Are you new as an iPhone user? But you must be excited about the experience you will have with the latest mobile phone, especially if you will try new apps. Suppose you meet a person who bought an iPhone for the first time and now you must be wondering what app he should install on his phone. There could be more than 1 million apps for an iPhone user. With these all options, how can you know which one will be food for you?

The first thing that you must ensure to download is must apps. These may be installed in your set before, or you may download them. However, there is a difference between evidence and must-have best iPhone apps for free. The obvious one is not very important. That is up to you if you’re or not going to download it. Apps have been ruling us in the present world. It has helped us to know how we keep moving in the entire day, including communication, travel, learning, and watching. 

All the daily routine activities of people depend upon apps. However, iPhone 11 has brought a new face to the world with subscription gaming. Also, it features TV services and thus provided us access to the most critical activities that we generally carry out. 

The apps listed below are the best iPhone apps ever you will find. 

Best iPhone Communicating App

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger-An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

You need something to interact with people online you find on social media. Here is Facebook Messenger to help you talk with the people around you. However, this app is compatible with many other devices too. Facebook friends can easily interact with each other through this iPhone app. 


It’s fun for free to carry where lots of people are the existing user. Generally, you will find one prominent app on everyone’s iPhone, and that is Whatsapp. What more do you want if you want to send international messages very conveniently? Present features of voice calls and video calls over the internet have even made it convenient for you to talk with people miles away. Multi-person video call has made Whatsapp the most ranked iPhone app.


One other communication best iPhone app ever you will find is Skype. It is the best app to keep you in touch with friends sitting remotely away from you. You can send different messages over audio and video calls through skype at low rates. Thus you can popularly keep in touch with different people in the world. Presently it has been mostly used for podcasting.


It is the most liked app of all time for its features. This visual Snapchat can bring your life with a lot of colors and fun. However, you cannot use it as a securing app for messaging. After a while, the receiver would not find old messages by the sender. A sender can set the time to which the receiver can see a particular snap. 


An email app from Google is the best app for iPhone to communicate as per recordings from the entire world. You can read and reply to the email received from a person very quickly. However, you may use some other messaging apps too, including Yahoo and Hotmail, but Gmail has smooth database dealing. It is a pre-installed application in an iPhone that constitutes fast and smooth functioning. Also, you have seconds to undo the sending option. 


Viber Messenger- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Transferring calls from desktop to mobile and vice versa is in the case of Viber. It is an app specially designed for sticker engagement chat to engage many people in video chat. You only need a phone number to chat, and so it encrypts the communication.

Best iPhone Apps For Social Networking 


Twitter might not be that up to the mark as Facebook, but still, it has ruled our daily lives. To work on a Twitter account, you will usually search for the app. Even many say that there are more than one-third of people engaged in Twitter every day. They are active to see posts from various people. So, it is also an official app.


Instagram: An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

For most people, social photography means Instagram. On this app, you can follow various friends, celebrities, and the pages to see different posts in the form of images or videos to enjoy your time. Even the entire Instagram users in the world feel like it is an app for uploading selfies. 

Best iPhone Apps For Education 


Learning is a basic necessity for people, and so ASL App has helped in learning of iPhone and iPad for free. You can get information on American Sign Language along with a short welcome introduction. The videos will teach your alphabet and forming words and phrases with them. Also, it helps you get the entire gesture. This learning app offers you everything you need. 


Bing- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

One thing that you must always consider is there is not only one way to search for videos, photos, web pages, and directions using the internet. There could be plenty of alternatives to it. So, here is the Bing app for iPhone to help you search for various parts. It is a simple, quick, and clear iPhone app to keep up and add multiple voice inputs with your local information. What more you need other than local guidance and suggestions than having a blank box to search for your assistance.


Yes, it is a fact that if you learn something very different from others, it adds value to the people around you. They will value your knowledge and learning. Duolingo can assist you with the free language learning app for iPhone. As far as we consider other language learning apps, Duolingo is the best iPhone app ever out of all. You can even learn through Duolingo with offline lessons. 


Elevate-An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Elevate is to train, learning, writing, math, and reading. Suppose you have set a daily goal for studying and learning. In the graph, you will see the performance and keep a check on it for various categories. If you unlock the entire content, then it might costs you some subscription for a month. But you must go ahead to learn more with this iPhone app and feel smarter. 


