When it comes to traveling, the tech-savvy among us know how to make smart decisions that save time and money. These days there is so much that we can do online or with our devices, but how can you make your device work for you? Use these travel tips below to learn how using technology the right way can help save you money on travel.

How Technology Can Help Save Money On Travel? You Can Save Big

Entertainment On Your Device

Most travelers these days are heading on planes and trains with all of their entertainment needs in the palms of their hands. Several major airlines are pushing to get rid of built-in seat screens on their planes and many no-frills airlines are already doing without them or charging to rent them on planes for in-flight entertainment. If you bring your own smartphone, laptop or tablet, you don’t need to worry about this cost and you will be in charge of your own entertainment. You can be free to choose the cheapest carrier that will get you to your destination without missing any entertainment value. Just keep a portable charger with you so you don’t run out of juice in transit.

Search For Travel Deals

When deciding your travel plans, consider using a price comparison website to find the best deal for your holiday. There may be special offers and package deals that can save you a fortune if you book here than if you go through regular channels. In addition, if you are flexible on your destination, take a look at alpha rooms’ alternative city guide which features closeby cities to major capitals where you can save up to 68% on a weekend trip. Save money and explore a new destination while you are at it.

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Smartphone Apps

As you will probably have your smartphone with you, you better put it to good use. Download a few extra apps before you travel and they can end up saving you a lot of money as you see the world, especially if you want to do so on a budget. In addition to your standard apps for mobile boarding passes and maps to get around a new location, here are ones that are essential for smart travelers:

– XE Currency Converter
– Packpoint
– Yelp
– Expensify or Moneyhub
– Groupon, Living Social or Vouchercloud

All of these tools make it easy to track your expenses and they help you make smart choices on what you are buying and where you should buy it. Use these apps to find the best deals in whatever city you are in around the world.

Free And Cheap Communication Tools

Ditch the mobile! Or rather, keep it with you, but stay connected using free communication apps like Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, or Skype to keep in touch with friends or family and to make calls when traveling. You probably already have these apps on your phone, so it’s just a matter of turning off your mobile data and roaming, so you don’t get charged when abroad. Of course, you can always get a low-cost local SIM card to use, but why go to the hassle when you can keep your smartphone and all of its features and save money while you are at it. Act smart by taking advantage of wifi-enabled communication tools, and dodge heavy mobile data usage fees.

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Eco-friendly Tech For Your Home

You may not be thinking of what’s going on back home when you are relaxing on the beach or taking in the cultural sites, but if you spend some time to make sure your house is eco-tech friendly, you may be surprised at the cash you can save when you arrive back. Invest in environmentally friendly technology for your homes like smart thermostats, automatic lights, and smart power strips and you can watch the money roll off your energy bills. In addition, many of these tools easily connect to your smartphone so you can control them at the touch of a button whenever needed.
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