So, thinking, what is HR software? An HR Software is created to allow business owners, HR departments, and recruiters to handle, interview, hire and develop your employees. Apps like time & attendance, payroll, benefits, and more truly streamline operational requirements. While employee learning management optimizes the development of employees, the applicant tracking system helps in attracting and hiring employees.

Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Advantages of HR Management System Software:

Effective Personnel Management

Human Resource systems embrace an entire directory when it comes to employee databases like personal details, job & salary history, insurance plans and benefits, SSN details & banking, performance information, and other information details pertinent to your organization. This allows us to keep all the data linked and maintained together for the comfort of tracking & management.

Improved Analytics & Reporting

HR systems are known for collecting the entire employee information like recruitment data, compensation numbers, progress reports, and more. HR recruiters utilize these HR tools to study main workforce metrics and information so that they can make strategic enterprise decisions.

Recurring Task Automation

When it comes to the HR department, many tasks need to be done again and again and this is where a top HR software system can help you. Not only does it save time but it also allows employers to focus on things that matter most: decision making. Processes like employee onboarding, expense reporting, payroll, benefits, etc can be easily automating this amazing tool.

Employee Journey Management

This allows enterprises to handle employees from the point they have applied for a vacancy within the enterprise to the point they have left it. Employee journey management is important to attract and retain only the top talent. Functionalities like applicant tracking, talent management, and employee engagement are very crucial in this.

What Kind of Businesses Is Using HR Softwares?

Talk about HR management software tools, and they are utilized by all kinds of enterprises across a big range of industries. Therefore, there is no as such any “standard” user of HR software, however for your simpler understanding, given below are some categories and your business would likely fall under one of these categories:

Small Business Owners: These are the ones who have new organizations and have employees ranging from 1-50 team members and don’t really have any HR software in place.

Medium Business Owners: These are those who embrace employees ranging from 51-500 employees and most have a minimum of one HR generalist & an HR recruiter in the team. Because of speedy growth, this category is in dire need of HR software for features like payroll, applicant tracking, and benefits.

Big Business Owners: These are the ones with big, reputed businesses with over 500 employees. And, that is why they most have a dedicated HR department, fixed IT personnel, and mostly seek solutions to optimize their employees with a compensation system and different learning management systems.

Let’s Quickly Dig Into Top 10 HR Softwares


Workday- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Designed on a revolutionizing idea, Workday puts people on the center stage of any business software. For more than 10 years, Workday is still delivering HR solutions on that very idea. One of the best HR software, Workday’s core values provide a structure for leadership and everyday decision making, thereby, allowing people to rejoice at work. While it might sound quite plain, most of the time enterprises are influenced by the marketing gimmicks and organizational politics that they end up making the wrong decision on selecting the right HR software for their enterprise. What’s important is that you know your specific needs before buying any HR system.

Cezanne HR

Cezanne- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Want to make HR management care-free and flawless? Well, then you must go to Cezanne HR. It’s an easily configurable web-based HR system that provides you everything under one umbrella irrespective of how small or big your business is. Whether it is attendance management, core HR administration, performance management or employee development, online hiring, or more, Cezanne HR software (running on the latest technical know-how) is so powerful that you save big on time, effort and money.


Freshworks- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

An applicant tracking software for hiring teams, Freshteam allows recruiters to source, screen, interview, and place candidates in their organization. As simple as that, HR recruiters are very much skilled in finding the best candidates for their organization. It’s actually other things they need more help with. Features like scheduling multiple interviews and working over panelists to gather feedback are what they need for effective HR handling. And, this is where Freshman steps in. It is one of the best HR management software and helps HRs to focus on things that matter most to them: sourcing and hiring the right talent.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo hR-Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

A cloud-based HRIS software, Bamboo HR is for businesses-small or medium. Extending small as well as growing enterprises, this HR software embraces an effective ATS and different HRIS tools that handle almost all major components of the employee lifecycle.

Offering HR process automation techniques that are quite accessible in various languages and several currencies, Bamboo HR enables recruiters and project managers to track enterprise data like employee turnover & retention.

ZOHO People

ZOHO- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Yet another cloud-based HR software, ZOHO people caters to the needs of organizations of all sizes. The platform embraces everything from attendance management, leave management, employee self-servicing, time-tracking to the customization of forms, and much more.

The system’s leave management functionality enables enterprises to tailor leave types so that employees can easily apply for their leaves online. Enterprises are also allowed to have a detailed centralized view of the entire employee data by role, location, leave type, and experience level.

This amazing HR software also enables enterprises to build custom modules and even provides drag and drop features. The self-service functionality enables employees to easily access, update, and change their records according to enterprise compliance.


calamari- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Calamari is known for offering 2 modules-first clocks in and out services and second-leave management. A fitting software, Calamari is best for small as well as mid-sized enterprises across any industry and provides iOS mobile and Android apps.

Users looking for leave management software can definitely go for the Calamari HR tool that beautifully automated PTO calculations and provides a leave calendar that goes well with Jira, Slack, Google Apps, and much more. The small business HR software enables users to integrate different workflows for various kinds of leaves and automatically applies the leave policy of their company.


