In today’s scenario where everybody is running fast on time, laundry is a big task. Though the systems have changed and we have washing machines but still washing all clothes needs a lot of time. It requires all your efforts because you need to separate clothes which are of light colors, you need to classify the towels separately, and so on. So sometimes it becomes a headache and one starts feeling stressed. To reduce this stress and stay calm one should go for a laundry service app which is the best option.

On-Demand Laundry Service App: Key Features and Guide

It helps you to relax and they do your entire chore.  You do not need to worry about how the clothes are to be washed, are they neat or how you are going to iron them, etc. Everything is their job. You just need to open the app to select the kind of washing you want along with ironing and they will do everything for you. You don’t have to go out actually; they will take the clothes from you and deliver them back to your doorstep making everything effortless for you.

Taking this into a deeper dive, this business of having a laundry app is something that can help you earn a lot of money. The laundry app development could be done by hiring a professional. Though a laundry app development company could also be hired who keep a record of your app and do the necessary changes from time to time.   It is not just that once an app is developed and work is done. Times to time up-gradations are required because customers are looking in for something new. Even if you are someone who is a good manager and you want to start this as a full-fledged business, you can simply tie-up with other laundry service providers and take bulk orders. It will provide them with income plus you will make more money. It will also help you to build fame in the market.

What is The Cost Involved in Building a Laundry Mobile App?

Creating a laundry app includes a variety of stages and the price of an app can be estimated by counting the number of hours consumed in every stage. These stages are distinguished as platform choice, the kind of design you choose, and the infrastructure background which is there of admin panel and backend. Thus a laundry app development cost can be estimated by looking at all the stages. Even if you wish to add extra features such as pop-up notifications and tracking the order then the cost would increase. So when you get an app made, it’s according to the options you offer. The more you want to be creative and provide a maximum option, the more will be the cost of the app per hour. Even the charges of making an app for IOS and Android would be different. So you have to see what kind of customers you wish to target and do you require apps on both the sectors or not and then get it done accordingly.

Features of the App

Apps in today’s time make everything easy. Thus given below are features of the laundry service app which you can have a look at.

Easy to Use

The laundry apps of today are designed keeping in mind the needs of the customer. So they are easy to use. There is no specific account of the created. You can simply fill in your mobile number and signup. The other option is also there where you can connect it with your social media account. So by choosing an option you can open the app and go for further processing.

Varieties of Services Are Available

In the present time to attract a customer, one needs to provide options. It could be according to the fabric, time period, etc.  So the apps of today have options like they can choose the kind of material or the cloth they have, the type of detergent they expect to be used and they would like to go for hand wash or machine wash. So all these types of options are available.

Select The Pickup Time

The customers have the option of selecting the pickup time according to their comfort.  They are required to select the timings and date of the pickup from the mobile app and the person would be available at their doorstep to pick it. There is no requirement for customers to visit the store. The pickup would be done at the scheduled time from the address mentioned.

Cost Estimation

Once the customer has completed the process of filling in the details about the number of clothes, detergent, and so on, they will be directed to the payment option. One can see the bill generated over there and if you think it is crossing your budget you can change the detergent and other facilities you have chosen.

Choose the Laundryman

The customers can choose the laundryman based on the service provided before. So next time when you book for your laundry the option will come of choosing the same person which previously washed your clothes. If you are satisfied you can choose that or even you can select a person based on the rating given.

Check the Status of the Order

Once you have placed the order, the customers can make use of a laundry app to track the order status. The order status will keep changing as the order is being processed from one stage to another. So you can keep watching and know the status of your clothes and can have an estimate that when will they be delivered.

Cancel Order

Several times we request for the orders and then we want to cancel it. The laundry app developer has added this feature too. Once you have requested for the pickup of your clothes but due to some reason you want to cancel it, this will be simply done on the app. There won’t be any charges too for the same and you can also reschedule if you want. There would be an option of rescheduling too.


This is another option in which you can give ratings and reviews on the apps of the service received. If you are not happy you can state it there. Even before choosing any laundry company you have the option of reading the reviews. So by that, you can judge that is the company right one for your clothes or not.

My Offers

According to the use of the app, there are offers and discounts generated. So if you are a frequent user or on special days there would be a discount or offers which you can go for if you want to get your clothes washed, ironed or dry clean

A Notification Would be There

The customers will be notified about their clothes. For instance, you have scheduled a pickup for your clothes, so when the person will leave the notification will pop up on your screen. Even when the person will leave the store to deliver you your clothes, the app will notify you. If you are not available at your home and you want to get your order delivered later on or you want it to be handed over to your neighbor, once you get the notification of the person who is going to drop, you can come in contact with him and explain all the details. So this way there is no confusion and you get your order too according to your availability.

Track the Driver

The customers also get the option of tracking the drivers by using the laundry service application. In this, they can know where the person is and you can guide him accordingly for your pick up and drop off clothes. Sometimes they go in the wrong direction and you are waiting for them to come. So simply by tacking, you can know the path which person is following and you can then guide him.

Several Payment Options

To cut down the use of cash and make the processing simple, there are several options available. You can make payments by using a debit card, credit card, net banking, eWallets, etc. So this reduces the manual transactions.

Calendar and Reminder

The apps of today also have an option of calendar and reminder. You can create a laundry app wherein you can put in your date of laundry and then a reminder will be sent to you from time to time that the date of getting the clothes washed is coming near. So it is not your job to remember everything. All the work will be managed by the app.

Thus to conclude the apps are the need of the hour today. In a world that is technology-driven, everything needs to be present with a click of the button, so have a laundry app is also a requirement. It helps the customers to stay happy and easy without worrying about their clothes.

Kinjal Savaliya

Kinjal Savaliya is Business Development Executive USS LLC. At USS LLC we developed the best mobile app development solution for Dating App, Grocery Delivery App, Healthcare App, Laundry & Dry Cleaning App, Pharmacy App, Taxi Booking App.