Are you someone who is Just Starting your online Journey and looking for hosting for your Website? But after Research, you’ll see two names for hosting Web Hosting and WordPress hosting. Now, if You’re a Beginner, then maybe it’s quite confusing for you, but no worries – You’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll understand what the real meaning of Web hosting and WordPress hosting is? What’s the Difference, and which one you can pick for your Website.

WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

You’ll learn all you need to know about Web hosting and WordPress Hosting. So let’s begin without wasting a second!

Let’s understand what’s the real meaning of Web hosting and WordPress Hosting.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting, you can call ad General web hosting, means one physical server where tons of new websites link with a single server and work on different platforms. But mainly, web hosting is used by those who know some basics of coding like HTML, CSS and working as full-stack developers. Web hosting can be beneficial for them Because web hosting helps them integrate websites on this single server. 

It’s a Single platform where some individuals or organizations purchase a spot in this platform and link their Website with this General Hosting to make sure that the Website is live on the Internet. You can understand better – If a simple website wants to go live on the Internet, then use General purpose hosting so that Anyone can search and find that Website on the Internet.

WordPress Hosting:

As a Name implies, WordPress Hosting is specifically designed for WordPress users. Those who want to Design, Build and Launch websites through WordPress use WordPress Hosting. If Web hosting is available Hosting, then WordPress is Private and professional Hosting that takes care of everything happening on their Hosting. WordPress hosting is more Powerful, Efficient & Secure than available Hosting.

Well, you can say that it’s also a Share hosting platform where individuals or organizations purchase a spot for hosting, but the Difference is General purpose or Professional working purpose. In WordPress, you can do almost anything, any big changes, and Any Updates, because WordPress is a professional platform that provides quality hosting. 

What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

When we compare both hosting, the first clear Difference is that Web hosting is a General hosting that is available for all, but WordPress hosting is only available for those who want to build websites on WordPress. Those who use General Hosting means they want to live their Website on the Internet to showcase that’s it. But those who use WordPress hosting means they are looking for a platform to Live on the Internet and use Powerful Hosting to manage Millions of traffic, Easy to Use, and Strong Support if any error comes.

In WordPress, you’ll get tons of Customizable Options for your Website but in General, hosting the only thing you can do is Life. To showcase websites on the Internet. On the other hand, you can customize your Website, make changes in your Hosting as per need, and so many things. WordPress comes with technical support so that anything happens in your Website, take responsibility, and solve it faster.

Now I hope you have a clear definition for both Web hosting and WordPress Hosting, and you know which one is better for your Website as per your work requirements. So it’s time to know more about WordPress because we all know WordPress is Something more valuable this time, and you want to know in-depth details about WordPress and how it’s useful for your Website.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying Any Hosting For Your Website?

Need To Consider Before Buying Any Hosting-WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

If You’re looking for hosting for your Website, these points are so helpful for you to pick the best one. Whether it’s Web hosting or WordPress Hosting – These points need to be kept in mind if you want Good Hosting, i.e., Value for Money.

These points are based on your Website needs to must-have in any website hosting;

1.      Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support

2.      Basic Security Features 

3.      Domain Name Support

4.      Uptime Guarantee

5.      Server Accessibility

When you keep these points in mind and pick a hosting based on these points, your Website works smoother, and you’ll get beneficial results. And as we know, if You’re looking for these Qualities, then WordPress is Something you’re looking for.

So let’s see How WordPress can be the best Hosting for your Website.

WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the Internet. Now you can predict the Power and popularity of WordPress. There are so many big companies like eBay, The New York Times, Sony, and many more who create and host websites on WordPress. If you’re looking to create a website, then WordPress can be the best site builder for your Website. You can even migrate your existing Website to WordPress. WordPress is Simple, Easy to Use, and an advanced platform for websites. 

The Major Advantages of Using WordPress As A Hosting

These are some major advantages of using WordPress as a Hosting for your Website:

#1 Easy to Use: The Biggest factor for using WordPress is, it’s so easy to use. You don’t need to learn or hire any technical person to handle your Website. If you know how to operate a computer, then it’s as simple as using WordPress. So, if you make up your mind to Use WordPress hosting now, do you know how to link with your Website? What technicalities do you need to face in Website Linking? The answer is Just One Click to link your Website with WordPress Hosting. WordPress is so easy to use that you need to do one click, and WordPress manages everything. On the other hand, if you go with General Hosting, you need to know technical things to integrate websites with available Hosting. That’s why WordPress is preferable for any website. 

