Now getting everything online is in trend, people want to get everything while sitting at their home. That is the reason why all industries and businesses are needed to become online. Now even pharmacies are getting online as people find it convenient to get the medicine while sitting at home. There are many eCommerce websites available out there that are offering almost all the products online.

Online Pharmacy App Features That Make Your App Different From Others

Currently, online pharmacies are becoming highly popular as people are liking it to buy medicines online. People want to buy products online not just because they find it convenient but as well as they get the benefit of huge deals and discounts.  As online pharmacy applications are becoming popular with each passing day and if you are considering making your pharmacy business online then make sure your pharmacy application has these certain features. 

Have a Look at the Features of the Pharmacy Apps for Patients:

1.Easy Login

Make sure the online pharmacy app developers install easy to log in feature. Users do not like it when they have to enter lots of information to log in to their account.  So, it is better to allow them to log in either using their phone number or email address. They can also log in through the networking account credentials available on their mobile phone. The easier login process is loved by users therefore, higher are the chances that they will register themselves on your application and will make a purchase with you.

2.Drug Information

The application should contain information about the drugs so people will have confidence while buying prescribed drugs from your online pharmacy store. The application should contain information about drugs like the side effects of the drug and the consumption details.


A great retail online pharmacy application should be highly efficient so it can save the time of the users. It should save the time of the users, the interface of the application should be good enough that the user does not only find it easy but as well as efficient too.


The online pharmacy application should have a good user interface. The better the user interface is, the better the user experience you can provide to your customers. If you can provide a better user experience to your customers then higher are the chances that your customers will stay connected with you and will make a deal or purchase with you.


Of course, for all those who shop online, their prime benefit is the convenience of shopping, right? Therefore, the prime concern of the best pharmacy apps should be convenience. Convenience is the key to the success of any online pharmacy application as your customers are expecting convenience and comfort when they shop online for medicines. Make sure your application provides friendly and convenient medicine delivery services.

6.A Variety of Payment Options

The application should have a variety of payment options to choose from. It should also have a cash-on-delivery option so the customers find it convenient to make payments. Apart from cash on delivery option, it should also have other payment options like credit, in-app wallet to pay, and other online payment methods. 

7.Upload Prescription

Selling medicines without a prescription is not legal therefore your online pharmacy application should have a feature to upload prescription in it. Give ease to your customers so they can easily upload the prescription given by the doctor and can get the medicines according to the prescription details.


The application should have a review feature in it. The customers should be able to send their reviews regarding the online pharmacy application. Many customers purchase with a firm after reading online reviews and these reviews will also be helpful for you to update or change your application if there is a need.

9.Compare Products

The online pharmacy app developer should add compare product features in the application so a user can compare the drug or medicine offered by different brands and can make a purchase for the one that is beneficial for the user. It provides satisfaction to the customer as well as he/she can save his/her hard-earned money.

10.Track Order

These days, tracking order is one of the most important features that online applications should have. It allows users to track their orders where the order has been reached and when they can receive it. A user can track the record anytime as per their preference and can check the processing of the order placed by the user.

11.Loyalty Points

In certain applications, loyalty points are given to users on making purchases with the firm. These points can be used in the next purchases of medicines and drugs. This helps customers to save money as well as keep them engaged so they will love to make purchases with your company over and over again.

12.Deals and Discounts

Most of the successful pharmacy applications provide deals and discounts to their customers to attract them with attractive deals and to keep them engaged. There is no one in the entire world, who does not love discounts. Therefore, to make your business successful, providing discounts and deals over the purchase of medicines and drugs makes sense. 

13.Push Notifications

The application should have a push notification feature to keep your customers engaged with you. The user finds it convenient if one gets the notification of the status order, payment status notification, notification regarding trending fitness products, and so on. If they find it attractive, they will clock on the notification and will get more information from the application itself. It keeps the customers engaged with your application so they will make their next purchase with the same application.

14.Reliable And Secure Online Platform

Of course, people want to purchase online pharmacy applications that are reliable and secure. The on-demand pharmacy application should provide a reliable and secure platform to users whom they can trust. Of course, no one wants to wait in the long queues at the offline pharmacy stores to get the medicine when they can get it delivered at their home. Right? But reliability and security are the features that you should look for.

There are certain successful online pharmacy apps for patients that provide features like applications that remind people to take the medications, refill the prescription as well as promote health. Such features included in the application make people trust the application and they have a better user experience, therefore, they want to stay connected with the application.

15.Other Useful Features

Last but not on the list, the online pharmacy web application should have useful features that attract users towards it. The application should provide useful features that make it stand out from all other online pharmacy applications so more and more users will love to make a deal with your pharmacy store.

Like certain pharmacy applications allow users to give a link to the prescription provided by the doctor directly. Apart from that certain applications provide features to scan the prescriptions and tells the refill time of the order. A certain application allows you to talk to the experts as well so you can discuss your health problem in a better way. There are also lots of information available on applications regarding your health problem. This kind of feature attracts users as well as gives them satisfaction as they are connecting with a firm that is providing lots of advantages.

Some Advanced Features to Stand Out From Other Online Pharmacy Applications

Lab Aggregation

Apart from providing medicines and drugs, users can also find nearby diagnosis labs for body tests. Even at certain applications, the blood sample of the patient has been collected from their home and the reports as per the blood sample have been uploaded on the application. This is one of the best features that make your pharmacy application stand out from all other applications available out there.


If your application can be accessed in more than one language then a user find it more convenient as they can access the information in the language they want. This makes you different from the heap of applications available out there.

Add Filtered Search Option

If your application has a filtered search option or a user can search according to a category, it makes them find the right drug in less time. This helps users to search efficiently and they will find the medicine soon in an easier way.

Find Nearby Hospitals

One of the features that makes you different from other available pharmacy applications is by adding the find nearby hospital feature to your application. Let your customers browse the local hospitals so a patient finds it convenient to go and take proper treatment from there.

Wrapping it All Up!!!

Technology has changed how we shop before. Now, we want to get everything sitting at our home. Medicines are one of the items that we want to purchase while sitting at home. Of course, the prime focus of developing an online pharmacy application is to make a pharmacy business successful and to generate higher revenue.

This is possible only when you can attract users to your application and then turn users into your customers. This can be done only when they have a good experience while using your online pharmacy application. So, make sure you add all the important features to your application that provide a better experience to your customers and that makes your app different from the others.

Kinjal Savaliya

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