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Add a Potency To Your Business – Hire a CodeIgniter developer from USS LLC

It is time to boost your website’s performance using the most agile framework of PHP, CodeIgniter. It is an open framework that enables to create the most dynamic web applications as it provides a collaborative environment for both designers and developers.
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This is the time to get your web application developed with one of the most powerful PHP frameworks
and get some exceptional performance The framework has been sent to next level with Codeigniter 4 and this
constant development of the framework will nurture your web app further.


Codeigniter is a highly adaptable
application an architecture for development,
there are easy programming and no restrictive
coding rules.


Codeigniter follows MVC structure and pattern
with all ease. Being an MVC based systems it
has nearly zero configuration process but
exceptional performance.

  Strong Security

The framework comes with built-in security tools and XSS filtering which allows authentic process management and multi-tier session management and enable easy programming.

  Framework with a small footprint

CodeIgniter is PHPs most powerful framework with a very small footprint
and exceptional performance. The framework offers a lot of compatibility
with zero configuration.

  Configuration and Customization

Codeigniter is a light-weight and fluid platform helps the developers to
edit the existing files easily and offers easy configuration. Also, no ‘installation’
is required for Codeigniter.


Team USS LLC have core expertise and offers a wide range of CodeIgniter custom development services –

CodeIgniter Web Development

CodeIgniter Application Development

CodeIgniter Social Networking Solutions

CodeIgniter Portal Development

E-commerce/Shopping Cart Development

CodeIgniter Custom CMS Development

CodeIgniter Enterprise Apps Development

CodeIgniter Integration with SugarCRM

Codeigniter API Development

CodeIgniter Maintenance & Support

Building Competent Solutions For All Industry Sizes

USS LLC offers end-to-end customized CodeIgniter development solutions to small, medium sized and
large enterprises. We constantly strive to improve the development process and put up the most optimum solutions in the industry.

Enterprise CodeIgniter Applications

Our unmatched Codeigniter web
applications are focused on
enabling enterprises to expand
their horizons with higher security
and accessibility options.

CodeIgniter Migration Solutions

Codeigniter comes with broad compatibility and standard hosting thus providing a seamless transition between different platforms and rollback the changes in the database.

CodeIgniter Cloud Development

CodeIgniter cloud development with the live database support is the most reliable enterprise solution helping them to adopt dynamic approach and race with changing time.

E-commerce App Development

The lightweight and fluid framework
and SEO friendly development
help unique eCommerce
applications to explore new
potentials in the market.

Our Technology Stack Consists Of

When it comes to developing a client’s project we rely only on the latest tools and technologies
with frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, and CodeIgniter with best database connectivity from MySQL,
MongoDB and Oracle for your different business needs.


Our Frameworks Upgrade to PHP 7

With rich performance and innovation give your business a PHP advantage!
Introducing PHP7 with USS LLC-

2x increase in performance of Codeigniter applications

50% decrease in consumption of RAM during processing

70% decrease in CPU execution instructions

Asynchronous programming support








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