One of those tools that almost every company eventually ends up getting is a WordPress CRM plugin. While some need advanced field customizations and powerful integrations, some businesses only need the bare minimum.

10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

We want to highlight the must-have features while completing your research for the CRMs though quite a few CRM plugins are available to choose from. The following is what you should look into:

  • Placement of the forms on the website with a complete contact captures system with the form builders and options. It is quite simple as possible. It includes the drag and drops builders, widgets, and shortcodes are few things you need to look for.
  • Storing the information of customers and use custom fields so that the database is suitable for your ideal business needs with multiple databases.
  • You get a reporting module with printable reports and charts. Share and print elements we see and how you are not going to be looking for the reports yourself.
  • See exactly how to convert them over and over with visual pipeline management to get your customers in the lifecycle of your customers.
  • Send out notifications to the admins and clients with the help of messaging tools—integration of the scheduling software or even the live chats.
  • Admins and customers with getting a clean interface. Profiles will be quite simple, along with the social networking profiles. The clients will be able to communicate with the admins through their profiles and upload documents as it is quite nice.
  • You can also check out the WooCommerce integrations. They link with the other plugins, like the contact form plugin, since they are quite beneficial.
  • You are potentially creating a recurring revenue stream along with the invoicing tools for collecting money from your clients.
  • Helping the workers stay on track and to set up meetings with your clients with the task scheduler.
  • You can go back and see what has been talked about with your customers with the activity logs and notes.
  • Quickly locating the customers and groups you need with tagging, filtering, and search bars.
  • Linking to other CRMs, plugins, and website platforms with the help of apps and extensions and some sort of integration tool.


WP ERP- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

A free plugin that can help combine both the small and more significant enterprises with a CRM, HRM, and accounting solution with the help of WP ERP. With a good rating, it currently has over 10,000 active installs. One for their CRM operational aspects and the other for the CRM as well as accounting solutions. This WordPress CRM plugin is made up of various modules. You will be able to create as many entries as you want in all the modules as they do not have any limits on anything.

With the WP ERP plugin, you need not have to pay anything to get started. To help your business keep in touch with your customers and log those interactions, the free version has the most essential tools. It includes the company information management, location tools, and a holiday calendar with some of the free elements. You can make notes in your customer profiles as you can create contact groups.

It offers premium support, lots of extensions, and elements like the payment gateways and payroll tools with the premium versions that are not required for all the businesses. These plans can go up to &714 per year for larger companies and agencies as these plans start at $112 per year.

2. WordPress CRM Plugin

WordPress CRM Plugin- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

You will get a completely-featured CRM that can go right with your WordPress dashboard with the help of the WordPress CRM Plugin. The option to expand with the paid add one like Zapier, woocommerce, and Invoicing extensions as it is free to download and use on your site. With $99 per year, a premium version is also available, and you get premium support and a package of extensions. You might end up having to pay for something as it all depends on the features that you need.

You will have the ability to store an unlimited number of contacts in your database with the standard core plugin. To manage projects, track your marketing, and setting individual tasks for your workers, this plugin has tools. To help export and import your records at any time, it is also nice. The WordPress CRM Plugin has a decent list of addons to choose from, as mentioned. It is nice to see that you link to Dropbox, Slack, Ninja Forms, and others, as some of the companies may find that the core plugin is enough.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

You will be able to connect your WordPress website to the free HubSpot CRM so that you can organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers with the help of HubSpot’s WordPress plugin. With a complete suite of features to make forms, running live chats on your website, and providing analytics, this plugin is far more than a CRM.

It can help engage visitors and build a beautiful customer management platform as it all comes together in an excellent package. 53.3% of the survey respondents thought HubSpot’s free CRM tool is far superior to the competitors, according to a Databox report. It is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of some of the most advanced customer relationship tools on the market as HubSpot is known for its powerful marketing tools.

The CRM is entirely free and has a WordPress plugin to integrate with your current site, as mentioned. Configure your CRM online, and it only takes a few moments. With the help of the graphs and reports, an interactive demo walks you through the beautiful dashboard. This plugin comes with a free form builder to help capture your visitor’s submissions and automatically sync them with the CRM. Those leads will automatically be added to your contact list even if you use a separate form tool like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms.

3. Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

The most widely known CRM solution around is SalesForce. It is a powerhouse option with a slick design and robust functionality and is used by businesses both large and small. Everything is stored in the cloud so that you can access it through your web or mobile, as this is one of SalesForce’s significant advantages. For the Salesforce plugin, they now have a web-to-lead.

You can collect leads through your WordPress site and feed them directly to your Salesforce account with this CRM plugin. The arduous task of copying and pasting information from one program to the other is what the users had to endure. You need two tools for CRM is the main drawback here. It is an excellent first step in the meantime as it would be ideal for saving and managing customer information directly in WordPress.

5. Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

The other good WordPress CRM solution is the free Bitrix24 CRM tool. It is an integration that has been designed specifically for WordPress as this is not a technical plugin.

You will have the ability to add the contacts manually or capture them automatically through a lead generation form on your website, as it can store communications in your WordPress user database. You may rest a little easier knowing you can specify the default role assigned to them if you are uncomfortable with the idea of your prospects and customers being designated as users.

You will be able to designate which fields are required with the advanced options. You can conveniently edit forms and manage contacts from within your WordPress admin with the Bitrix24 CRM. To keep track of every interaction, each contact record can be categorized by contact type and has a correspondence thread. On the website, as well as a blog, the developers have a vital support area.

6. Contact Form 7 Zoho

Contact Form 7 Zoho- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

There are several third-party WordPress plugins to help you integrate with the affordable and powerful Zoho CRM tool, as Zoho CRM does not have an official WordPress plugin. Zoho is mainly known for its comprehensive suite of business management and marketing products. It offers email accounts, invoicing, CRMs, document storage, and more, and it is similar to G Suite.

To link the Zoho CRM suite to your Contact Form 7 plugin, syncing your contact form submissions with the CRM is a highly rated WordPress plugin. You can create a contact form with Contact Form 7 as you usually would in short, as it makes sense to aim at lead generation instead of an easy contact form. All the information is logged and saved for later as it is a submitted form that gets sent directly to Zoho.

It is free when it comes to the core plugin listed on the WordPress Plugin Repository. You will have the option to upgrade for premium support and additional features, however. It goes up to $149 for 25 sites, and the premium starts at $59. Especially for current Zoho users, the setup is straightforward. There are plenty of custom fields and filters to create your contact forms and filtering the list, as it is quite nice to see here.

7. Lead Form Data Collection to CRM

Lead Form Data Collection to CRM- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

To collect contacts, managing them, and understanding where they are in the customer lifecycle journey, hundreds if not thousands of CRM software are available. Finding an integration for your website, whether it be WordPress or any other site builder, is the big problem is here.

For some of the most popular CRMs on the market and WordPress websites, the Lead Form Data Collection to CR< plugin solves this issue. Every CRM in the world can link to the plugin as there is a good chance you can make it work, depending on the CRM as it does not mean that every CRM presents globally can link to this plugin.

You do have access to the API if you would like to integrate this plugin with yet another CRM is more. It is just a connection between WordPress and the CRM is something that is even more interesting here. However, it does perform a great job with the Lead Form Data Collection with the CRM plugin taking on the simple duties.

8. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

You will want to take a look at the premium WooCommerce CRM if you are using WooCommerce to sell anything from your WordPress site here. This plugin will let you track orders, add customer notes, make calls from the WordPress admin, and even send emails in addition to have a place for the usual contact management information.

You can get it correctly. You can add a new call task to their file and place the call from the contact record as you can pull up a contact. If you want to analyze your call data, it even has a call timer. It does not work as a standalone solution as this plugin is meant to integrate with WooCommerce. Through the web forms, you currently cannot feed customer information into the database. WooCommerce is free to download, and it is worth mentioning. It might be worth looking into if you do sell products online.

9. UpiCRM

UpiCRM- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

A completely free WordPress CRM and lead management solution is UpiCRM. It is already turning out to be very popular with respectable ratings and a few thousand installations as it is a relatively new plugin. If you eventually decide to upgrade to a premium CRM, the UpiCRM WordPress plugin provides a bulk export feature to transfer out all of your contacts into another system, as it is also very useful.

Creating contact forms and collecting leads to go into your database is the main functionality involved here. It automatically links to several websites for aggregating the data collection from multiple sources is one of the reasons we really enjoy this plugin. The integration options are superior to the competition with the connections to other CRMs, WordPress plugins, and Google Drive is what you will also notice here.

10. Press Point

Press point- 10 Best WordPress CRM Plugins for 2021

Press point is a premium WordPress plugin sold on its websites, formerly PauPress, and relaunched as Presspoint CRM back in October 2014. It is a 100% native and robust WordPress solution. Beyond just capturing and storing customer data, Presspoint lets you do a lot more. All within the WordPress admin can also integrate with eCommerce, memberships, email marketing, and more. It allows for complex queries and reports, and it is a plugin feature-rich.

To mine the data or perform bulk actions such as editing or mailing, you can use reports. It should be intuitive to use and navigate with the interface that blends seamlessly with WordPress.


It is essential to have a WordPress CRM solution to help you build a future business once you start building a customer base with your site. The better positioned you are to provide the products, services, and customer support they need, the more you know about your customers.

To highlight under-performing customer segments and growth opportunities, CRM solutions can also be invaluable. With additional solutions being developed each day, there are others on the market today.

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