For a web developer, the tool he uses sets the fate of the web application or the website he creates. The ground of web development has expanded predominantly from the last few years. Web developers are taking part in this progress quite enthusiastically and are improving their skills swiftly. A well weaved and pleasing website has a higher probability of gaining the right amount of traffic. Whenever we as a user pass by an application or a website, the first thing we notice is how easy it is to use and how well it is constructed. 

Benefits of CodeIgniter Development

There is so much software available, but choosing the best according to our needs is tough. The display of the website and the BTS decide whether the website will stay in the game or be knocked out by its competitors. So, if you want to start, make it a good one. 

CodeIgniter is very popular software that assists a web developer in creating a dynamically functional website. CodeIgniter is a very powerful application that functions with PHP programming language. CodeIgniter is an open-source web framework based on model-view-controller architecture. The source code of CodeIgniter is maintained by GitHub and is licensed under the terms of MIT License. 

EllisLab, on February 28, 2006, released the first version of CodeIgniter. And on February 24, 2020, the fourth version, i.e., CodeIgniter 4, was released. CodeIgniter has amazing features that make it the best software for web developers and makes it a good starter.

Some Features of CodeIgniter Web Framework

Features of CodeIgniter Web Framework

● Extraordinary Performance

The software performs exceptionally. CodeIgniter proves an advantageous companion for a web developer. You will be overwhelmed by its performance.

● No Configuration Mess

For someone who has just begun with coding will be astonished and relaxed at the same time as CodeIgniter sets up easily, and there is no headache for its arrangement. 

● Compatibility Test

I bet you, CodeIgniter is more compatible than your partner (just kidding). CodeIgniter is easily compatible with many hosting accounts.

● Extremely Lightweight

People have heavy stomachs, and here the web framework is lightweight. Do not get jealous. CodeIgniter is lightweight and does not load your computer. 

● A Neat and Clean Document

Our lives are messier than CodeIgniter documentation. CodeIgniter documentation provides very easy guides for installing and using the application.

● Customizable Coding Rules

Customizable pizza options are my favorite. CodeIgniter understands the choices of a web developer and lets them customize the coding rules.

● Easy Pagination 

CodeIgniter has a pagination class that allows you to move from one page to another smoothly. CodeIgniter pagination class is highly easy to use.

● No Complex Solutions

CodeIgniter is just like that crazy friend of yours who has a solution to every big or small problem. CodeIgniter has very simple solutions.

● Design Calendar of Your Choice

CodeIgniter allows its user to create calendars by using the calendar template. CodeIgniter does not force its designs on the creator and gives complete control over choosing the design. 

● Zip Archives

With the CodeIgniter zip encoding feature, you can create Zip archives. These archives are downloaded at your desktop or saved to your directory.  

Benefits of CodeIgniter Development

Top Benefits of CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is easy to use and a fast web framework that allows you to write code from scratch. With minimum use of codes, you can create a very beautiful and dynamic website investing very little time. Here are 18 benefits of CodeIgniter development that will drive you to use this application and get the best out of it.

1. Giant Collection of “Helper” Function

Has to count this as the best benefit any application can provide. CodeIgniter has a very large library of helper functions of which a developer can take a big advantage. Having helper functions benefits in building a powerful website. The helper function helps in working with arrays, cookies, directories, dates, emails, files, forms, HTML, language files, numeric data, strings, text, URLs, and XML data. 

The CodeIgniter helper function lets you create captcha images, download data to the desktop, change English words to plural, camel case, etc., work with the path of the server, make you of security-related functions, and format texts.

2. Search-Engine Friendly URLs

The URLs in CodeIgniter are by default, SEO friendly. Very easy to search URLs for any searching CodeIgniter URLs, the person will not have to just spend hours on the internet to search the URLs. The use of SEO in URLs is such a smart move. Users will directly land on the website. 

Creating human-friendly URLs will increase traffic insanely. Well, frankly, who does not want that people should stop on their website and scroll through it eagerly? 

