People living in large cities hate driving because of congested roads and lack of parking space. This is why the taxi service business runs at full speed as people are not really interested in owning a car or at least driving it. And, of course, companies like Uber, ZipCar, or Lyft provide all the reasons for doing so. People are delighted that they can take advantage of all the benefits of traveling in a private car without having to worry about parking or car repairs. That is why there is no better time today to create and introduce your own taxi and car rental service application.

Taxi Booking Application is a multi-billion dollar mobile application business with millions of customer needs every day.  When developing a taxi reservation application, costs may fluctuate due to various circumstances. Includes the country or region referred to, taxi app improvement organizations like large or small organizations, dedicated app designers, and more.

In addition, a specific summary of the highlights performed there. In particular, it is expected that the above management would require the creation of two interfaces. One for consumers and one for taxi drivers. Each has its advantages. Below you will see how much does it cost to make an app like uber in India.

Estimated Cost: The taxi app development cost in India for Android and iOS technology with simple features costs around $ 6000 to $ 8000. The final cost of developing a taxi application is estimated based on the general characteristics of the application.

Why Do You Need To Develop A Mobile Taxi Application?

Are you effective taxi commerce, targeting to gain more consciousness and earn more? Well, then, creating a mobile taxi app is the right thing for a taxi business. There are several countries that have revolutionized the market because mobile taxi solutions are ideal for increasing user engagement and retention. So if you’re a start-up entrepreneur who needs to generate a mobile taxi booking app like Uber and charge a certain percentage of the fare, it’s an excessive mobile app.

The first reason to create an app for your taxi line is that your competition already does it, you don’t want to be left behind, do you? Keep in mind that as technology advances and times change, people and companies must adapt.

The second reason is that this ordering system is faster, easier, and more efficient for customers, this makes the experience better and a pleased customer is a loyal customer. There are also all those details that are placed at the client’s disposal to make the reservation more personal and specific, such as:

  • Choose a taxi where you want to move to.
  • Ask that the vehicle incorporate baby seats.
  • Request that you agree to transport animals.
  • Choose the driver.
  • Pay in advance with TDC managing everything from the app

Apps Give The User More Information: Those users who are in a place far from the city where there is little influx of taxis, just use an app from a reliable taxi line and request one. Upon entering, they must show their location and the address to which they want to move and the app will show the route the taxi driver will follow, the time it will take to arrive, and how much the cost is.

Then, the app allows you to locate the taxi driver closest to your location and gives you information about it. This extra point gives the user the feeling of security since they can decide the vehicle and driver according to their tastes or comments from other customers. In other words, the entire process can be done from the app, from ordering the taxi to paying for the journey, all in an easy, safe, and fast way.

Apps Are Also A Method Of Loyalty: We already know that there are some strategies to become the favorite taxi line for users, but the most important will always be the friendly and empathetic treatment of the driver. In addition to the appearance and comfort of the vehicle.

The general experience of the service will make the client request the services again, and the inclusion of an app can help improve this experience. Combining the use of technology to order the taxi through the Smartphone with an excellent treatment at the time of the transfer will make users always return and recommend the line, increasing the company exponentially and progressively.

Promote Your App To Get Customers: If you have an app, the first thing is to promote it so that the largest number of users download them and request your services. The first thing is to include the download link on the home page of the company’s website, you must also include it on the line’s social networks, on business cards for users, and even in the form of stickers inside the vehicle. Finally, it is important to mention to users who have not yet used it the benefits that it can offer and invite them to download it.

Popular Apps For Taxi Fleet: There are also free apps for taxi fleets or private taxis that users can use to order a taxi. You can include the taxi drivers of your taxi line in one of these free apps to increase the number of clients requesting this service.

From this app, you can control and manage all the operations and dispatch of services in a detailed and transparent way. From the app or web, it is possible to access the work statistics of each taxi driver and analyze them. It also allows us to track and monitor the status and safety of driving partners and cars in real-time and also make calls or send messages to driving partners from the same app.

Type Of Taxi Booking Application

Here, let’s take a look at the types of taxi booking mobile apps. Taxi service applications currently there are various types of mobile taxi booking applications on the market. Nowadays, if you already have a well-established name in the taxi business and own your own car and driver, something unique nowadays is for you. These companies can use the taxi service application as an extension of the taxi business.

When such companies create such apps, it becomes easier for customers to book rides, which puts them in front of the largest customer/customer base. Generating a taxi app development services brings many comforts and ease to the driver

Simple: It provides a single app taxi booking solution that provides a list of canned services with full details such as contact details and prices, and also has the ability to order the taxi itself by calling directly includes. An additional feature to reflect here is a map that covers points of terminus and a fair approximation of the trip, taking into account price per unit, distance, distance, etc.

Complex: This requires a lot of investment in backend development in addition to the investment made in the server and frontend. It contains two versions of the mobile application. One for drivers or passengers and one for taxi drivers. The complex version includes starting a partnership with a taxi company or individual.

How The App Works

The server uses the mobile’s GPS capabilities to determine the exact location of the passenger and notifies the taxi driver closest to the passenger that he is about to book a taxi. It is important for the application to know the exact location of the controller. To take exact and up-to-date info about the customer’s location, requests can be sent to the server at predefined intermissions (1 hour, 10 minutes, or every second).

Additional Features

  • Push Notification-This feature is essential to provide information to both drivers and passengers. This is an integral part of communication to keep users informed of the event.
  • GPS Tracking And Navigation-GOS technology help determine the current location of passengers and drivers. In addition, users can find cars with map integration and positioning. To know the distance and execute the route, you need a routing server.
  • The Real-Time Data Analysis-This feature gives administrators an overview of travel, salary, and revenue statistics. Provide profitable ideas to drivers through the app. This application feature allows users to use pie charts and other third-party APIs with travel data. Graphics and help give users much better visualization than raw datasheets.
  • Smart Queue Algorithm-This feature allows taxi service providers to distribute jobs among drivers fairly and conveniently. The application queues all controllers that the client can reach within 5 minutes and sends work requests to available controllers.
  • Auto Dispatch in Driver App-The driver app is completely built to make it easier for drivers to navigate important data. This data can be easily managed on a smartphone. This feature helps to send clear order instructions on the controller panel. It helps the driver get a clearly visible order containing important data on the screen. Improve your approval or rejection decision and you can do more with this feature.
  • Automatic Driver Billing and Payment -This feature helps to automate the acceptance of driver payments. Drivers can be billed monthly / weekly / daily / or per order, so you can set up different subscriptions, payment methods, and payment schedules. Or you can collect a certain percentage and total revenue. You can combine different payment subscriptions or automatically calculate and charge drivers within a set billing period. At the same time, you can also transfer to the driver weekly / daily.
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