishes come true to build a website as you think. 

But yes, for building a store with a design and themes basis, Shopify wins because it’s a much faster, easy, and reliable platform to build a Store. 

Plugins & Integration

If you want more advanced features, then definitely you need plugins and some Third-Party Integrations. Because of the more beneficial features, your Store has, the better results you’ll get. You need to add some major Integrations and Plugins like – Shipping, SEO, Payment Gateway, Marketing, Automatic, and many more.

Shopify is a platform with all your requirements, meaning there are no Customization options, whatever Shopify offer you need to rely on. In Shopify, there are so many limitations. 

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a completely open-Source Platform where Everything is done without any limitations. You can do anything you want – any Integration, plugins you can add to build your Store more powerful. You can make a Store without any limitations, and that’s why people love to use WooCommerce. Because if you’re ready to spend time building your Store, then you can make the most powerful and Amazing Store that increases your sales and engages more visitors. 

Marketing Tools

If you’re running a store, then you know that any successful businesses run with its marketing. To get Infront of your ideal customers again and again with new offers/products, you should understand which platform helps you do better marketing for more sales.

●    Email Marketing: 

Shopify is performing better in email marketing because it’s mainly designed for E-commerce based email marketing. By Using Segundo & Constant contact, both tools are very advanced and keep Engaging your customers so that you’ll get more traffic and sales.  

WooCommerce is based on plugins and tools. The more advanced tools you use for email marketing, the more advanced results you’ll get. It’s a WordPress platform, so you need to find email marketing Plugins and integrate them with your Store. There are so many useful email marketing Plugins like – MailChimp that send you personalized emails. 

●    Social Media Integrations

Shopify supports most social media platforms to integrate – Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and many more platforms to advertise. You can easily run ads on these platforms and get amazing results. 

WooCommerce is open to integrate with Amazon, eBay, Instagram, but it costs $79 for integration. You can do marketing on all these platforms for $79, but you can run ads on Facebook for Free. 

Both tools have different uniqueness, and you need to understand which platform helps you get better results.

If we compare which platform helps you to do better marketing, Shopify is a really useful, easy, and cost-effective way to do marketing to boost your sales. 

Payment Options & Transactions Fees

Nothing is more important than having multiple Payment Options so that your customers are not going back until purchase. That’s why you need to pick the right platform where you’ll get so many payment options. 

If you’re looking for Best Payment Gateways that must have in e-commerce store:

● PayPal

● Stripe

● Apple pay

● Square

● Credit & Debit Card

Both platforms support all these, but there’s one major difference, i.e., Transaction fees, and you need to pick the right platform with fewer Transaction fees. 

Shopify charges 2% Transaction fees if you Integrate with this payment gateway. If you are using Shopify’s payment gateways, there are no Transactions fees, but it depends if you want. 

But WooCommerce has one big benefit that it’s a plugin, so there are no Transactions fees charged by WooCommerce, just payment gateways own Transaction charges. That’s beneficial.

So, it depends on you. If you’re looking for payment gateways, you should Focus on Transaction fees, and then it’s easier to integrate with stores.

But WooCommerce wins this Battle because there are no Transactions fees. 


SEO is something you must have in platforms. Because the SEO Optimise platform helps you get Infront of your Customers whenever they’re looking for something, if your Store is ranked higher on Google, you’ll get tons of traffic and sales. 

Both platforms are SEO optimized and help you showcase your products In Front of Customers whenever they search for products you’re offering. 

WooCommerce is a plugin and works on WordPress. As we all know, it’s a Well SEO-optimized platform that is helpful for those who want to do e-commerce business. There are tons of Powerful SEO Plugins Available in the WordPress market that helps you optimize your pages and rank your Store on Google. 

You can customize your URL and some SEO optimization tips you can implement in your web pages for better Ranking. 

And If we talk about Shopify, then you can find SEO Plugins from the App store. Like – SEO Booster that is helpful in Shopify to optimize your pages. 

WooCommerce is Quite advanced for SEO because you’ve so many options and Plugins Available for your WordPress store to optimize it. That’s why WooCommerce wins. 


If we talk about Pricing, Shopify has Pricing plans, whereas WooCommerce is a free Plugin to use. 

It’s a Simple Process, the more Advance plan you choose, the more advanced features you’ll get. 

Shopify comes with three pricing plans:

● Shopify Basic Cost $29/Month

● Shopify plan Costs $79/ Month.

● Advance Shopify costs $299/Month.

Also, Shopify offers 14 Days Free Trial for users so that you can take the Experience of using this Store, and then you can switch to its paid plan. 

WooCommerce is a Completely Free plugin to use on your website. It’s WordPress plugins, and there are some Extra costs like – Hosting, Domain, SSL, and some premium themes and Plugins.

Using this tool is free, but you need to spend time on some other necessary things. That helps you to build your Store. Make sure you’ll pick the Best hosting for your WordPress store so that you’ll get better performance. 

As per pricing plan, features, cost – WooCommerce is slightly better and cost-effective because it’s free to use this tool, and you can do so much Customization.

Frequently Asked Qns

Q – How Is WooCommerce Different From Shopify?

Shopify is a platform where you can build an E-commerce store and Everything Managed by Shopify itself. It’s Security, hosting, maintenance, backup, Installation, and more. 

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. If you’re using WordPress or want to use WordPress and WooCommerce plugin can Fully change your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. All you need – Hosting, Domain, WooCommerce plugin. That’s it – Your WooCommerce WordPress Webs is ready.

Q – Which One Is Popular, Shopify Vs. WooCommerce?

WooCommerce powers 27% of online stores on the internet. And Shopify power 21% of Online Stores. 

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress Plugin for E-commerce stores. 


We’ve discussed all necessary factors and compared both platforms, i.e., WooCommerce & Shopify. After reading this article, I’m sure based on your requirements; you can pick the best forum for your Ecommerce Store. 

Both are amazing platforms and Have Uniqueness. We can’t find a winner between both platforms because both have Different Uniqueness. It depends on what your requirements are. But if you’re still confused about which platform is best to start your E-commerce Journey. 

Shopify Is Best For:

● If you’re a Beginner and wants technical support 24/7

● You want to build a Store Quickly and launch.

● You want some professional and easy to edit Templates.

WooCommerce Is Best For:

● If you work on a Big Project and build the most powerful and Useful Store with lots of features

● You want to scale it on a large number.

● You have some technical knowledge, and you can do some advanced Integrations

I hope this can help you to pick the best platform to start your e-commerce journey.

Dilip Tiwari

Dilip Tiwari is an SEO Expert at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a web development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.