Due to huge competition in the app development market, making your own app the most promising is a tough task. Internet is flooding with millions of apps and you want your app to be in limelight. Promoting android app is as tricky as android app development & designing.

How to Make Your Android App Most Promising Among Users

No matter, how many features & functionalities your app is having, but people always tend to know more about the app before downloading it. As continually app is being developed & released, it is being difficult to promote those apps.

If you take the time to study the most successful apps, you will find out that they are still being advertised and promoted even though some of them have already hit the 50 million download mark.

The inquiry is if effective apps are yet being promoted, shouldn’t something be said about new apps that have quite recently been propelled? This article diagrams a few strategies for promoting android apps.

Optimize Your App

You ought to promote your app for the app store and search engines. You have to utilize a particular and appealing symbol that will catch everyone’s eye. While enhancing it for search engines, you have to utilize passwords that are pertinent to the capacities or motivation behind the app.

Aside from Google Play Store, there are a few other obscure app stores and these stores are not as aggressive as Google Play Store so you have to promote your android app in the same number of app stores as you can. The thought is to transfer your app to essentially all app stores that you go over.

While promoting your app on any app store, you should set aside the effort to incorporate the best of your screenshots. This is because planned users check the screenshots of apps to have a vibe of what anticipates them. This method works very well for game apps. If the screenshots appear to be exhausting, at that point users will trust that the app will likewise be exhausting. Along these lines, don’t simply utilize any screenshots to promote your app on app stores, utilize the absolute best. You may need to take many screenshots and select the best among them.

Compose a Blog

Make a blog inside the strength where your application falls. The more you post instructive reviews on the blog the more you will be viewed as an expert in the specialty. You should persistently post messages on the blog and join that of your application now and then. Your app will pull in forthcoming clients since they consider you a specialist.

Submit Your App-to-App Review Sites

In the wake of reviewing a few apps, apps review sites, as a rule, distribute the consequences of all the apps that they have evaluated. This fills in as some sort of attention as certain individuals run over some apps on app review sites. Also, if your app has a lot of awesome features, review sites will promote it over the span of breaking down the features.

In any case, you ought to likewise recollect that review sites employ twofold edged swords. If your app has a few downsides, these disadvantages will likewise be sketched out and that will dishearten imminent users of your app. Thusly, you should potentially introduce your application for an overview on the off chance that you trust in it.

React to Reviews and Enquiries Quickly

Some of the time when users or imminent users pose inquiries, they don’t just need answers to the inquiries, they additionally need to perceive how rapidly you will react. Overlooking inquiries and reacting late to inquiries both mean one thing to clients – It implies the users of your app are not imperative to you.
Also, when a planned user poses an inquiry on an open platform, others will watch perceive how soon and well you will respond to the inquiry. Along these lines, speedy and expound reactions are powerful approaches to advance your application. Actually, you can shrewdly turn the responses to certain inquiries to promote certain features and elements of your app.

Use Demo Videos

You ought to likewise utilize demo videos to promote your app. Videos pass a greater number of messages than content and pictures. Additionally, videos wait longer in the psyches of viewers. In any case, there are a couple of principles to the utilization of recordings. The video ought to be extremely short with the goal that the vast majority of those that run over them will watch them as far as possible.

The perfect video length is around 30 seconds. Video with the term of 45 to 60 seconds can even now be overseen however videos that are longer than 1 moment are not worthy.

Additionally, figure out how to pass the most significant data first on account of the few individuals that will drop off before the finish of the videos. Each video must determine what, how, and why. Above all, share your videos on the same number of platforms as you can and make it simple for the beneficiaries to likewise share them further.

Promote Your App on Your Website

You should similarly advance your application on your site. This isn’t about just referencing it as a critique. Or then again perhaps, it is connected to giving a whole site page for it. You will list the features and advantages of your app on the website page. Obviously, you will likewise incorporate the connection to the download page of your app.

Promote On Social Media

Individuals are commonly fixated via social media so you ought to likewise exploit this fixation. There is nothing amiss with social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook fan page, Twitter) for your app. While opening them is one leg, the other leg is to get somebody to deal with the accounts.

The individual won’t just endeavor to build gigantic followership, he will likewise need to react to inquiries as fast as could reasonably be expected. Furthermore, in particular, he will give every minute of everyday support through the internet-based life accounts.

Contract Influencers

This choice is viable yet it is additionally expensive except for if you are near any media influencer. A few media influencers have countless devotees who are frequently their wannabes. Along these lines, once influencers are related to your app, you will start to observe enormous download and establishment. if you can stand to enlist an influencer, kindly do.

The last tip is that you ought to promote constantly your app until you are set to resign it. Have you seen that practically all effective apps still get enormous persistent advancements? It is because regardless they need more clients.

Ridhi Pethani

Ridhi Pethani is Sr. Android Application Developer at USS LLC. She likes to share Android app development tips & tricks.