3. Flexible URI Routing 

CodeIgniter URI routing feature identifies and routes the resource very flexibly. URI routing helps to extract information from the URI strings. Routing URI has so many benefits. The web developer can completely change the URL scheme, move, and rename files and folders without even changing the API.  

Another great benefit of URI routing is that it helps to decouple the URL. CodeIgniter even gives you access to change the routing criterion.

4. Manipulating Images

CodeIgniter has a manipulating image class that allows you to manipulate the images. You can do a lot with this feature. CodeIgniter image manipulating the library has so many useful functions. If you do not like the size of the image, you can resize it. You can crop and rotate the image. 

You can create thumbnails for your product according to your preferred dimensions. You can even do image watermarking. This is a very brainy feature added to the image manipulation class. Watermarking can be done in two ways. One by text and the other by overlaying. You can set the height, width, and quality of the image.

5. Handling the Errors

Building an error-free website is every web developer’s main goal. A flawless and error-free website attracts a greater number of people. If you want to build a smooth functioning website, put your hands on CodeIgniter. With its user-friendly guide, you can easily build one such website. You can build error reporting into your application using CodeIgniter.

You can handle errors smoothly with CodeIgniter, and you do not have to stress about the issue. CodeIgniter will handle it well. Next time you wish to build a perfect website for your client CodeIgniter is your partner. The error message will be displayed using the error template.

6. FTP and File Uploading Class

This is an amazing feature if you have a remote server to work on. The FTP class in CodeIgniter lets you transfer files to a remote server. CodeIgniter gives you the facility of renaming, deleting, and moving these remote files. The developer can even recreate an entire local directory remotely via FTP with the CodeIgniter FTP class. This function is called “Mirroring”.

CodeIgniter has a file uploading class that allows the user to upload files. You can upload the file with whatever size you like. You can even restrict the type of files you want to upload. The process is also simple to upload files.

7. Model-View Controller-Based System

The model view controller pattern of CodeIgniter is a very advantageous tool for web developers. This feature does not affect the entire structure of the application if you wish to make some modifications to it. The model view controller saves a lot of time. 

The view and controller feature work separately, which saves a lot of time and makes effective reuse of the codes. 

8. Debugging Your Application

CodeIgniter debugs your application smoothly. Bugs in your application quill make it load slowly. Resolving these bugs is important and that too as soon as there is an alarm for any bug or virus corrupting your application. For finding and fixing the errors and bugs, and in your application, you do not need to use different software; CodeIgniter will do it by benchmarking where you feel the malfunctioning. 

Take debugging very seriously, as once a bug enters your application it will trap all your files and corrupt them. CodeIgniter has an excellent debugging tool for your application.

9. Benchmarking 

This feature does not require manual installation and is initialized the moment CodeIgniter starts to function. CodeIgniter, in its latest version, provides two different ways to benchmark your code:

The timer and iterator. 

The timer allows easy calculation of time between two points of displaying the script. The time class is always on, and the iterator assists in setting up different variations. This is also a feature that a web developer can make utmost use of in building up smooth functioning websites. Both methods are very useful in benchmarking your code and verifying different options. Must try CodeIgniter benchmarking option.

10. Fabricators for Testing

This is just a life savior tool for web developers. With CodeIgniter, you can test your application deeper and resolve the issues with debugging features of CodeIgniter. Another benefit of CodeIgniter is that you can test your framework too. And there are so many helper options that guide you through to make the process of testing painless.

Unit testing class in CodeIgniter is a process that a web developer follows in which tests are written for each function in your application. The testing unit of CodeIgniter is a simple mechanism with no fancy things involved, and it simply evaluates your code if they are working well or not. In the latest version of CodeIgniter, a new feature is introduced that is fabricators for testing.

11. Managing Your Application 

Again a very useful tool in the CodeIgniter framework. The framework allows the web developer to manage the application he has built-in CodeIgniter. You, as a user, do not have to install different software on your desktop and load on your memory usage. The application you will build will be located in your application directory folder. CodeIgniter does not stop here; it has more to surprise you. With one CodeIgniter installation, you can manage multiple sets of applications you have created on your CodeIgniter PHP framework.

