Just when you think you can’t do any better with Google Sheets, you come across an add-on that makes your job a little easier. At least, I have found add-ons that help streamline processes and handle SEO tasks more quickly. Go through the best add-ons to Google Sheets built for marketers below. Some are free, and a charge or subscription is required for others. Anyway, give them all a try to unlock Google Sheets’ strength.

11 Google Sheets Add-Ons That Make SEO Work Easier

1. The Solver

Solve mixed-integer programming problems and linear with resource allocation, nonlinear optimization, and evolutionary algorithms. You can identify and fix several types of optimization issues in Google Sheets with the Solver Add-on generated by Frontline Systems, developers of Solver in Microsoft Excel, just as you can with the Excel Solver.

With the Simplex LP Solver, you can solve linear programming and mixed-integer programming problems, global optimization problems with the multi-start method, nonlinear optimization problems with the GRG Nonlinear Solver, and ‘arbitrary’ models of sheets containing some Evolutionary Solver numeric formulas.

2. AdStage Service

Pull all of your paid searches and paid social information onto Google Sheets fast. Avoid uploading data from all those ad networks manually! AdStage for Google Sheets allows you to automatically add your paid marketing success data into Google Sheets, starting at just $29 / month.

Get Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Analytics results from data from your PPC. Pull data such as Campaign Type, Rating, Campaign, Ad Category, and Ad I d for your ad campaigns.

Get cross-network SEM data from a single map or table. With performance data grouped by AdStage Account Groups or Directories, configure your reporting views. To find the top-performing campaigns, ad community, or commercial, use our A / B Testing template. Offer access to your reports & dashboards to others.

In this product, supported sources include:

• AdWords from Google

• Bing Advertising

• Facebook Ads & Advertisement for Instagram

• Twitter Advertising

• LinkedIn Ads

• Gemini Yahoo

• Google Analytics

Conversion details that you have passed on to the AdStage Data API

3. Analytics Quest

One of my favorite add-ons is this. It helps you to grab data from the Search Console and bring it right into your Google Sheet. It is an incredible time-saver. There is no limitation of data collected with this add-on (other than the 2 million cells per spreadsheet sheet limit for sheets).

Here are some of the things Sheet Search Analytics can do right out of the box:

Get query, page, clicks, experiences, CTR, and average data about the position.

Grouping and filtering (by query, page, country, and device) details

Automatic backups of data (daily or monthly)

Blockspring: -Blockspring:

This add-on provides the power of engineering and data science; regardless of your technical experience-and, all you need is your spreadsheet skills. BlockSpring is not free; it’s a $15 / month fee.

Features of Blockspring that you won’t want to miss. Get Data Instantly:

Take data from applications such as Twitter, scrape import.io websites, get government information using Socrata, use Quandl for financial information, all without leaving Google Sheets.

Using R, Python, Ruby, PHP, and JS to add custom functions to Google Sheets:

Are you a designer? Skip the Google Scripts limitations and use your favorite language to expand Google Sheets with custom functions. These functions don’t work with Google; they even work with Excel automatically!

Simplified, machine learning:

Extracting text definitions, operating world-class image recognition … Take advantage of the most efficient algorithms without programming from around the world.

4. Everywhere for Data

Share info, without importing or exporting, between Excel, your local databases, Salesforce, and Google Sheets! Connectors that carry your data into and out of Excel, Salesforce, or your local MySQL, SQL Server, Connect, Oracle, or PostgreSQL databases are released. We also have an add-on to Google Forms that can directly send data to any of these destinations.

For spreadsheet files, Data Everywhere is a cloud database. Open the spreadsheet, highlight the details that you want to share, and publish the Data Stream. You can share the data with others. An email address is all you need. Only add the new users as your feed’s viewers or editors. Our new Automated Publish and Update function makes it easy to sync your data automatically as well. To get data transferred, you would not even need to have the Google Sheet open.

5. Connector Salesforce G

This Google Spreadsheets add-on will allow you to pull any data from Salesforce.com and schedule the data to be automatically updated even when you’re offline.

Pull out a report, set up your update schedule (can be hourly, regular, weekly (on designated days, or month), then share the document with any amount of Google Drive non-salesforce users, and they all will have access to almost live data from your Salesforce.com organization. You can save more time with this Google connector by loading Salesforce data, requests, mass notifications, and adding data not from Salesforce but directly from your Google Spreadsheets.

Using a custom query, you will be able to pull data directly from Salesforce.com or pull a report you have already produced from Salesforce.com. By using the Update button, you can edit the data and push it back to Salesforce. You can also import new data from your current Google Spreadsheets to Salesforce.com by using the Insert button. Useful for reporting on SLT, data manipulation, relocation of data, and data cleanup.

Schedule automatic updates of a report from Salesforce.com or data extracted via SOQL. And when you are offline, the updates are running! Maintain historical data automatically up to every hour by generating report snapshots on your Google Drive. Run metrics up to once per hour on your data and send warnings to several people if a metric is wrong.

6. Document Review AYLIEN

This add-on, powered by the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, brings to your spreadsheets a set of easy-to-use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning tools to allow you to analyze any text quickly and easily. Let our Text Analysis add-on transform the spreadsheet into a powerful text analysis tool that is simple to use!