Many people believe that having a smartphone is to look and they spend half of their time looking at things. Wikipedia is a source for fast-checking in this mobile era. This iPhone app results very strongly and fast than using a search engine. 

Best iPhone apps Entertainment


Downcast- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Enjoy shining features of the Downcast app with smart downloading and has an enlightened interface. If you are searching for an entertainment app to work better than podcasts for Apple, go for using the Downcast app. It provides a lot of listening experience. It has the best controlling level to make the best editor choice. You may even customize to check new episodes and also finds where you are currently with the help of geo-fencing. 


Who does not about this best iPhone app of all time for entertainment purposes? Watch all your favorite series on Netflix to view the availability of the cable or broadcast. You can enjoy every show available on television and all new and old cinema release. You can even download many series for offline watch whenever you are free. It is one of the few apps that you would ever find for offline view. 


Crunchyroll- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Crunchyroll offers you an ad-free streaming service. Watch over thousands of episodes from overseas and also; this app has many other social interaction features. So, we can say that Crunchyroll has a Netflix-like recommendation. 


Earth music is always in demand. Here we introduce another best iPhone app free for entertainment to create an excellent playlist to know about earth’s history. You can even download for offline listening sitting anywhere and anytime for later use. It is effortless for you to switch between one device to Spotify for listening to music. It has high-quality listening and downloading features. 

Best iPhone apps for Finance


Coinbase- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Enjoy your full 0f features and perfectly designed cryptocurrency app on your iPhone. You can quickly set up currency wallets for different currency types, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. For secured usage, you can attach a touch ID or face ID to operate this wallet. Thus, Coinbase helps to set up price trigger alerts. 


Levelup- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

For the first time use, you can quickly get a few dollars for free, or you can save them. You can use this app for making payments at the local salad bar, café, or doughnut shop. You will not have to pay until the next month but can even use it ahead. So, no more to wait in lines.

For Blogging And Word Process

Second Everyday: Video Diary

Second everyday- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

Make one second everyday clip and keep adding it to the growing video of life. It is the most simple idea and the most exciting one, but it will take time to build up. You can have a better experience with video charting throughout your life to catch a story. Keep preparing notes regarding each clip you have captured with yourself. It is the best and easiest fun-loving activity that is free to use.


It is the modern time to interconnect with people through social media. But it is essential to have space for yourself too. Reflectly is there for you to keep everything private. Now, you have privacy which you need not share with someone else. You can note your thoughts and the feelings you have at the moment without letting anyone else know about it. Hence, it is a diary in the app form. However, you must not worry about the wrong thing. It is always and the most secure type of offering you the best mindfulness tips. Now, you keep yourself motivated every time in life. 


For a blogger, who wants to rank and run his website, then WordPress is the best option. However, using WordPress is not a copy that you can expect with the internet. However, it will focus on a good running post with new comments, to view different static data, and most importantly, to upload various media. You need just to post the lightning-quick posts that WordPress can quickly provide you. 


Scrivener- An Ultimate Guide To Download The Best iPhone App Free For You

It’s time to move out of internet use and to read a novel for betterment. You must be searching for an app that would help you keep every thought in one place. Here is Scrivener’s best app for iPhone to feature everything as a word processor, scrapbook, and notes ring binder. The iOS version can easily connect with MacOS and also perform Dropbox integration on a large scale. Thus, it is the best place where you can quickly note down your notes and gather the research you have presented to date. Thus it has helped in various customizing options. Even if you are done with your records, you can export them in an editor-friendly format. 

Google Docs 

No matter what app you are using, but Google Docs is always there to inter-connect with the word processor in the whole world. You can add your entire data on the safe side that is Google cloud and invite others to view and make changes to it as they prefer. You can work with it in real-time also. Download the prepared document and start working on it for offline access. You can sync it to the other devices too. 

Final Verdict

These are the above-listed apps that you can use on your new iPhone. You must download them right now to have a great daily life experience with your mobile phone. These are worth downloading once you go for downloading once or twice. We are here always to assist our regular readers with more information regarding the best iPhone apps for free. So, start living your life to the fullest with these iPhone apps with a great experience. So, what are you planning? Buy an iPhone for ease of daily life routine.

Bhavesh Kachhadiya

Bhavesh Kachhadiya is Sr. iOS Application Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share iOS app development tips & tricks.