HTML5, the advanced version of HTML, has been the web technology of choice for a long time now. When it comes to mobile application development, HTML5 offers higher flexibility and syntactic features that include elements like audio, video, canvas, etc. If you go for HTML5, you no longer have to rely on additional APIs and plugins to extend your app’s functionality, unlike the native app development. To add to the benefits, applications that are developed using HTML5 can easily adapt to different screen resolutions and sizes.

Benefits of Choosing HTML5 For App Development

Having said that, if you’re looking for high-end results, the process of developing apps with HTML5 is better left to professionals. You can opt for HTML5 development services to get assistance from expert developers.

Mentioned below are 6 indisputable benefits that HTML5 application development company Atlanta has to offer:

1. Platform Independence

An application developed using HTML5 is compatible across all the platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS, among others. You won’t need to develop different apps for different operating systems, which will eventually bring down the cost of app development for you. With the advent of BYOD culture, the platform compatibility of HTML5 apps offers an even greater advantage in terms of business intelligence and mobility solutions.

2. Offline Access

Applications designed with HTML5 can also be accessed in offline mode. Even in the absence of a network connection, the apps work just fine. Because of this feature, the content loading time is also less.

3. Automatic Updates

HTML5 applications don’t require manual updates. Instead, they are updated automatically, and every visitor eventually sees only the updated versions of the apps. This is beneficial to both application providers and developers.

4. Video Content

HTML5 app development comes with video support. This means that you won’t need to download a plugin to access the audio/video elements, unlike earlier. The inclusion of video content and rich media support has a positive impact on your online visibility as well.

5. Design Flexibility

Using HTML5, the developers can code and design the applications as and how they want. With a number of libraries, tools, and frameworks, extending the functionality of your app, and offering a better user experience becomes easy.

6. Hybrid Apps

The ease of developing apps with HTML5 and the performance of native apps can both be combined with the help of hybrid app development. With the use of other web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, hybrid apps can be created, which are again compatible with all the platforms.

With its multi-support features and advanced UI components, HTML5 is surely headed to greater heights. Not only in terms of increased functionality and flexibility of designing apps but also in enhancing the overall growth and ROI of your business.

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