WordPress, often nicknamed as a ‘factory for web-page manufacture’ is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) present online. It is freely available to all its users worldwide and is, therefore, a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to develop their website. Whether the creator is a tech-savvy young blogger or a technically challenged beginner, the myriad of user-friendly templates and flexible customization options will make their life much easier. With approximately 75 million users, its simple user interface attracts more content creators every day.

How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

If you are looking to create a perfect website for your school or college, then it should typically have a proper ‘educational’ theme to attract students. Online classes and courses are now more significant than ever. Therefore, creating an educational website is one of the best things to do.

How Can I find a WordPress Theme For My Education Website

Following are a few things to remember before deciding on a theme for your website:

● The WordPress theme should appear professional and to the point. 

● One should skilfully choose the appropriate colors and fonts to attract students and their parents.

● The theme should appear equally attractive in every device – be it a computer or a mobile phone.

● The website should be responsive.

● The selected theme should favor all the important aspects of WordPress plugins.

Now, let us take a closer look at some of the WordPress themes that would elevate your educational website :


OceanWP- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

OceanWP is a free WordPress theme that will help one design a beautiful and eye-catching website. It can be downloaded for free at the OceanWP site. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create an e-commerce site or a website on their blog.

The extensible codebase present in this theme lets one add functionality to the websites with the help of a ‘child’ theme or custom plugins. It serves many demo sites that cater to educational purposes. If one pleases, they can use a one-click demo content importer to make their website start faster.

It takes a very short time to load and the layout looks proportionate in every screen size. OceanWP also supports premium and multiple layout designs. 

The most prominent feature of this theme is the innumerable designing options available to its user. OceanWP comes with great SEO features that will help one rank your website higher in the search engine. It also provides 13 pre-build demo designs, i.e., it comprises demos for a large number of websites or blogs, including those built for educational purposes. 

Academy Pro

Academy Pro- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Academy Pro is a premium WordPress theme that is specially built for online course builders and educational content marketers. This genesis powered theme was built by Studio press, which favors audio and visual video content on the homepage of the website. Academy Pro is very easy to install. 

The user can immediately access the WordPress Content Management System’s ‘themes installer tool’ once they have downloaded the Academy Pro theme. The homepage of the Academy Pro is well built and has six sections.

If anyone wants to start an online course or business website, then they can add the necessary details, a video to explain the purpose of their webpage, and the website logo in the first section. In the second section, there is a homepage that will provide a list the user wants their customers or users to provide. 

The third section will help them add a CTA button, and the fourth section will contain the testimonials. Following this, the next section will give the details of the owner. 

This theme allows all users to add an opt-in-form and accordion. The viewers have to fill this form, in case they visit their site daily. The instructor of the page will be able to provide the steps and the details of how they will guide their students in the accordion section. In the footer section, the users can add links to their social networking profiles and a copyright notice.

This theme provides SEO features, and it has the latest HTML schema markup code. One can use the theme’s live customized tool and change the color as well as the layout of the theme to give their website a personalized appearance.


Divi- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

The Divi theme has a superior visual editor that gives WordPress a completely new website-building platform. It is one of the most professional WordPress education themes. With the help of this theme, the user can make their content look more eye-catching and imaginative. It hosts some very unique features, and its layout is quite responsive. 

Divi is suitable for any device, so it is easier for the students to study online no matter what resources they have at their disposal. Similarly, the instructor can also work from either their computers or mobile phones. This theme is designed to provide twenty pre-designed layouts. 

It is quite flexible and easy to use. Thus, it can be considered as one of the best options if you are looking for a good website theme. Divi allows the use of various fonts or layouts. It, therefore, can be to create a powerful, engaging website.


WPLMS- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

WPLMS is a professional WordPress theme that is mainly used for educational purposes. It is very simple for the instructors and the students to use this learning management system. This theme helps the user to manage their online courses. It also allows its users to build and promote or sell their online content.

This theme is notable for a few of its unique characteristics. It offers a one-click setup, which is a major advantage for the user. It offers separate instructor dashboards and student dashboards. It provides different course pages according to subjects. This theme is also suited to all kinds of services or plugins like Woo-commerce, Buddy press, and several others.

It is popular as one of the best education themes in WordPress. This theme provides an enticing look to the website. The integrated premium slider plugin enables viewers to display the content on the homepage in a full-screen view. 

With the help of BuddyPress and woo-commerce, which is built-in this theme, one can easily add learning content, social networking, and e-commerce sites to their webpage with the help of WPLMS.

School WordPress Theme

School WordPress Theme- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

The School theme provides an education-oriented design that is soothing to the eye and is designed in such a way that it efficiently imparts information to the students. This theme is suitable for play school, nursery, primary, or secondary school purposes. 

The school theme has many custom post-types that enhances the designation of the websites and enables it to assemble more information. The custom post-types include events, testimonials, and an attractive gallery. The user gets plenty of options to choose the colors.

It provides SEO-friendly features and therefore enables the blog post or website to secure a higher rank. The most noticeable feature of this theme is that it has an impressive speed, which enhances its performance. It provides fifteen widgets which can be used in general areas also. 

Another important and significant feature of this theme is its translation ability. The theme provides the viewers with a full-screen homepage where the class schedules or online course routines can be displayed for the benefit of the students. 