For Google, SheetsThe AYLIEN Text Analysis Add-on helps you to analyze the text in a matter of minutes without any programming or text analysis experience, whether you are a smart marketer or a novice data junkie.

AYLIEN Text Analysis for Google Sheets enables text analysis with no technical programming background for analysts, marketers, and researchers. To review documents, news stories, tweets, and URLs from inside your spreadsheet, use our Text Analysis add-on.

Summarizing and classifying records and articles

Analysis of Tweet Sentiment

Background and entities derived from any document

6 approved languages

It is quick to get started, and in a matter of minutes, you will be up and running. On our tutorial page, check out our walkthroughs and videos.

7. XLMiner Research ToolPak Pack

In Google Sheets, statistical analysis with functions that fit Analysis ToolPak in Desktop Excel. Through the XLMiner Analysis ToolPak Add-on, you can smoothly perform statistical analyses of the same types used in Microsoft Excel for more than 20 years in the Analysis ToolPak add-in and have been featured in a large number of textbooks, articles, statistics courses, and the like.

The add-on includes all 19 interactive functions used in the Excel Analysis ToolPak, plus the logistic regression of the 20th feature frequently requested by users. For Excel Research ToolPak users, the sidebar input fields, and output on the spreadsheet will be very familiar.

The twenty roles are:

•ANOVA: Single Element

• ANOVA: Replication Two-Factor

ANOVA: Two-Factor Replication Without

• Correlation

• Covariance

•Descriptive data

•Exponential Smoothing

•Two-Sample F-Test for Variances

• Fourier Analysis

• Histogram

• Linear Regression

• Regression of logistics

• Moving Average

•Random Generation of Numbers

•Rank and percentile

• Sampling

T-Test: Two-Sample Pairing for Means

T-Test: Two-Sample with equivalent variances assumed

T-Test: Two-Sample Presumption of Unfair Variances

Z-Test: Two-Sample Paired for Means

As seen in many textbooks, screen photos, and videos, findings will usually fit the Excel Research ToolPak. The Random Number Generation function of the add-on utilizes the Mersenne Twister algorithm.

8. Combine

Based on critical columns, search two sheets for the same values and update your main table with the missing information. The Merge Sheets wizard’s five essential steps will lead you through the process of joining data from two tables. If you have a minimum of one common column identifier in both sheets, e.g., the product ID, the add-on can insert all the missing information in your main table for the same records.

Pick the table that you want to update and the one from which to extract information. Defining standard columns that can be used by the add-on to find the same records Select the columns to be revised or added to the main sheet.

The Merge Assistant is doing the rest of it. It can compare key columns easily and find the appropriate changes, with no required lookup formulas. You can highlight color changes, function with empty cells only, and add all of the new records at the end of the table. You’ll see a list of all the improvements that the add-on has made when the merge is complete.

9. AutoCrat Ranking

Flexible, easy-to-use document merge tool that generates spreadsheet data to create PDF or shared documents. Automate autoCrat to build and exchange customized documents.

An autoCrat is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to merge data from a spreadsheet through a template and merge it into a text. Tell autoCrat which fields to merge through << merge tags >> and then let customized documents be created by autoCrat mass. Optionally, send documents as attachments to your account. Alternatively, tell AutoCrat to run when new forms are submitted to fully automated processes that are developed.

The latest version of AutoCrat currently has the following updates and new functionality in response to user reviews and demand:

• A single, more straightforward user interface. The sidebar got rid of us. In the direct dialogue, everything happens.

• More industrial design/interface.

• Cleaner code under the hood. Hopefully, you can find quicker outcomes and more real stimuli.

• Mode of a single paper. Now you can create a single document for the merging task. For example, a single doc or PDF with each row of data merged into it fits the job requirements. You were previously only able to construct one document per data row. This was one of the most requested requests for the feature. (At the moment, this only works with docs, not spreadsheets)

• Merge of pictures. You can now combine pictures from a publicly hosted picture URL into your docs.

The fusion of hyperlinks. Add hyperlinks to your combined Google docs with ease.

10. Google Analytics

Access Google Spreadsheets for all of your Google Analytics results. In tandem with the power of data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets, the Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on gives you the power of the Google Analytics API. With this method, it is possible to:

• Ask multiple view data (profiles).

Build custom calculations from the data from your study.

Build dashboards with visualizations of embedded data.

Schedule reports running automatically to ensure that the information is still current.

Easily monitor who can see these data and visualizations by using the current sharing and privacy features of Google Spreadsheet.

11. Archiver for Twitter

For any keyword or hashtag, check Twitter and save matching tweets to a Google Sheet. It polls Twitter for fresh tweets every hour.

Twitter Archiver lets you conveniently save tweets to a Google Spreadsheet for any search term or hashtag. Enter a search question or hashtag, and the Google Sheet automatically saves all matching tweets. To build more complicated queries, you can write simple queries, use a Boolean search, or use advanced Twitter search operators.

You can use Twitter Archiver to save tweets about trending hashtags, conference tweets, and mentions of your brand, geo-tagged tweets, and more. Each hour, it surveys Twitter and pulls all the corresponding tweets into the Google spreadsheet.

Google Sheets rapidly became a valuable tool for advertisers. And one of the most potent automation resources marketers have at their disposal is the inclusion of Google Sheets add-ons.

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