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The blog is a leading technical resource providing insights, latest update and development best practices. If you’d like to guest post on the USS LLC Blog, please read this page before sending in your submission.

What Makes for a Good Guest Blog?

  • 100% Original Post that has not been published before. Your guest blog should be original, high-quality and actionable.
  • Content must be detailed, unique and helpful. Your guest post should present a unique angle of the topic. Ensure that the post is well researched with tips and screenshots to showcase examples or explain any tools and workflows.
  • Always cite your sources. Check your facts and quotations or else your blog will be rejected. Use research, charts, and expert quotes to back up your argument, and create an interesting thesis.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or any other legal of any third party.
  • Word count 1000-1200+

Check Out Important Caveats

  • Don’t include affiliate or promotional links
  • Never promote your product, tool or company services in your post
  • Guest authors cannot republish guest post to their own blog

We reserve the right to edit, tweak and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, as well as update it in the future if a need arises to maintain data accuracy.

Guest Post Submission Process

To submit your guest post, please email it as an attachment to anil@universalstreamsolution.com

Guest Post Submission Process

  • Links of your published work
  • A short professional bio
  • Your headshot
  • Social Media Accounts (Twitter and Facebook only)