If you’re looking for the best Website building tools, then WordPress and Squarespace are the best tools for your website, but both tools come with so much Uniqueness. That’s why in this article, we’ve covered a detailed Comparison between both tools – their Features, uniqueness, pros & cons, pricing Plans, and which website building tool is better for you?

WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison

So you don’t need to be confused between both tools; after reading this article, you’ll know exactly which tool is best for your website.

So without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What Is Squarespace?

SquareSpace Shorts: WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison

It’s a complete all-in-one website builder tool for your website. Using this tool is so easy, and it comes with a drag and drops feature that helps you design your website quickly. Squarespace has its Editor tool, hosting, themes, plugins, and other features that you need to design your website. If you’re a Beginner, it is so easy to use this tool for website building with its user-friendly interface. 

It’s a complete platform for your website that comes with all the necessary features you need to build a beautiful website. And this platform is specially designed for Non-coders means you don’t need to write a single line code to develop anything. Everything is completely Drag and drop so that you can design your website quickly. 

It’s a Modern website builder Platform, and now it’s powering 2 million+ websites on the Internet. So if you’re a complete beginner and want a platform to build websites without any coding and stress-free, then this platform can be a good choice for you. 

In Short:

● You can create a beautiful website easily

● Comes with a drag and drop feature

● Completely code-free designing tool.

● Open to integrating with other platforms.

● Dedicated support 24/7 

Squarespace: Pros & Cons

SquareSpace Prons & Cons: WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison


● This platform looks so Advance

● You can integrate with marketing and SEO Plugins.

● Squarespace comes with its email marketing feature.

● After the design, Websites are mobile responsive automatically.

● So easy to use interface

● Comes with Drag and drop feature

● The website comes with auto Updates.


● You need to Add-on other tools to design with advanced features

● This platform doesn’t allow any ad network integration like Adsense. 

● Need more Improvements in this tool

What Is WordPress?

WordPress Shorts: WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison

First, you need to understand that WordPress comes in two different versions.

● WordPress.org

● WordPress.com.

And you need to know that WordPress.org is the Platform to build websites and manage them. WordPress is not an all-in-one tool for website building; it’s an open platform where you can create anything you want. It’s completely different from Squarespace because it’s an open-Source Platform, and you can do anything you want like WordPress doesn’t offer a drag and drop feature. Still, you can install the Elementor plugin to have a drag and drop feature in WordPress for website building. WordPress is a platform; it doesn’t come with anything; you can add features easily. 

Another best part of WordPress is integrating with any hosting platform you can integrate as per your suitability. Unlike Squarespace, where they have their hosting Server.

WordPress is the first choice for a website Builder Platform because the website powers 28 Million+ websites on the internet. And so many Giant companies like – Disney, The New York Times, SoundCloud, and many more companies use the WordPress platform for their websites. 

If you’re confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, then let me tell you that WordPress.com is an entry-level website designing tool, and mainly bloggers use this platform because of its easy-to-use features without any Advance features.

But WordPress.org is a Limitless tool that allows you to do anything on this platform, add many advanced features to this platform and build a powerful website for your business. And it’s not an all-in-one platform, you need to purchase a domain and hosting separately, and then you need to add Plugins for whatever purpose. 

In Short:

● You can build a Powerful website

● You’ve advanced customization Options.

● For bloggers, this is the must-have platform.

● Comes with Drag and drop feature

● You can integrate with Third-Party platforms for advanced features.

WordPress: Pros & Cons

WordPress Prons &Cons: WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison


● It comes with a User-friendly Interface

● Drag and drop feature

● Allows you to integrate with Third-Party platforms

● SEO optimized platform

● It’s a Fully Responsive platform.

● Millions of themes are available for you to select

● Best for e-commerce websites


● So many options can be overwhelming

● Updates and Security depend on you.

● For advanced features, you need to add paid Plugins.

● There’s no dedicated support.