#2 Daily Backups: Yes, You get the Features of Daily Backups so that you can keep your Website up to date and data is secure for any technical issues. Because WordPress comes with New updates, features Every day/month. And this daily backup works automatically, so you don’t need to worry about doing it manually. After taking a daily backup, if Something happens with your Website, it can be restored in a few minutes. 

#3 Fast and Secure: The most important reason for using this Hosting by giant companies is its High security and fast loading speed. In our Website, the two major factors we’re looking for are – Our Website loads faster and Must be secure so that it is not hacked by hackers or any Malwa effect. 

#4 Better Customer Support: This is all we’re looking for. We always want support if we are stuck at any point. That’s why having customer support is so necessary, and WordPress gives amazing customer support for your websites. If you’re stuck with any technical issues, open chat support and tell your problem to customer support. They’ll Immediately start working and resolve it in a few minutes only. This is Something you’ll love to use if You’re a Beginner and looking for help. 

#5 Bonus Features: WordPress gives so many bonuses to their Users like – Free SSL Certificate, Free Plugins, Free CDN, Free Support, and many more to give a good experience. 

After reading these points, I’m sure you’re clear that WordPress hosting is far better than any other hosting platform like web hosting. 

Who Should Use WordPress Hosting?

If You’re using the WordPress platform to build your Website, you need to have WordPress hosting. Because WordPress builds websites and WordPress hosting links faster and improves your website performance, you’ll get More Security, Updated, and Customizable Options on your Website. It’s not a Must-have thing that you need WordPress hosting if You’re using WordPress site builder but Yes, having this combo can be so powerful and best for you. The reason behind using WordPress hosting is, WordPress Experts easily manage your Website. 

If you want to save your time, don’t want to learn technical knowledge, want everything Automation and Fully Customizable whenever you want. WordPress is the best option for your Website. From Beginners to Advance WordPress hosting is for Everyone but more beneficial for Beginners because they can fully focus on their Website and the Rest of the technical issues handled by the WordPress support team. And as we discussed, WordPress is a Site builder Platform where you can make a Professional website like other companies already build and use it.

Even if you don’t have basic coding knowledge, you can still build websites in minutes because of WordPress Drag and drop Feature. Without any experience, it’s so easy to build websites on WordPress, and After building websites, you don’t need to think a bit about how you’ll connect with hosting. Just go to Chat Support and drop one message to the support team to link the Website with Hosting, and that’s it. Just wait, and after a few minutes, your Website is ready. 

I’m sure when you’re reading this – You have a clear perception of WordPress. It’s so easy to use, and Anyone can build their Website and link with hosting. WordPress Plugins play the most important role in a Website, and You’ll know the Power of using Plugins and how it’s beneficial for your Website. Plugins are Prebuilt Softwares you can easily install on your WordPress website and use it.

For Ex- Suppose you need a Timer in your Website header, but you’re not a code you don’t even know Basics, then how you’ll add Timer to your WordPress website? It’s simple to use WordPress Timer Plugin (A prebuilt Software) and Install it on your Website. That’s it – Your Timer is ready to add to your Website in minutes. That’s why WordPress is best because you don’t need to take stress even for a minute, and WordPress will manage everything. 

But yes, you also need to consider this point that WordPress hosting plans are Costlier than general Hosting. But you already know the difference between these two Hosting. WordPress can be more supportive, more beneficial, easier to use, and more in Demand. That’s why using WordPress hosting can be more secure. 

There Are So Many WordPress Hosting Available In The Market.

But here, we’ve picked some best WordPress Hosting that you can consider after a complete review. So let’s Begin!

#1 Bluehost

Bluehost- WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

Nowadays, Bluehost is in High Demand. One of the highly recommended WordPress hostings is Bluehost. Because it’s Highly Secured and Best technical Support, they’re in Demand. I must suggest you go with this hosting or at least Review this Hosting to consider while purchasing. Its Server performance is So powerful – when you link your Website with Bluehost Hosting, you don’t need to worry about Slow performance or Malware attacks because Bluehost handles everything. They’re offering 24/7 Live Support for your websites for any technical issue they’ll resolve in minutes. 

If You’re a company owner and looking for long-term website hosting, then it’s the best and cheapest deal you’ll ever get. Because it’s 3 Year plan is $14.95 Monthly. 

