WordPress is now the most important weapon for modern-day writers, businessmen, start-up owners etcetera to build a base for their brand. Also, it stores content and gives access to the users to create and publish web pages. As this article is about a component of WordPress, which are plugins, let me tell you there are numerous plugins available to those who use this core analogy. These cannot even be differentiated to know which is worse and which is better. Most of them are strictly preferable to be chosen for all the sites. There are some plugins you would want to install, irrespective of the subject or domain of your website. So this article would provide every possible detail about these plugins. 

Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

Here you’ll get to know about some plugins and the reasons why they are preferable for every domain of websites. 


Updraftplus- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

It’s not quite evident, but there are nearly 30000+ websites that get hacked every single day! Unimaginable. Do you know the reason behind it? It’s because WordPress gives access to almost 30% of the sites we find on the web. This is the reason why it becomes one of the common aims. There are chances that the website may stop working due to minute errors. If maximum users choose to use the number of 5-10 plugins where some of them get monthly updates. Hence the affinity of creating errors is quite certain.

If you get a backup action while working, that may create a load of stress in that particular instance no matter what the reason is. Many backup plugins can be found online, but a crescent of them are suitable for use. It follows up with numerous cloud storage choices to fix your backup issues. You can also schedule the backup in automation mode. This would always help you to store your data locally. Plus, it would also set it into its previous state.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

It is said to be the most known search engine optimization tool featured in WordPress. It’s intriguing to know why this is one of the most important plugins. It gives you numerous advantages by lifting your SEO and in addition to that, it enhances the views of your content. Nearly about 80% of users look at your pages and posts with just a glance. So what do you think would make your content more readable? It needs to be more visible. The more it is visible, the more is the chance for it to get read by the users. No doubt, there are numerous ways to gain traffic. But none of the applications can work better than the search engines.

It has been commonly notified that Google has the access to almost nine billion searches. It’s intriguing to learn the fact that, organic traffic can either support in a greater way or it may stoop it down to the lower level. To find back home at that particular instance, only 5% of the traffic in the search engine allows the users to receive paid outcomes. This the reason, why working on a strategy related to keywords is quite complicated for every website. So lastly, keep in mind that this plugin optimizes your posts in WordPress using suitable keywords and the required descriptions and attracts the viewers to read your content.


Optimole- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

As we all have noticed an image captures more than half of the page, which is why optimizing the images would certainly bring up many changes to the times you load your site’s page. It is important for numerous reasons. As, if your website takes more than three to five seconds to show up, many of your users would stop visiting your site as nobody can afford to lose time and patience. Plus, if your website is related to shopping, more than 75% of your buyers would stop visiting it if they find it lagging every time.

It is a common factor that many other websites are providing similar facilities and people won’t lose a second to jump off to the other. We cannot only blame the role of images on a website but it also depends on the keywords we use while optimizing it. Proper use of keywords is helpful in a great way to fix the page view without lagging. This component will help you do so in the easiest ways to save space. It prefers a cloud-based system to boost up the site and also fixes the image size for a greater experience and fast loading. 

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

People usually promote their content through social media where maximum people get access to reach the website. You are aware of the fact that social media plays a very important role in marketing. When you start up something you create pages for your business on social media to promote it.

So think if you aren’t an active social media user, you lose more than half of your clout. Billions of people opt to use Facebook and Twitter each month. So you must contemplate the amount of audience you can through this. Won’t you consider learning about this plugin that would satisfy the sole purpose of your business? So this would help you to gain more traffic through social media by sharing old and new content automatically. It also helps to add up hashtags and links to the website.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

You always need to fasten the time of loading and here is the most powerful caching plugin that would help you to do so. It works uniquely by developing cached copies of the actively spawned page on the site for which servers won’t have to deal much. It has been previously discussed about the reasons behind the lag in loading pages and also about how caching solutions can help in the process of picture optimization. In various trials and surveys, this plugin has wonderfully proved itself to be the best for use in its quality of lessening the page load times by 63%. Even if it comes with a price, it is much worth choosing for working purposes. It would surely help you in decreasing the lag and create a faster loading scheme. 


Elementor- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This comes as one of the most added plugins with over 5,000,000 installs. The use of this plugin is quite interesting for the ones who like to personalize their things especially the appearance of the web page. It gives you access to recreate your page through various options. You create the original or the inbuilt designs visible after you open the web page. And most importantly, you don’t have to learn any technical assistance to do this.

It’s user-friendly and is designed to be accessed by everyone. You can just drag the design and put it in. It also saves time, energy, and ideas as everything is already pre-prepared. This plugin is also useful for the ones who want to settle an attractive appearance of the page for their business and also, this helps you in saving money. Isn’t amazing that you don’t have to hire a developer and you would get all the professional services just through a plugin? To add more about the benefits, let me tell you, you can get more than 150 templates from the plugin library. And you can get it for free from the WordPress directory.