WordPress Vs. Squarespace (Features Comparison)

WordPress V/s Squarespace- Detailed Comparison

Easy to Use

Both platforms are best for those who want to build a website without any coding knowledge. Because of its drag and drop feature, both tools can help you to design a beautiful website. But both tools have their Uniqueness so let’s see.

WordPress is the most powerful and highly demanded platform to build websites. By using its drag and drop feature, you can easily build websites. 

For Beginners, WordPress can be the best choice because you have the power to make your platform as per your requirements. This means you can add Specific Plugins that are easy to use for editing purposes. And the best part of why WordPress is so easy is because WordPress offers Millions of Templates that you can use to design a website quickly. As we previously discussed, WordPress is not a tool that comes with an all-in-one website builder because it’s a platform, so it’s Up To you how you use WordPress to build websites. 

But you can use WordPress themes and plugins to create websites quickly as per your requirements. It’s easy to adapt the WordPress platform for designing purposes. 

Squarespace is a clear and simple website builder that helps you design a website with given features and tools. With this platform, you can design a website because you don’t need to install many Plugins and features like WordPress.

It offers its tools for editing; you just need to use it. This tool is best for Beginners. If they don’t know about designing still, they can use this tool. 

Its Interface is very clean and simple, which helps you understand features like Adding images, videos, uploading files, and many more features that you can use to design websites. In this platform, options are limited, so you need to think more creatively to use this tool. 

Design and Templates

For designing and Templates, both tools are amazing because both come with so many Templates options. But which platform offers you the best templates? Let’s see.

WordPress is a complete hub of Templates. Because WordPress offers Millions of Templates for designing purposes. You can select as per your website Requirements and edit it quickly. And all these templates are fully customizable, where you can add logos, Colours, upload Images/videos, and many more things. For designing purposes, WordPress has tons of editing features and tools that help you to design quickly, like Adding Sliders, photo galleries, and many more. The best part is, WordPress themes because you’ll get Themes for almost any work you’re looking for. 

Squarespace comes with readymade Templates in different categories so that you can select themes as per your requirements and edit them. But the number of themes available in Squarespace is limited. It’s best for beginners who want to start designing then. This platform Comes with decent themes that you can start to edit and quickly Design.  


Both are Platforms, and if you want some advanced features, you need Add-on Plugins, and both Platforms Support Third-Party Integrations. But which platform is more useful for you?

WordPress is more advanced in Third-Party Integrations. Because you can add any feature you want in WordPress. WordPress is only famous because of its Plugins that allow WordPress to do anything without any effort. You’ll get plugins for almost anything you’re thinking. Some of the Plugins are so popular that every website must have them. 

Some popular plugins like – e-commerce, online course sell, membership, and many more. If you’re a Blogger, then to optimize your website, WordPress has SEO Plugins that help you to rank faster. 

This means Integration is limited in this platform. Squarespace is also available for Integrations, but it doesn’t have an API key to integrate. That’s why Squarespace offers itself how many Third-Party platforms they allow you to integrate. That’s why it’s best for beginners, where you’ll get limited options, and you can use it to design your website. 


If you’re building an e-commerce store, you need to know which platform can give you Amazing results: WordPress or Squarespace? Let’s see

WordPress is known for e-commerce, and if you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business, you don’t need to think twice before selecting the WordPress platform for your e-commerce business. It’s a complete bundle pack where you’ll get everything you need to start your e-commerce journey. 

Using WordPress for an e-commerce store can be the best choice for your successful business. It’s an open-Source platform, that’s why – it allows you to integrate with Third-Party platforms. For payment gateways, you can integrate with PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, and many more. With WordPress, you can build your online store in minutes, without any limitations – build a complete store with all the necessary tools and features you need. 

Squarespace is quite limited in e-commerce. If we talk about payment gateways, then you’ll get only two options, i.e., PayPal and Stripe, to get payments. 

You can’t add any other payment gateways on this platform. And this can be a negative point of this platform. Else this platform is also good for e-commerce websites. But it doesn’t have enough features that help you to build an advanced e-commerce store. This platform comes with limited features and limited access. That’s why you can’t do so many things with this platform. 