#2 Kinsta

Kinsta- WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

Kinsta is making a name in Best WordPress hosting by providing Amazing services and Features. This Hosting is known for its performance. A hosting that you can rely on without any worry. They’re using Google Cloud Platform as a Server now to understand how strong their server is to manage your Website. That’s why we’ve listed this Hosting in the 2nd position to consider as best hosting for your Website. 

Kinsta comes with a starting plan of $30/Month. That’s an affordable price that you can go with and let Kinsta serve you with its Best Customers support and Features. Many giant companies use kinda hosting and work well like – Buffer, TripAdvisor, Ubisoft, and many others use kinda hosting. Overall we can say that it’s High Performance based Hosting, so if You’re looking for Faster performance, then Kinsta is for you. 

#3 WP Engine

WP Engine- WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

WP Engine also as WordPress Engine Hosting, Mainly for WordPress users. Their plans are so affordable Start at $25/Month, but WP Engine gives faster website performance and Excellent Customer support. As per previous, this Hosting also comes with Something Very Unique, i.e., Genesis Framework and StudioPress Themes – You’ll get these as bonuses when you purchase any plan of WP Engine. If you’re someone who wants to use themes for their Website, then Buying this Hosting can save you lots of money you’re investing in Themes. Because with this Hosting, you’ll get premium themes of Genesis Framework and StudioPress. And also get free bonuses like Free Migration, SSL Certificate, CDN, and many more. 

WP Engine is used by some Popular brands like Yelp, Etsy, Pandora, and many others. 

So, if You’re looking for a Hosting that has everything you need like – Fast speed, Excellent Customer support, Reliable then WP Engine can be the best choice for your Website. 

#4 ServeBolt

WP Engine- WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting: What's The Difference?

A hosting that comes with a Guarantee of 99.99% uptime and it’s Fast, Secure, and reliable then it’s ServeBolt hosting. This Hosting is mainly for Scaling purposes – if you want to host their Website and Scale it faster, then ServeBolt can help you scale your Website with Performance, Speed, Security, and Reliability. ServeBolt hosting Starts at $99, quite a higher cost. Every plan has amazing features as Value for money hosting plans. This Hosting partner with Cloudflare to Provide Excellent Features like – APO, Web application firewall, WebP, and CDN. And if we talk about Customer Support, then Servebolt has an Expert for your technical support. Any technical issues you’re facing will be immediately resolved by Customer support.

Well, if You’re working on Big projects like Startups and Businesses, then You can go with ServeBolt Hosting to feel the world-class performance on your Website.

These are four top rate WordPress Hosting

that you can consider while searching for WordPress hosting. These are in high Demand, Powerful, and come with Lots of features for your Website. I hope you’ll pick the best one for your Website from this list. 

Should You Choose WordPress Hosting Or Web Hosting

After reading this article and based on your Website work, you’ll understand better which Hosting is better for you. Because we’ve discussed almost everything about both hosting and what benefits you’ll get when you pick any one hosting. But still, if this Question arises, then I vote to go with WordPress because nowadays, everyone is Creating Websites to launch Live, Modify and update websites as per Business Grow.

So now it’s your turn to see what you’re looking for – If You’re working on Something Big, WordPress can contribute to your growth at a higher level. With so many amazing features, Benefits, bonuses, and services, WordPress becomes the most demanding Hosting for any website. That’s why we’ve listed the Top four WordPress Hosting that you can consider while looking for Hosting. Now it’s your call – Which Hosting do you want for your Website, and what are the major requirements of your Website.


Hosting is the most important factor to having a website on the Internet, and Picking the Right Hosting can decide your Website’s success. After reading this entire article, you’ll understand the complete Difference between Web hosting and WordPress Hosting. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth details and comparatives between Web hosting and WordPress Hosting, Its benefits, and the advantages of WordPress hosting. And Top four hosting you can consider while purchasing hosting for your Website. 

After a complete explanation, we can say that WordPress is the future of hosting, and Most of the websites are going to switch to WordPress because now it’s in trend and growing every year. Because of its Easy Use Interface and Powerful services, WordPress can be the best contribution to your Website. If You’re Someone who doesn’t have any technical knowledge but wants to build websites and buy Hosting, nothing is better than WordPress hosting. Because WordPress will manage everything – you need to give the command to WordPress.

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