CodeIgniter even gives you access to rename or relocate your application directory. You do a lot with just one CodeIgniter installation. Isn’t that great?

12. Security and XSS Filtering

Now, this feature deserves all the attention. The security of your website should be your topmost priority. There are so many hacker and forgery attacks waiting to corrupt your website. The security class of CodeIgniter takes good care of your application and website. With CodeIgniter, you will be able to create a secure website.

In the security class of the CodeIgniter documentation simply follow the easy steps, and you will be able to create a guarded application. 

The XSS filtering feature of CodeIgniter filters out the code that tries to hijack your website cookies or corrupt the files.

13. New Command Cache: Clear

The CodeIgniter framework has introduced a new feature recently of the clear command of cache in the caching section. A web developer thrives hard to create an exceptionally performing website, and again CodeIgniter just like that great friend of yours pulls off this effortlessly yet responsibly. 

With CodeIgniter, you can attain maximum performance just as the CodeIgniter documentation claims. You can cache your pages with CodeIgniter and insisting you highly give it a try and create an amazing website.

14. Managing the Sessions 

Sessions are a series of HTTP requests produced by an individual. The session management feature of the CodeIgniter framework keeps track of the activities of the individual and handles all the requests generated by the individual securely.

The session library of CodeIgniter has few session storage drivers where you can store the data and can even customize the storage drivers according to the kinds of storage you want.

15. Query Builder Database Support

With very little scripting, you can retrieve, add, and update information in your database easily. Sometimes only two or three code lines are enough for a database action. CodeIgniter provides support for query building for your database. 

With query building support, you will be able to view the information you wish to view from a huge table of the database.

16. Template Engine Class

With template engine class you can specify the template to your application. This feature is again of great use. CodeIgniter Template engine enables the web developer to apply stationery templates to your application.

17. Form and Data Validation

This is great in minimizing the number of codes you will write. CodeIgniter helps you minimize the number of code to be written by this form and data validation feature. CodeIgniter, in its documentation, explains thoroughly the process. The tutorials are also easy to understand. After going through this article, do not forget to check out the documentation as it will help you master the CodeIgniter web framework. 

CodeIgniter provides a class where you can validate your form by entering your data. It will simply reduce the stress the large code enters.

18. Data Encryption 

This feature is best for those who want to keep their information extra security. Well, who does not want this? Therefore look no further and grab all the benefits of CodeIgniter are pouring upon you. With the data encryption feature of CodeIgniter, you can protect your data like emails, credit card credentials, chat history, information about taxes, and many more.

Data encryption has become a very important feature in every application. Only the correct encryption key decrypts the information. CodeIgniter uses two ways to encrypt the data: 

OpenSSL and MCrypt. You can use any of these. Encrypt your data with CodeIgniter. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was a closure look at how your business website makes the whole difference. A dynamic website is all that you need. These were the amazing 18 benefits of CodeIgniter development. You get cool features that are easy to implement. The interface is quite user-friendly. CodeIgniter is one of the most secure frameworks for web development.

The MVC is such a great architectural pattern used. You can even modify the interior of the framework without stressing about the hacking of the core files. That means the CodeIgniter does not restrict its users to use the same framework; they can even modify it according to their preference.

CodeIgniter also has an “Auto-Load” function that means every time the system will run, the libraries, helpers, and model will start automatically and you do not have to initialize it separately.  

These many benefits and features of CodeIgniter are so convincing that no way will disappoint you as a web developer. The best part about CodeIgniter is that anyone can learn it. The CodeIgniter documentation is so easy to understand and is highly convincing about the features it provides.

CodeIgniter undoubtedly has a very powerful framework. If you have some basic knowledge of programming, you can easily learn PHP in a month. That will help in learning CodeIgniter much better. CodeIgniter web framework is fast and easy to learn and is indeed worth learning and investing more time in practicing and mastering it.

Try CodeIgniter today and build fascinating and powerful websites.

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development