Many people have a misconception of why having a social media presence for your business is essential, and all the benefits it can have for the success of your business. This article will outline the multiple ways you can use social media platforms for your business to succeed in today’s high-tech world.

Here are four reasons why you should make the most out of social media for your business:

Social Media Solution

Social Media Brand Presence

Having your brand on social media platforms gives your brand a voice. It gives your business a personal touch and a feeling that comes with having a view.

This allows you to connect with your audience at different levels. Whether you post about your brand or share an important message concerned about what is going on around the world, people get to see what you and your brand care about.

Social media plays a significant part in helping increase your brand exposure. Blogging and posting information graphics, short videos, or linking to other articles, puts your name out there for others to see. It also helps to spread your name as a thought leader in your field.

Directs traffic to your website. If you link to your blog post on your social media, people are more likely to go to your site. People might even share a post that includes a link to your blog or check out your social media profile. So, make sure you include a link to your business site within your bio.

You can do the same to your website and include a section where you share your social media handles for your audience to be able to see when looking at your site. No matter the industry of your business, staying connected with your audience through social media is a must. Including your social media platforms on your website gives your audience more ways to stay connected with you and keep up with your business.

Social Media Business Profiles


Once you select and create a business profile on your social media platforms, you automatically have access to different things that are not available as a regular profile. Here are some examples:

Social Media business insights – These insights inform you where your content is getting the most reach, geographically, and demographically. This can help you target your messaging to better suit people in your demographic areas or to help you decide where you need to work harder to reach people.

Social media business insights allow you to determine what are your best times for you to post to reach a much broader audience. There is no point in trying to reach out to people if they are not interested in your site or have no need for your product.

For e-commerce businesses – Connect your catalog with your Facebook page to allow your audience to shop through social media. If people see a post on Facebook and are interested in your business, giving them easy access to your catalog can quickly increase your sales.

When you connect your site (usually Shopify or BigCommerce), it enables you to tap on a picture and select which specific product was used in the photo.

Social Media Features

Use all the features that come with social media; hashtags, geotags, gifs, and more. Hashtags are ubiquitous in social media these days. They allow your posts to come up in peoples’ searches for those same hashtags. You can also create your hashtags for use in marketing campaigns and to better interact with customers.

When creating your hashtags, be unique, and come up with something that is easy to remember and represents your business. Often businesses make their hashtags to help create a reputation for their name. Even if you make your business name a hashtag or brand a powerful slogan that people can use when talking about something that your product helped with. This not only creates a sense of community among your customers but also makes it easier for others to find your business.

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Using hashtags allow others to run into your page when using that specific keyword efficiently.

A perfect example of this would be as shown below from Hauser; an online kitchen and bath renovator. Post a photo with a catchy caption and use hashtags that others might use when searching for your product or service. When sharing inspirational images, make sure to give credit to the source, and tag them. They can reshare your post on their end, increasing your brand exposure as well.
Images Source:

Having more content for your business online is a positive – Encourage employees to use your specific hashtag when sharing to their social media platforms, primarily if it is somehow related to your product or doing fun activities with the company.


Create stories – One of the newest ways to create content is by sharing stories that will automatically play for others to see. Use apps and templates to create different eye-catching stories. These can be about your products and services or about how your company helps in the community. Be creative with these. Stories, along with blogs, are an excellent opportunity to put a human face on your business. The stories don’t even necessarily have to be about your products or yourself but make them thematically related to what you do.

Create Content

Create compelling content to keep your audience engaged.

Maintain a constant posting – shows you stay updated and connected.

However, often you post, do so consistently. People like consistency and regularity. If you usually post Friday afternoons, people expect posts on Friday afternoons. Not everyone can post every day, nor should you necessarily, but post as regularly as you can, whatever that amount is. If you post consistently, people will loyally come back again and again.
Most businesses post a variety of content – From their best work to promotions, new products, company events, recruiting, employee shootouts, and more. A CEO of an event security manufacturing company; Jeff Arnett explains:

Marketing pictures and advertisements are great topics for posts, as well as pictures from the last company party, or event. We try to post a variety of content our audience would like to see such as holidays, fun stuff around the office, and of course if we have new products or a project, we are proud of, we are sharing it with everyone.

You don’t need to have every post be a blatant advertisement, but something to make your company look good and put a human face on it.

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Sharing your best work – Builds credibility and allows others to see what you can do for their business. Take the time to create quality material to post. That being said, if you have a great product, share it several times.

Sharing promotions – Directs your audience to your website and increases traffic. Discount codes that people can win in social media events are a great way to gin up interest in your products and get people to start following your social media platforms.

Learn All The Social Media Tricks For Your Business


See what others in your industry are doing on their social media. See what people you admire on social media are doing. If someone happens to recommend an individual social media page that is not in your field, take the time to look and analyze the page. See what makes their page so enjoyable for others to recommend and what you can utilize to make your own. The more ideas and inspiration you get, the better.

Try new things and see what works!

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