Data Portability

Portability means that if you’re not satisfied with the platform, you can easily move your Entire website and data to another platform. And you need to find a platform that helps you to move as per your requirements. 

WordPress has so many tools that you can use for portability purposes. You can export entire website content like themes, plugins, databases, content, and images. Having this feature is a must-have in any platform; that’s why WordPress has this amazing feature to move your entire website easily. 

With a few clicks, you can move your content from one content management system to another. 

Squarespace again comes with limited features that allow you to move with limitations. With this platform, you can only Export certain parts in XML files like pages, galleries, blog pages, and posts. 

This platform comes with limited features, and that’s why WordPress is far better than this platform. 


If you’re looking for a blogging purpose platform, you first need to understand which platform is best for Blogging purposes. 

WordPress is known for blogging, and millions of people are using WordPress for Blogging purposes because it’s an SEO-optimized platform that helps you get a better ranking on Google. Because Google considers WordPress websites and that’s the plus point of having a WordPress website. Another best benefit of having a WordPress platform is that you can use advanced SEO Plugins that help you to get a better ranking on Google. 

WordPress is the best platform for serious bloggers because you can also use HTML for advanced editing and optimizing your website. There are so many benefits of having a WordPress website because so many Customization, SEO Plugins, and optimization you can do in your website and get a better ranking on Google. 

Squarespace comes with blogger templates; there are no advanced tools and optimization available on this platform. You can say basic SEO you can do with this platform. It’s a very modern platform; that’s why you’ll get a modern interface in blogging Templates. While writing posts on this platform, you can tag, categorize and edit quickly. 


Security plays a major role because if any hacker, Malware issue attacks your website, your whole data will be gone. Do you need to understand which tool is more secure for your website?

WordPress is just a platform and everything you should do yourself, and if we talk about security, you also need to depend on yourself. In WordPress, you need to install SSL certificates, Backups and update WordPress all these things you need to manage yourself if you want to keep your website alive and updated. There are many premium Plugins to find Malware attacks and resolve them quickly. 

Squarespace takes the responsibility of security against DDoS attacks. It’s not advanced security, but you can use this platform with basic security features. It’s just a platform for website designing. That’s why you can’t predict any high security in this tool. As popularity increases, the number of DDoS attacks chances also increase. But this platform works on security to protect from any attacks.

Pricing Plans

This is the most important factor you need to consider because you’ll make decisions based on this factor. So let’s see both Platform’s Pricing Plans. 

WordPress is a completely free platform. You can download it for free, use it for free, and there are no hidden charges by this platform. You need to spend money on Domain, Hosting, and other paid Plugins if you want as per your requirements. But the best part is that all are dependent on your work requirements to manage your budget and then start using WordPress. It’s completely up to you – how much money you want to spend and your website requirements. Then you can select the domain, hosting, and build websites.

First, understand your website requirements like whether you’ll get Heavy traffic or not? You need a powerful website or just information. Using WordPress, website building cost is very low. So that it helps you to understand which type of hosting you need for your website. Now, if you’re using WordPress, then you’ll get some other benefits like free WordPress Plugins 54,000+ without any cost. 

Squarespace is a complete platform with paid plans with different packages. This platform offers a starting plan that costs $12/Month (billed annually), or you can pick $16 month to month. And if you take a personal plan, then you’ll get very few features. By using this plan, you can’t even sell products for e-commerce websites. 

But if you’re looking for an E-commerce store, you can go with an $18/Month plan (billed annually) or $26 month to month and come with 3% transaction fee charges. 

Final Verdict

You have complete freedom to build your website on any platform you want, but you need to understand which platform gives you more benefits. That’s why in this article, we’ve covered an in-depth Comparison between both platforms – features, uniqueness, pros & cons, and pricing plan. 

WordPress is the best platform you can consider to build your website. But after Comparing both tools, WordPress is a clear winner because of its Advance features, uniqueness, Pros & Cons, and Pricing Plans. After reading this article, I hope you can pick the best website building platform for your website that fulfills your requirements. Drop your comment and let me know which platform you’ve picked?

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development