Key Assets Of An Online Grocery Delivery App Solution

A Grocery Mobile App lets you shop on the go. The App takes you to the ride through a mobile app window shopping to create the best experience and lets you order with a few swipes and tap to get things done like an expert.

White Label & Customization

We afford a complete white label grocery app solution with custom specialties, integration facilities, and improvements.

Time & Cost Efficient

We initiate our business by selling grocery items online without spending too much time and money on Grocery app services.

Multi Model

As per our business model, we give a custom grocery app to help the standalone store, grocery chains, and marketplaces.

Third Party Integrations

Blend with third-party logistics, record management systems and further to supercharge your grocery market.

Go Global

There is a superpower opportunity for you to boost your business globally by having Multi-language and currency support.

Seamless Payments

The customer also gets the facility of suitable payment options like pay online, credit/debit cards and cash on delivery.

Robust Technology

We implement the latest technology to magnify scalability with growth in business.

User Friendly

You can experience the ease of shopping grocery items online at our place and uncomplicated store management for your business.

Success Partner

We work jointly with our clients from development to post-launch period to secure maximum ROI.

Lookout On Grocery Delivery Solution Overview

Online grocery shopping craze has lifted the industry and shocked by it. Those days are gone when people use to plan the long list of their items and visit the store to shop. Today, people prefer time-saving and a desire for trouble-free grocery shopping. The grocery service at the doorstep has led to the rise in the development of the grocery app.
USS is known as a one-stop solution for the development of the Grocery App Solution. We have a nice blend of skilled and knowledgeable grocery app developers who design mobile apps for grocery in a creative way. Our USS team has provided our customers with a highly functional and enriched feature mobile app development service to enhance users’ shopping experience.

Native Apps

Many apps are available in the market, but shoppers get Android and iOS apps for purchasing online grocery.

Easy on boarding

Users can register on the App panel easily, a customer can simply login by filling their basic details asked accordingly.

Look Around Products

Browse all the grocery products and foods with detailed. The browsing feature is the most used in the mobile app.

Order Tracking

You can give information to the customer about the status of the order and provide real-time tracking alerts.

Multiple payment option

To cut down the manual processing, App Users can also pay using internet banking, credit card, and debit card facility.

Quick hunt

At On Demand Grocery Delivery App, Buyers can browse a particular category of the item with an intuitive search.

Schedule Delivery

The Online Grocery application allows users to schedule their delivery time as per their convenience.

Smart Re-Order

Online Grocery Delivery app renders the order history feature to make the reorder procedure easy and few clicks away to get the same order again.

Push Notifications

It provides the best offers, deal alerts, and other important updates to your loyal customers to increase the sales and traffic on an app.

Offer/Deal Zone

A dedicated section for the customer to search promotional offers, gift coupons, offers a festive season discount, and end of season sale.

Advanced Settings

The shoppers have full authority to modify the settings and manage the products before making the payment.

Ratings & Feedback’s

On the Grocery Mobile App, Customers can give their feedback for the services delivered to meet with a better version again.


This is the main center of the app from where admin can manage all the aspects of your grocery trade.

Manage Stores

Admin can supervise multiple stores from one place and run a smooth buyer-seller supply chain.

Assign Managers

Duties will be provided to managers as per their departments So, the admin can coordinate with managers instantly.

Manage Listings

The Admin panel can manage and regulate the product listing and pricing according to the demands of the market and grocery manager.

Assign Orders

Admin can assign orders to the Grocery store whenever they get the request from the customers.

Track Orders

Admin puts the eye on every order detail which is on the way and feeding information to the customers.

Manage Customers

Observe and manage all types of customers who are looking for fulfilling their needs and signing on your Grocery app solution.

Manage Payments

Admin grants multiple options to the customer for payment and provides the facility for secure online payment to the delivery guys.

Manage Offers

The Grocery delivery Admin Panel offers various offers and discounts as per their deal.

Manage Feedback

The Admin panel collects feedback from the customers to know their desires and improvise their business prospects accordingly.

Manage Notifications

The Admin can manage push notifications via Email, SMS, push messages, etc. to provide the status of their Grocery services.

Reporting & Analytics

To grow your grocery app, perfect data can be analyzed which helps in taking real-time business decisions and expand the business faster and smarter.

Profile Creation

The driver could make his profile by feeding/filling his details regarding his experience including his picture.

Order Follow-up

The delivery boy may sequence the orders to calculate Which are the closest people, how many orders have been supplied along and how many are remaining?


After the configuration is sent, your Customer must place his touch to the affirmation onto the e-Sign web page.

Check Order History

He can calculate the total order history as per a weekly or monthly basis to avoid further manipulation and fraud.


The delivery guy can receive their customer’s positioning through GPS and reach without knocking about it.

Push Notification

The delivery app can track user engagement and transactions to get delivery analytics.

Dedicated Interface

Using this option, the Store manager can catch a web interface for simple order management.

Order Notifications

The manager will get web notification while receiving new orders.

Dispatch Order

This option is used to dispatch an order for the delivery of products from their store.

Manage Inventory

Manage all the stock and pricing the items that are sold and received on a monthly basis.

Order Status & Tracking

You can view the status and track the order until its delivery by using a reference number sent to you while purchase made.

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On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Business Model

If you’re developing an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App for today’s shoppers, you have many opportunities to crack the deals and fire out the craze among the users. Some of the most common types of grocery delivery app belong to one of the following categories:

Online Grocery Aggregate

Aggregators list the closest supermarket to a customer. Customers can choose one of the nearest grocery stores for online grocery delivery, where aggregators only record multiple stores.

Grocery Supermarket Chain App

In a standalone store app, the grocery owner can manage everything. The person maintains the app, keep refreshing the online menu, delivering the order and collecting money.

Grocery Standalone Store App

In a standalone store app, the grocery owner is managing everything. The person maintains the app, keeping refreshed the online menu, delivering the order and collecting money.

Top Most Technology For The Prompt Grocery App

Being specialized in the niche, we use the best possible algorithms to provide you accurate and efficient Grocery delivery with the specialized set up by extending our horizons to manage your user database.




Gradle for android

Carthage for iOS

Retrofit with RxJava


One-roof Online Grocery Marketplace App & Website for You!

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Wouldn’t it be excellent to choose what you want to cook for dinner and then find the missing ingredients within an hour on your doorstep? Special Service-based designed Online Grocery market to provide fresh services to you.

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