Academia Pro

Academia Pro- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Academia Pro is an organization/education WordPress theme. It is responsive and multipurpose. It can work perfectly on any device such as a mobile, tablet, or laptop. Academia Pro has a widgetized 3 column homepage layout along with an event calendar integration. 

This theme is considered to be perfect for social and non-profit websites, educational and corporate websites. It also offers the user a flexible theme layout. However, they also have the option to change into a two-column layout from a three column one. 

With the live customer feature, the user has the option to make changes to their theme, customize colors, menus, fonts, widgets, and so on, along with a live preview. They can adjust the layout of individual pages according to the content. 

There are 3 menus available on the header, which can be utilized or disabled. Academia Pro was updated to Academia Pro 3.0, and it works perfectly with WooCommerce. 

Education Academy

Education Academy- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

While setting up a website, it is important to make sure that it looks very professional, to attract an audience. Education Academy by Templatic can help them here. This is a WordPress theme meant for educational institutions such as colleges, schools, academies, and universities.

 It has an ideal theme suitable for different educational platforms such as high school, counseling center, distance learning courses, online libraries, etc. It has a design that can help make a website appear adept. 

It is a sophisticated theme that can make the processes of teaching and learning a fun-filled experience. In this theme, there is a one-click auto-install feature. Through this, one can install the theme and then use the demo data option. The site will be ready to present the demo version. 

Some of the main features of the Education Academy are an unlimited color selection range, advanced custom fields, and page templates.


Neuton- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Neuton is a WordPress theme that can be used for multiple purposes and is considered to be one of the best for schools, colleges, universities, and so on to publish their magazines online. 

The theme is mainly focused on categorization and content and is used for sharing news updates, class schedules, and announcements. It is a carefully designed theme, with care given to every detail, including special care for a responsive structure. 

This template can work well on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. There are several features available on this theme. It has 4 types of home page sliders – Flex Slider, Camera Slider, Nivo Slider, and Vimeo Video.

It has a Jackbox responsive lightbox for product popup images, a New dropdown menu. Under the Search option, there is an auto-complete field, isotope product animation engine, animated main navigation, dropdown languages and currencies, several patterns available for background, shortcodes, and many other distinguishable features. 

Education Zone

Education Zone- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Education Zone is a WordPress education theme that is considered to be one of the best for training centers, colleges, academies, universities, LMS, primary school, high school, and kindergarten. The theme is designed to meet all the needs of the user and give them a great experience. 

It is a fully responsive WordPress theme, and the user has the option to use this theme on different devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and so on. This theme also supports translation. Education Zone offers beautiful designs that attract viewers and leave a long-lasting impression on them. 

If anyone has any queries, they have the liberty to contact the authorities through their support ticket. Education Zone is also SEO optimized and can help the website get high rankings in the search engine. 

The theme is widget ready and provides space for the widgets. The owner can customize a website according to their desires.


Blackboard- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Blackboard is a beautiful WordPress theme that is designed mainly to make websites for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. It is a magazine/creative blog WordPress theme.

One of the biggest features that a customer looks for in a website is a clear and quick response from the person who is sitting on the other side of his screen. Blackboard is a clear, responsive WordPress theme. It also focuses on readability, design, and focuses on providing a wonderful experience for their users. 

The blackboard theme tries to increase the readability of the website. It has large space and legible fonts that help to persuade the readers to continue reading. Some of the key features of this theme are that it has a clean and minimalistic design that helps the website look professional and has great speed. More than 700 fonts are available on Blackboard.

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

Hestia Pro is a WordPress theme used for multiple purposes, and you can use it to create any website. The theme provides both one page and multi-page layout, according to the requirements of the user. It is perfect for academic and educational websites. 

The theme has been developed by ThemeIsle. Similar to many other websites, Hestia Pro has a premium version that has more features and capabilities than the free version. 

The premium version is more flexible with plenty of additional features. It also has WooCommerce compatibility along with certain others that allows customization of the layout, according to the user’s preferences. 

Hestia Pro provides plenty of features, especially for creating one-page websites. Some of the features of Hestia Pro are centralized customization through customizer, the site’s library, an orbit for integration, front page sections, customization with appearance settings, header, footer, and blog settings.


Foundation- How Can I Find A WordPress Theme For My Education Website?

There are many themes available in WordPress that can help you in making your website look professional and attract customers. Foundation is also one such WordPress theme that makes your website look skillful and is considered to be one of the best suited for educational and academic institutions such as schools and colleges. 

Foundation is also used for excavation, earthmoving, constructions, buildings, and architecture businesses. It is a fully responsive theme, and it works perfectly in all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

This theme works well with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. Some of its central features are video support, events integration, and their ‘contact us’ section.


I hope this article has been helpful to you. WordPress has several in-built themes for the ease of the user. These themes can help the user in making their website attractive and easily accessible. Whenever a person looks into a website, he checks the outline of it, sees if the website is user friendly, sees if it takes a lot of time to load and analyses if it works properly in all devices. 

The above mentioned are considered as some of the best-suited themes for educational institutions. They help the owner fulfill their main objective, i.e. creating a user-friendly website that imparts information. 

If you are running an educational institution, make sure to try out these themes.

Kriyank Patel

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