A modern, web-based workforce platform, Gusto allows small enterprises to look after their teams. The HR software provides products & services to empower you to hire, compensate, insure, and involve your team in one single, user-friendly tool revered by more than 100, 000 modern HR recruiters.

With Gusto in hand, you’ll be like an expert no matter what kind of tasks you need to handle. To build an organization where everyone grows, just use Gusto.

Gusto eases the payroll process by instantly calculating & filing payroll taxes, keeping your rules compliant, and offering the best customer support.

If you are concerned about employee benefits for your small business, spend money on Gusto.


Namely- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Want a single all-inclusive system to handle your human capital? Well, then Namely is the name for you. It is designed to help medium-sized enterprises handle compliance as well as streamline features ranging from payroll, talent management to benefits.

A fitting solution for medium-sized enterprises across all kinds of industries Namely is a reliable name for enterprises seeking HR software that can be installed to fulfill their exact company needs.

Namely HRIS i.e. Human Resources Information System is a powerful framework to store important employee data. It gives you a fully-fledged employee database embracing features like reporting, time off, and their social news feed. 


Cake Hr- Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Coming from the house of Sage, CakeHR is again a top HR software system that brings together various functionalities such as workforce management, 360 feedback, performance appraisal, attendance scheduling, and tracking which usually helps HR in time-off regulations and black-out days.

The recruiters can get a detailed view of primary data points such as future tasks, leaves, goals, and expenditures. The system enables employees to easily access everything in a few clicks.

The software offers HR tools that can easily automate recurring tasks. Moreover, employees can ask for sick leaves straightway from the software dashboard without that email trail.

Reward Gateway

Rewards-Gateway: Top 10 Best HR Softwares You Can’t Ignore

Another cloud-based HR management system, Reward Gateway allows small to big businesses to streamline internal enterprise communications and offer rewards to the workforce depending on their performance. Coming with a news feed, this fabulous software allows users to not just share posts but also chat and get regular updates about upcoming events in a centralized fashion.

The system also extends various employee recognition systems for managing peer-to-peer nomination and awarding individual milestones with tailored service awards and branded eCards.

With customizable NPS (net promoter score) surveys, Reward Gateway offers businesses multiple tools for collecting feedback from team members.

Moreover, with single signing-in settings, users can easily access their pay-slips and various onboarding docs without any problem from the system database.

How Are The Best HR Software Tools Priced & Hosted?

Usually, there are 2 pricing models when it comes to offering HR software tools to enterprises:

Perpetual Licenses And Subscription Packages: Let’s first have a look at subscription packages:

Subscription Packages: These pricing models are usually related to cloud-based human resource features. Few examples embrace pay per employee per month or user per month.

Per Employee Per Month: This kind of package enables enterprises to pay a small monthly fee for every employee. It also embraces one-time installation fees on top and as the number of employees increases the cost is comparatively decreased. This kind of pricing arrangement lends itself very well to smaller enterprises because of scalability and affordability.

Per-user per month: Employers pay a small monthly charge for employees-normally HR departments and not the employees. But, you need to stay informed that vendors might try to category all the employees as software users in case they also offer a self-service feature for employees. This can considerably increase your costs. Besides this, there might be a one-time installation cost as well per user per month.

Perpetual License: This embraces giving an upfront amount to gain the license to use the software and utilize it for an unlimited time. In fact, this is a conventional model and common amongst on-premise apps and with big-sized enterprises. The upfront charges are normally high, but HR vendors usually provide a duration of tech customer support within that price and also cover software update charges. Therefore, after a specific period, enterprises might not get technical support and software updates for free. These features will be chargeable so that is called a perpetual license.

What Questions Should I Ask HR Software Vendors While Researching HR Tools?

Well, after reading this article, you might still be having a lot of questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Remember when studying different HR tools and talking to the vendors, your job is not to just hold back and get the sales pitch. Go for a demo where the representative will walk you through the HR tool and its several functionalities. More essentially, pose as many queries as you have, as it will help you comprehend whether the software can fulfill all your unique HR business requirements.

Most Common FAQs Related To HR Software Are:

Will The Software Be Customised To Your Specific Needs?

If you are not seeking something out-of-the-box, you will be required to know if the system can be tailored to your specific business needs. Customization might even show up with an increased price tag.

How Scalable Is The HR Software?

Even though HR vendors are normally happy to embrace offerings to scale up, they might be hesitant to enable their customers to scale down. Therefore, the agreement between you and your vendor should be quite flexible so talk to them. The chances are they might not take this option but at least you will be quite aware of that in advance.

What functionalities do enterprise users of HR software report common issues or problems with?

Well, this is one question they might not want to answer but you should definitely know what all functionalities or features of that particular product are a challenge for the enterprises. This will be also essential in looking at whether your vendor can be trusted or not. Because if he is a reliable vendor he will be upfront and clear with you regarding the software and its limitations. He won’t be reluctant to share with you how strong their feedback mechanism is. 

With What All Systems Can This Software Be Integrated?

You don’t want yourself working on multiple systems even after having an HR system in place. Or, you might be working on multiple systems to handle your HR functions so you will require a system that puts together all things in one place. Basically, integrates all the processes. So, don’t forget to ask your vendor about how friendly this software is when it comes to integrating different HR modules.

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