Your app reputation is as crucial as your entire mobile app development. It is because without a good reputation, your app will fall and the effort of your app development company will be in vain. However, keeping track of what people say about your app is just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is responding to negative and positive reviews.

How To Respond To Feedback On Your Mobile App

Responding to positive feedback is easy. A simple “thank you; we appreciate your feedback” will do. The negative feedback, on the other hand, is not the same.

How Do You Respond To Positive Feedback On Your Mobile App

1. Say Thank You

Your satisfied users took their time to share their opinion about your mobile app. It is your responsibility to show appreciation for their opinion.

2. Ask Them What Else You Can Do

Positive feedbacks can provide good opportunities to start a conversation about app improvement. Ask them what they think should be added for a better experience. These recommendations can be used during your next app development process.

3. Share The Feedback With Your Team

Share positive feedback with members of your app development team. It will be a source of motivation for team members. They should know what exactly makes users happy. It will encourage better outcomes in the future.

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How To Respond To Negative Feedback

This part is a bit sensitive. What you do when people say negative things about your app goes a long way to hurting or building your app reputation.

1. Respond Quickly

Remember that negative comments on social media go viral within short periods. These reviews grab attention faster. They are sensational, they can create a scandal, and can hurt your app reputation significantly. When you respond quickly, you may minimize the damage caused by negative comments.

2. Never Delete Negative Comments

The last thing should think of doing is deleting negative comments about your mobile app. All app developers in Atlanta discourage this action. You’ll get a lot of criticism and exacerbate an already terrible situation. It will just mean that you’re trying to cover up your guilt. Respond politely and try as much as possible to resolve the problem when it’s possible.

If it is something you want to deal with at a later date, let the customer know. Follow up and do it. Don’t ever make any negative comments in response.

3. Stay Positive

Negative feedback hurts especially when the client makes it personal. However, you should not let these messages discourage you and make you give negative a response. A developer can change the negative situation into something positive if they stay positive.

Your response should be transparent. It should show appreciation and then it should explain your side of the story mildly. It will positively impact those who read it.


No matter how hard your app developers work, there will always be those who will not like your app. Don’t be discouraged; ignoring criticism or responding nicely never hurts anyone.

Jignesh Vagasiya

Jignesh Vaghasiya is CEO at Universal Stream Solution LLC. USS LLC provides the best Mobile App Development and Web Development Service.