WP Forms

WP Forms- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This can also be termed as an amazing component of WordPress to create amazing forms. This plugin gives you a perfect combination of important characteristics and directions of usage. You can use it anywhere as it can be accessed through the cell phone as well. This plugin is commonly used by many websites as you get to create contact forms without coding or programming stuff. This user-friendly plugin gives you the modern contact form which helps you in conversational terms and also drives away better conversions and survey results. You can create this without spending anything and it also saves your time.


Otter- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This is a slight use component that helps in attaching useful functions to Guttenberg. It is also considered a library consisting of templates and blocks. This also works as a substitute for the WordPress classic editor. It’s not yet determined that Gutenberg is soon to introduce a premium class feature. This plugin can help you get access to the Gutenberg blocks and create inherently useful pages with them. It adds google maps and an advanced heading block plus, this is free for use providing unique features and pages.


Redirection- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This is one of the most important plugins one cannot afford to miss out on. It is the redirect management system for WordPress. This component serves to custom 301 redirects in your site and also stores the recorded data on clicks. It is also being used to point out the lost URLs on your website. We all have been through a bad user experience. Checking every post on the page is quite impossible as there are thousands of posts occurring in front of you. This plugin helps us to see the 404 errors. We just need to paste the URL where you aim to redirect the visitor.


Wordfence- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is a trustworthy feature because of the security feature it possesses. It becomes a hub for all the hackers as it consists of much important information related to almost everything. It revolves around various domains. Wordfence is one of the most known and preferred security plugins. It also supports protecting the unwanted entries to the website like bots, botnets, etc. It generally blocks all the suspicious networks. Strong passwords and brute force attacks are some of the basic features of this component. It keeps on scanning every little detail of your website for protection. You can also submit your email address to get the security alert notifications.


Duplicator- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This is a WordPress component that creates a zip file in which it stores all the WordPress files, themes, content, etc. So then the zip file can be used in a different server later if there is a need for it. This plugin helps you to recreate all the data in many locations and also saves the entire site or maybe just a part of it. This can also share information regarding professional ideas through emails. You can always prefer submitting your email address to get notifications related to any particular domain.

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This plugin is also to be added to the “must-have” list. The backups are always managed by this version of the site. This saves the data related to the total WordPress installation details including the media files. The backup files are also accessible as zip files. You can schedule and handle backups according to your wish and comfort after you are done with the works of a day.

There is also a Dropbox location where you can save your backup information. As I said in the description of the previous component, you can always prefer adding an email address to receive important information. The only thing you need to consider is that BackupBuddy comes under the premium plugin group which gives you security options including features to scan malware.

Total Cache

Total Cache- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This component is the best of all. It can handle heavy traffic without lagging which is hard to believe but true. It’s helpful for the content delivery networks as it saves time with faster loading skills. This also helps in changing the URL keys to update the links of your posts. It collectively attaches the media files, library details, and stores them in media links with redirects which can be performed forever. It never changes your themes or creates new rules for .htaccess files but adds various security options and statistical records of the performance. 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This is said to be another vastly preferred WordPress component for caching websites. This is a user-friendly plugin that can also work independently or with the control of a team. This is famous for the quick response it provides. The HTML docs are notified for almost all the users who ignore your content for an instance. This reduces confusion in the procedures of the servers and results in a good performance. It also offers CDN by copying the URLs in wp-content to show a different host’s name. Apart from all the negative points, if you get to know how to fix it through settings, the plugin starts making your website more clear and user friendly.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This plugin sets up all the characteristic features and aspects compulsory for starting a form you need. You can create any kind of form for your site using this WordPress component. But the most used form of this plugin is in contact form including a multipage trait. This is beneficial for the access it provides to know every important detail about your user. You can also cover the hidden field, sections, pages of submit buttons by using the form editor.

It gets comfortable for the users to fill later according to their comfort whenever they find some free time or a good state of mind. They don’t have to start from the very beginning. The drop-down boxes indulged in standard fields allow you to embed the form on your site.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

These are the free plugins that provide you to create an active form on your website. You don’t need to study anything. It can just work with the drag and drop option to make everything easy and less time-consuming. You don’t need to study to know advanced tasks. It is used by both beginners and experts as it has both class and power. We would rate and suggest it be used by all. It is considered to be limitless when it comes to forging forms. You can use your field after creating it or save it for later use.


Shareaholic- Free And Essential Plugins For WordPress

This plugin attracts users by adding up keys to your website which increases the chance of making your content more shareable. The default floating share buttons and inline ones are two types of sharable keys. You can always perform multiple tasks in a single dashboard. This component is also appreciated and recommended by the developers naming it as a multi-purpose tool which is also helpful for social sharing. It is free to download, you just need to register it while you want to use it. Not only this but it also helps in creating engagement with your website by showing up the previous content and fixes up revenues through the promotion of advertisements.

Through this article, you learned about various free and premium plugins helping you in a hundred different ways. From guiding you to recreate the appearances of the web page to make it more accessible to the users, the plugins are now considered as one of the most important components of WordPress. If you are a new or old user, you can always refer to this article to know about various user-friendly plugins

Do let us know if you have other ideas about plugins or if you want us to add some more options for your choice in the comment section.

Kriyank Patel

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